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Man shaving his face with safety razor

How To Get Rid of Razor Bumps and Pesky Post-Shave Irritation

When it comes to razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and post-shave irritation, there's no reason to suffer in silence. Here's how to get rid of them.

The 19 Best Hats That Are Practical and Fashionable for Men

Hats add a bit of your flair to your OOTD. Here are the best hats for 2021, which are not only practical but fashionable for men of all backgrounds.
deodorant vs antiperspirant

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant: Which Is Right for You?

Is it better to control the odor our bodies naturally produce with deodorant or to stop the problem at its source with an antiperspirant? Time to find out.
Shaving kit displayed separately on a red background.

6 Best Razor and Shave Kit Sets for the Gift of a Good Shave

Look no further -- one of these razors and shave kits are bound to satisfy even the pickiest man's personal shave style. Let's just hope you pick the right one.

The 7 Best Cotton T-Shirts for Men This 2022

The best cotton T-shirts for men are a modern uniform that always looks up to date. Find the one that suits you, from V-neck to long-sleeved shirts.
how to dry clean clothes button down shirts hanging from clothesline outdoors  low angle view

How To Dry Clean Clothes: Everything You Must Know

It’s time to learn how to handle at least some of your basic cleaning needs at home. Here's everything you must know on how to dry clean clothes at home.

The Best New Men’s Grooming Brands You Need to Know About

Here are seven new collections we’re excited to share and one fun new entry into the toothbrush market. We’ve tried just about all of these and are so happy with the results.
jason roberts model soccer player every day carry

What Athlete-Turned-Model Jason Roberts Can’t Live Without

Jason Roberts has had both successful soccer and modeling careers. Here we share his winning grooming and every-day-carry habits.

The 7 Best Men’s White Dress Shirts for All Occasions

The right white shirt can telegraph authority, confidence, and insouciance (and makes a great tan look.) Here are our choices for best men's white dress shirts.
best tom ford colognes for men 0

The Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men To Wear In 2021

Tom Ford dresses superstars and is a superstar in his own right in the fashion design world. Here are our picks for some of the brand's best men's fragrances.
how your jeans should fit man sitting on bed  getting dressed

How Your Jeans Should Fit Based on Your Body Type

Understanding how a pair of jeans should fit is key to finding the right pair for your body and for most every occasion.
best mens slippers 10 men s to stay comfy this season

The 7 Best Indoors Slippers for Men in 2022

Working from home means a whole new footwear wardrobe, including comfortable slippers and clogs with style that warm, protect, and support your feet.
person spraying insect repellent

The 9 Best Insect Repellents for a Pleasant, Itch-Free Adventure

It doesn't matter whether you're in your backyard or the backcountry. You'll still need to keep the bugs at bay with the best insect repellents for 2021.
best versace fragrances dylanblue

The 7 Best Versace Fragrances To Make a Bold Statement

Express yourself and smell phenomenal no matter what time of the day it is with one of these classic Versace fragrances.
Man cycling on road

The 6 Best Bike Shoes For Men in 2022

When we do have an opportunity for a bike ride, we've got to have a pair of durable, fashion-forward footwear that honor the occasion.
what to wear a wedding 2021

What to Wear to a Wedding: How to Be the Second-Best Dressed Man

Are you struggling to decide what to wear to a wedding? Check out our tips and suggestions for an easy way to win wedding season.
A Handsome Young Man Applying Moisturizing Cream on His Face While Standing in Front of the Mirror. Skin Care and Beauty Concept.

The 4 Best Bakuchiol Skincare Products for Fighting Off Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Bakuchiol is a great natural retinol alternative to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, especially for men.
pedicure for men best at home products 2021

The 12 Best At-Home Pedicure Products for Men 2021

Have more time at home? Chances are you have some extra free time to take care of your neglected feet and toenails. Here are some products to get you started.

The 10 Best Men’s No-Show Socks Available at Walmart

Read on for the best no-show socks for men in 2022.
which electric toothbrush should you buy on prime day philips sonicare

Which Electric Toothbrush Should You Buy on Prime Day?

A good quality electric toothbrush can be expensive. Be a smart shopper and hold out for awesome Prime Day Deals.
matching wedding watches groom wearing his new watch for a ceremony  italy

Matching Wedding Watches Are a New Option For Newlyweds Eyeing The End of Time

Engagement or wedding rings can seem both out of date and culturally insensitive. Why not have matching wedding watches, instead?
best flip flops for men 2020

The 8 Best Flip-Flops That Men Should Wear for Excursions

Flip-flops boast a steadfast statement of grab-and-go style. Here are the best options for 2021, from must-have classics to cheap and cheerful choices.
A man applying skincare products to his face.

Everything You Need to Know About Micellar Water

Micellar waters are a gentle way to keep skin clean, particularly for people who suffer from acne or sensitive skin, are traveling, or need to remove makeup.
Man with a sunburn on his arms

How to Treat Sunburn: Best Ways to Get Rid of Sunburn Fast

Got exposed to the sun for too long, and now your skin is painful, reddish, and swollen? Yep, that's a sunburn. Here's a guide on how to treat them fast.
plastic surgery for men nurse sketching on patient

Lockdown Isolation is Spurring Millennial Men to Go In For a Nip and Tuck

Dr. William Rahal specializes in body enhancement procedures. Here's why you should consider plastic surgery for men to get to that better beach body faster.
best rings for men mr  porter ring

The 9 Best Rings for Men in 2022

From signet rings to wedding bands to chunky styles, rings are a man's new jewelry of choice. Here are a few of our selections for men’s rings in 2022.
how to clean a watch close up of businessman fastening wristwatch

How to Clean a Watch To Keep Your Timepiece Spotless

The best way to clean a watch is to not get it dirty in the first place. Here's how to clean what you can, and when to take your timepiece to the jeweler.
how wear camera friendly makeup man applying facial cream

How To Wear Makeup To Look Your Most Handsome During Zoom Calls

Men's makeup can help transform faces and confidence by covering blemishes, acne, rosacea, and more; while enhancing natural features.
how to wear a bandana 0  hanks

8 Fool-Proof Ways To Wear a Bandana (Yes, You Can Pull It Off)

From stylish SPF to necktie substitutes to belts, here are eight ways that colorful bandanas can accessorize and transform ho-hum outfits to style icons.
Man blow dry hair

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair: Tips and More

We get professional hair stylists' guidance to blow dry your hair, along with the best blow dryers, brushes, and styling products for maximum style.
best timex watches for men 2021

Affordable Watch Hunting: Best Timex Watches For Men

From simple to luxurious, the best Timex watches for men encompass all lifestyles. Timex also boasts an option for every person and price point.
oral care products deep in the morning routine zone

The Best Oral Care Products for a Clean and Healthy Mouth

Here are the best oral care products to help keep your teeth and gums in good health.
product review weekend watch timex weekender

Why You Should Buy Timex’s Bestselling Watch on Amazon

Among the sea of cheap and durable watches, the Timex Weekender stands out as a real bargain, providing top quality and genuine vintage appeal at a good price.
Man wearing a suit and wearing a Rolex.

The Best Rolexes for Men Based on Your Lifestyle

Rolex may be the most reputable watch brand in the world. Here are our suggestions for watches from across the brand's range.
Man wears mask

Should You Shave Your Beard For Coronavirus?

Should you shave your beard for coronavirus? Doctors offer advice on beard length for optimal safety and health during the coronavirus pandemic.
ian somerhalder amazon climate friendly program feature web summit 2019  day two

How To Give Back To Mother Earth, According To Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder teamed up with Amazon to spread the world about climate change.
justin baldoni shows that hes man enough cannes lions 2019  day two

Why ‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Justin Baldoni Is Redefining Masculinity

Actor Justin Baldoni has eclipsed his roles on television shows like Jane The Virgin to become an award-winning producer and director -- with a heart.
Man taking a shower washing his hair.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne: 5 Treatments That Work

Back acne or 'bacne' can be painful, awkward, and itchy. Dr. Anne Beal, M.D., M.P.H., gives us some guidance about how to prevent and treat it. 
men's down jackets

Winter Is Coming: The Best Men’s Down Jackets for Every Budget

From traditional to technical to high-fashion, these men's down parkas have the looks and technical chops to get you through this winter.
Moyo Studio

The Best Hand Soaps for Men in 2022, Reviewed

Whether there's a global health crisis or not, hand-washing is essential in our everyday lives. Check out our list of the best hand soaps for 2022.
best mouthwashes kl  n natural mint rinse bundle

The Best Mouthwashes to Buy in 2022

Here are the best mouthwashes for fighting bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay, for plaque control, and teeth whitening.
best black friday cyber monday outdoor deals gear

Don’t Miss These Sales on Cyber Monday Outdoor Gear 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days all year to stock up on your favorite outdoor equipment. You don't want to miss out.
products made in america gift guide best gifts for men 2020

The Long List of Made-in-America Gift Ideas for Men in 2022

It’s always important to support businesses made in the United States and their workers, so we’ve assembled just a few of our favorite American menswear suppliers for 2022.
robert pauley feature

How This Former Banker Became a Trending Menswear Designer

Robert Pauley III, aka the Welthē guy, is the successful entrepreneur behind Welthē NYC, a dapper men’s clothing collection and grooming brand.
michael strahan mens wear house feature

How Michael Strahan Is Building His Fashion Empire

We catch up with NFL and daytime television star Michael Strahan on his personal style and taking Collection by Michael Strahan to Men's Wearhouse.
chantam blankets feature blanket

Cozy Up Under the Best New Blanket You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s the end of the world: You need a good blanket. Alex Chatham's American-made blanket reignites his family's heritage.
best mens vote clothes accessories swaddle designs face mask

The Best Men’s Vote Clothes and Accessories 2022

Red, Blue, or indifferent; the upcoming 2022 election is sure to be one of the most historic in our lifetimes.
Man treating stress-related hair loss

How To Treat Stress-Related Hair Loss During COVID-19

Modern life is a lot more stressful than it's been in recent history. Don't worry yourself bald over it. Here are some products and a medical doctor's input.
a man washing his face

8 Essential Men’s Skincare Tips for Fall 2022

Follow our essential skincare tips in fall 2022 to fight sun damage and prepare for cooler, drier temperatures to hydrate and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Man wearing sweater and shorts

Here’s How to Wear Shorts and Stay Warm This Fall 2022

Let your legs breathe free while keeping yourself warm by following our guide to wearing men's shorts this fall 2022.