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The Best Oral Care Products for a Kissably Clean Mouth

Best Oral Care Products

A clean set of pearly whites will do more than just save you a trip to the dentist. It could mean the difference between you getting that second interview you’ve been working so hard for, or that second date. The true purpose of good oral care, though, is to protect your chompers from unhealthy plaque build up, bad breath, and the worst – oral cancer.

Now, we don’t mean to scare you into taking better care of your teeth, but sometimes that’s what people need in order to take action. Failure to take care of your teeth can have its detrimental effects on both appearance and well-being, so it’s essential that you proactively attend to your fangs each and every day with the best oral care products.

We all know that we need to brush twice a day, floss at least once every 24 hours, and be diligent about what we eat and drink throughout the day. However, a truly effective routine begins with a functional arsenal of tools and goods. As with all grooming products and devices, not all oral care products are equal.

Our list of the best oral care products for men is designed to cover all aspects a man needs for building good and effective oral hygiene habits, including your typical toothbrush options, a great-tasting, sturdy dental floss, a whitening kit, and more, to keep up that stunning smile you were born with.

The Best Oral Care Products for a Clean and Healthy Mouth

Baboo Organic Natural Bamboo Toothbrush (2-pack)

Bamboo toothbrushes have become a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to your everyday plastic toothbrush with synthetic bristles. Baboo’s bamboo brushes feature an antimicrobial handle and offers both charcoal activated bristles and BPA-free nylon bristles that are softer and more effective at removing plaque and stains. The soft bristles also help protect your teeth’s enamel by being gentle on that key layer and also improve your gum health by being soft enough to allow you to brush them without causing irritation.

Quip Electric Toothbrush in Metal

To put it simply, an electric toothbrush has to be on your radar of best oral care products. They’re more effective than a manual brush when removing food and plaque from your teeth and they’re available in a wide-array of uses, sizes, and settings to cater to your individual needs. Quip is the most popular electric toothbrush on the market and one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the ADA (American Dental Association). Not only is Quip’s minimalist aesthetic a beautiful sight on your bathroom counter (well, in this case, mirror since Quip comes equipped with a forever-sticky strip that allows your to store the brush directly on any hard, smooth surface), Quip’s sensitive sonic vibrations are gentle against your teeth and gums to minimize irritation while still retaining its plaque removal and gingivitis prevention capabilities. Replacement heads are also super cheap at just $5 a pop and can be placed on a three-month auto-replacement schedule.

Hello Charcoal Activated Floss

Hello has a heap of awesome oral care products, but the brand’s charcoal activated floss might be the best in the game. The floss itself is stiff, yet soft enough that it doesn’t cut into or irritate the gums as you maneuver in between each tooth, and the sustainable bamboo-sourced activated charcoal works to detoxify and remove plaque. And much like the Quip, this little black floss container looks pretty swell sitting next to your sink. For other charcoal activated grooming products, check out our rundown on the benefits and advantages of the detoxifying solution.

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste

And now on to toothpaste, which is arguably the second-most important oral care product on this list (coming in behind a toothbrush, of course). Marvis offers top of the line oral care products, including a stellar whitening toothpaste that cleans so well it feels like you just left the dentist. It boasts a lasting mint flavor that will prolong your mouth’s fresh feeling and the xylitol- and sorbitan-based formula will whiten your teeth and cleanse your gums without causing inflammation.

Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

A tongue scraper is a handy companion when battling bad breath. Even brushing well twice a day and flossing won’t get the job done since your tongue harbors most of the smelly bacteria that goes on to turn into bad breath. That’s where Dr. Tungs’ appropriately named tongue cleaner comes in to play. It’s the best tongue scraper out there due to its longevity, portability, cost, and overall results. To top it all off, its curved, stainless steel cleaning edge is more gentle on the tongue than its plastic competitors

Crest Pro Health Clean-Mint Multi Protection Mouthwash

Crest Pro Health is a mouthwash that provides important health benefits that ordinary mouthwash solutions can’t. It’s one of the few mouth rinses that boasts an optimal alcohol-free formula that won’t burn your mouth when swishing, yet it is also effective at killing the germs that cause bad breath and gingivitis, resulting in a stronger set of teeth that will resist cavities more efficiently.

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

A teeth whitening solution should be used sparingly because it can strip your teeth of their enamel and result in a more sensitive mouth. However, teeth-whiteners are a great tool when preparing for a date night, family pictures, or an event where you want to put on your best smile. HiSmile’s teeth whitening kit has key ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, pomegranate seed extract, and chamomile flower extract to protect against increased sensitivity, while using light to deliver a smile that is up to eight shades whiter.

Waterpik Cordless Express Water Flosser WF-02

If you really want to start taking care of your teeth the right way, you’ll also want to consider a water pick. Water picks have become a safer, less stressful alternative to floss. It’s like a pressure washer for your mouth that fores food buildup and plaque from between your teeth and around the gumline, sending it down the drain where it belongs. And because it’s cordless, Waterpik’s newest team member provides you with more portability and convenience than ever before while keeping up the brand’s decade-long reputation as the most chosen water pick for fighting gingivitis. Engineered with an ergonomic design, this water flosser also  includes a rechargeable battery and an easy-to-fill reservoir

For more info on how to keep your teeth in top shape, check out these toothpastes that will give you champion chompers.

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