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Grow Your Best Beard Ever With These 8 Best Growth Kits

Growing a beard should be easier than ever thanks to a growing number of products designed to keep them fuller, thicker, moister, and better groomed. Though these days, it’s harder to wade through the many offerings that are out there than it is to actually grow a beard. Here at The Manual we’re big fans of a simple, straightforward grooming —- cleanse, nourish, and moisturize — because the simpler the process, the more likely we are to do it. It works for the face, it works for skin, it works for hair, so obviously, it works for beards.

When it comes to beard products, a good beard shampoo, some beard oil, and a good cream or balm should be all you need to gain hirsute happiness. Like every grooming category, though, the beard community goes through its trends and fads: We like the industry’s current focus on natural, botanical ingredients that sound more like they come from a farm stand than a laboratory, but the jury is still out on the latest gadget, beard rollers (let’s see if by the end of the year it becomes a “must-have,” or ends up on the grooming product dust heap of history.) To help keep focused, we’ve gathered some of our favorite kits to help even the scruffiest and scraggliest among us to grow the beard of our dreams.

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Copenhagen Grooming The Beard Growth Kit

Direct from Denmark, Copenhagen Grooming starts with a basic kit that includes a beard roller. The claim? “540 titanium needles create microscopic channels and activate the body’s natural healing process…increases blood circulation, stimulates sleeping follicles, and maximizes serum absorption.” We’re a little scared of it, but the kit also includes a beard growth activator, cleanser (for the beard roller; not you, silly), and a key chain comb. Pop a Sidekick (the brand’s beard growth supplement) daily to boost hair and skin nutrition from the inside out.

The Original Beard Growth Kit starts at $99 but it’s recommended to try the 150-day supply trial for $149 for guaranteed results.

The Beard Club The Advanced Kit

While this editor has had good personal experiences with The Beard Club’s product range, the club has also added a derma roller to its mix. This kit includes one, as well as the basics: growth oil, beard growth vitamins, growth vitamin spray, beard shampoo, and a beard brush. We might also recommend tossing in the brand’s beard cream to help with growth itch and dry skin.

Naland’s Beard Growth Kit

Naland’s promises a thicker, healthier beard when its derma roller is used in concert with its beard growth serum oil, but also claims that, through collagen stimulation, you’ll also see less of your acne scars, wrinkles, and sun damage. The kit also includes Naland’s beard balm and comb to keep things well-managed once all that growth kicks in.

Crafted Beards The Beard Growth Kit

Beard roller, check. Beard growth serum, check. Beard growth vitamins, check. And yes, even sanitizer for the roller; makes sense given that you’re rubbing small needles across your face. Another thing we think has potential is that Crafted includes minoxidil in its serum, and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Scotch Porter Beard Collection Miami Duppy

Scotch Porter features a more straightforward approach to beard care, featuring this basic kit, in the brand’s new Miami Duppy fragrance (with notes of saffron, rum, vanilla bourbon, Tonka bean, cigars, and incense). This kit has it all. It includes beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm, and beard serum. Ingredients include biotin liposomes, burdock root, and white willow for conditioning and moisturizing.

Wild Willies Beard Growth Kit

Wild Willies says that its beard growth kit will “…turn a ‘steel wool’ beard into a velvety shield of masculinity, vitality, and unstoppable growth.” We like where that’s going, as well as the kit’s minimal approach, featuring a 60-capsule bottle of beard growth supplement, and a spritz bottle of beard boost serum growth accelerator. The product features Wild Willies’ “proprietary BioSitol AsX, and is infused with biotin and caffeine. Apparently, even beards need a little extra kick now and again!

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

Shea butter has deep roots in several African cultures, and is valued for its moisturizing properties, but also for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant (keeping things moist) characteristics. This kit features the legendary ingredient in addition to other all-natural ingredients like maracuja oil —  providing hydration for firmer, smoother skin through essential fatty acids and vitamin C — and argan oil for moisturizing the skin and providing antioxidants to help boost cells. Beard balm, beard conditioning oil, beard wash, and a beard detangler are all included.

Frederick Benjamin The Bald & Beard Kit

Frederick Benjamin hits two style trends at once: The brand’s Easy Priming Shave and Beard Oil sets up the scalp for a perfect shave with Hydro Glaze Cooling Shave Gel. Get a photo finish with Bump Clear Treatment. Now that your beard is in sharp focus, keep it in shape with Cleansing Conditioner and Hydrating Crème. The products feature fresh-smelling botanicals like aloe, witch hazel, as well as bergamot, clove, and nettle oils.

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