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Grow your best beard yet with these amazing beard growth kits

Try these beard growth kits to get the facial hair that works best for your mug

John Jones

John Jones is a Jersey City, New Jersey-based writer who enjoys covering design in all its forms, from fashion to architecture, interiors, and textiles, and has recently begun to delve into the world of social justice issues. When he's not writing for The Manual, he's also the Digital and Fashion Editor for a leading menswear trade publication. Although he spends most of his time planted in front of a laptop, he gets to the gym and bicycles as often as possible. On weekends and holidays, if you don't find him at the Met, Cooper Hewitt, or Whitney museums in Manhattan, he's probably soaking up the sun at one of Jersey's fabulous beaches, or in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Andrew Davey

Andrew Davey is a writer who has spent a long time in "hard news" journalism, but who has also pursued interests in food and drinks, travel, entertainment, and wellness. Andrew particularly enjoys long walks along the beach, discovering new hiking trails, trying new restaurants, and getting a good night's sleep.

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Try these 10 best mustache waxes for better facial hair
Enhance your look with these fantastic mustache waxes
Man waxing his mustache

The world of facial hair is diverse and ever-growing... Literally! With more men caring for their hair and skin than ever before, it makes perfect sense to take better care of your facial hair. Whether you want a magnificent mustache of champions or you simply need to tame your unruly 'stache, you can definitely use one of these fine mustache waxes to keep your mane under control.

Often pomade-like in terms of consistency and made from ingredients like beeswax, think of a mustache wax as a grooming tool for your face — a way to shape and style your facial hair. Many a great mustache over the years have benefited from the addition of a stylish touch of mustache wax, which also helps in making your facial hair healthier in the process. If this sounds like something worth trying out, check out our list below of the best mustache waxes for all your facial hair needs.

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The 7 best fragrances for men (no matter what your favorite scent profile is)
Are you into woody scents? Florals? Musks? There's a fragrance on this list for you
Man putting on cologne

Summer is almost gone, but you always have a host of opportunities to meet new people, get moving, and tackle new projects. What better way than with a fragrance for men you've never tried and didn't know you'd love? Whether you own a couple of old standby fragrances, a carefully curated wardrobe, or have never really thought about fragrance, the right new one (or two) can work wonders. Each scent will shake up your life with a spritz of the unexpected and the daring.

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One of the best electric shavers you can buy is discounted today
Braun Series 9 shaver.

Everyone appreciates the best shave possible. That can be achieved when you buy the Braun Series 9 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver while it's on sale at Best Buy. It's typically priced at $300, but right now you can save $50 and pick it up for $250. It's a seriously worthwhile investment and we're here to explain why before you hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the Braun Series 9 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver
Braun makes some of the best electric razors around with the Braun Series 9 topping our list of the best razors for sensitive skin. It has all the features you could need with up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving per full charge.

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