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Ends tonight: This Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit is $75 off

The Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit with all its components laid out on a white background.

If the pearly whites have become the pearly off-whites (or the pearly yellows) it doesn’t have to be expensive to correct it. We’ve already collected a lot of whitening strip deals, for example, many of which should still be ongoing. You can use natural or OTC whitening solutions, with the former being great if you have the time and energy to set everything up correctly. But if you don’t, there’s a great deal over at Best Buy for the OTC Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit. This deal ends tonight and takes 50% off the price of the kit, taking it from $150 to $75, a savings of $75. Tap the button below to check it out for yourself, or find our analysis below.

Why you should buy the Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit

The Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit provides surprisingly advanced tooth care that you can perform on your own, at home. It’s a dual purpose kit, simultaneously whitening and reducing the sensitivity of your teeth.

For tooth whitening, it uses a combination of whitening serum and LED lights arranged into a special mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is powered by one of several USB options and can be connected to your phone for convenient, mobile power. Applying the serum and wearing the mouth guard only takes 9 minutes per day. In this way you can get similar results as you would in a professional setting from the privacy of your own home. There’s a detailed instruction manual

The tooth strengthening and desensitizing effects come from hydroxyapatite and potassium nitrate, respectively. Hydroxyapatite is largely composed of calcium and its primary function is the remineralization of tooth enamel. Potassium nitrate, on the other hand, is a compound used in everything from meat processing to fertilizer. In toothpaste, its primary function is to reduce the sensitivity of teeth.

The Snow Diamond Teeth Whitening Kit has 75 uses per kit, though the manufacturer assures that you’ll have lowered tooth sensitivity and pearly white teeth after just a few session. This kit is available at a price of just $75 for today only. That’s 50% off, or $75 off the original $150 price point. Just tap the button below to grab yours today.

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