The Best Hats for Men to Fit Every Occasion

There is a time and a place for everything in life and that includes the hat or cap. It’s a versatile accessory that everyone has and has many of. They come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and fabrics and tend to lead an onlooker toward some sort of judgment to who you may be. They are a mobile billboard for brands and sports teams and depending on the environment may keep you behind the red velvet rope. How do you choose, what do you choose, and what hat goes with which daily event? The options are endless, but we have a few to get you started and through the week.

Sporting Event

Minnesota Twins

Wear a hat that supports your team, whether they’re home or away, but do it right with a cap from New Era or Lids and never a team that has nothing to do with the game you’re attending. And though both brands offer thousands of options, it’s important to keep it simple and to the point. For instance, if you happen to be from The Land of 10,000 Lakes, then a classic Minnesota Twins cap will do nicely. It doesn’t indicate any specific date or pennant loss nor is it covered in Zubaz lighting bolts. It does the job of promoting your love for the team and is classy enough to be worn outside the stadium.

Happy Hour

Now, this is where things start to get a little tricky and a whole lot more technical. If you choose to wear a hat to happy hour, you have to think about the long game. How often do you go out for a few discounted drinks and apps only to return home by 7 p.m.? You have to pick a hat that will cruise through a few hours of laughs and cocktails and on into the evening’s affairs. Again simplicity is going to be your best bet because you don’t want it to take attention away from your manicured threads — you want your hat to add to the outfit. The United By Blue Archer 5 Panel is as stylish as it is subtle. It will be perfectly paired with a denim jacket, plaid, button-down (short or long sleeve), and with your finest tee. The diamond patch conveying the outdoorsmen in you works well in the mountain town and in the big city. It’s the perfect cap to grab on the fly because of its versatility to rise to the occasion and/or outfit.

The Beach

best hats for the beach

The beach opens the door to a surplus of options to fight off the rays of the sun and all with just one rule, wear a hat that you’re not worried about getting wet and sandy. Two of the best options are the full-blown straw sun hat or a good ole fashion trucker. The Billabong Nomad Brim Hat (left) certainly presents the coveted laid-back beach style and with an adjustable toggle, the strongest of gale-force winds will still leave you and your hat together. It has a big brim to ward of UV rays and the tiny logo doesn’t allow any judgment beyond the fact you’re on the beach to enjoy the ocean air while fashionably protecting your face. On the other hand, when things start to get a little sporty around the break, a Topo Designs Snapback Hat (right) maintains the beach look with a little more intent of bump, set, spike. The breathable mesh backing will keep you cool along the hot sandy seas and looks on point paired with bare skin or a man tank. The Snapback or Nomad Brim is up to you, just remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and keep your face covered — you’ll thank us a couple of decades from now for the advice.

For the Gym or Exercising

Best Hats for the Gym or Exercising

Some do and some don’t, but if you’re one to wear a hat to the gym or out on a run you should know that not just any hat will get the job done. You need one that’s going to breathe, wick without staining and, most importantly, look good doing so. The Lululemon Lightspeed Run Hat is lightweight and made from a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking Swift fabric which it makes it perfect for a trail run, on the bench press, and flexing in front of the mirror. The North Face Class V Trucker Hat is another suitable companion for the sweaty activities of life. The lightweight synthetic construction combined with wide mesh lining provides ample air circulation to keep you cool and pushing beyond last week’s reps and miles.

Heading Out on the Town

Best Hats for Heading Out on the Town

Gearing up for a night out and about with no real plan may be the hardest to accessorize for because you never know if the night will include the best dive bars or bottle service clubs. The Brixton Field Hat certainly ups your game and general persona as you cruise the strip with a tip of your hat. The wide-brimmed felt hat definitely demands a higher level of self-confidence than other head coverings, but if you got it, you’re going to look good. And if you’re going for it, go full send with the Deadwood Leroy Leather Jacket. If you’re looking for something a little subtler, the Ebbet’s Cervezeria Polar 1950 Vintage Ballcap is the genuine navy wool broadcloth cap to handle a bad hair day and raise an o0h-la-la brow to your appearance. The Cuban Amateur League ballcap will transition wonderfully from bar to food truck and whatever you get into throughout the eve and if you come across a bouncer that ain’t having it, just tuck it away in the back pocket or go find somewhere better to toss a few back.

Do Not Wear

It doesn’t matter where you grew up, where you live, where you did anything, it is simply inexcusable to be seen in a sun-faded, sweat-stained Boston Red Sox hat. We all get it, you love the Sox and you’ve apparently been supporting them for some time based on the sweat and mustard stains on your hat. But why do you have to bring that hat out in public? Isn’t it enough to wear it at home in front of the TV, at Fenway, or in a dedicated Sox bar? It would be great if the Green Monster would just swallow it whole and spit out a shiny new navy blue one for you. Everyone gets it, the Red Sox have and probably always be an amazing baseball team, but take note that they have new hats to match their new uniforms every year — you should, too.

There are plenty more hat styles and hat-oriented activities to discuss and with time they will be addressed. How does your hat transform through the seasons, which hat do you wear when it’s 20 below outside and kickoff is in 10 minutes or which cap to wear on the links? Stay tuned and we’ll get into the perfect curve to your bill for those occasions and more.

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