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The 15 Best Beanies for Men in 2021

Your hat wardrobe isn’t complete without a trusted beanie that can be your saving grace in nearly any situation. Whether it’s for falling temperatures or a fashion statement, you’ve got to have a solid beanie in your apparel arsenal. The concept is simple: Grab a beanie to cover a bad hair day, brave the cold, top your perfect getup, and keep it handy when it’s time to build a snowman. The beanie comes in all sorts of knits, colors, and sizes, but the purpose is the same for all of them: They can keep your head warm (although some added style wouldn’t hurt).

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If you’re hoping to find the best beanies for men, look no further than the top options we’ve listed below. Most clothing brands offer different colors for each hat, so you’ll just need to check the website if our color choices weren’t up to your standards.

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

From the construction site to the campground to the city streets, the Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat proves its versatility and warmth with 100% acrylic rib knitting and folded cuff stamped with a Carhartt patch.

FW Apparel Hipster Tall Beanie AXS

Stitched from 100% cotton and loving the ski slopes as much as ice sidewalks, the FW Apparel Hipster Beanie is defined by style and comfort.

The Great PNW Lumberjack Beanie

A canvas label on a folded beanie paying homage to the PNW is what makes the Lumberjack Beanie the perfect plaid-shirt accompaniment.

Filson Watch Cap Beanie

Filson Watch Cap Beanie

The Filson Watch Cap Beanie is stitched American sourced virgin wool and is branded as discretely as it battles the elements.

Upstate Stock Eco-Cotton Watchcap

Upstate Stock Eco-Cotton Watchcap 

Knit from eco-cotton in New Jersey and finished in Brooklyn, the Upstate Stock Eco-Cotton Watchcap is stitched to be American and is unquestionably warm and comfortable when it needs to be.

Pistil Ace Beanie

With a little ruffle on the backside, the Pistil Ace Beanie is at home dropping in Corbet’s Couloir as it is saddled up at happy hour with the boys.

Coal FLT Recycled Polylana Knit Beanie

Coal FLT Recycled Polylana Knit Beanie

Lightweight and stitched to be worn year-round, the Coal FLT Recycled Polylana Knit Beanie is a low profile, eco-friendly knit to top off your everyday attire, whether urban or forested.

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

A beanie with a built-in headset? It sounds too good to be true, but Tenergy did make it possible. It has a Bluetooth V4.2 tech hidden within its fleece material that makes pairing smartphones and other devices hassle-free. You can also wash it without damaging the tech at all.

Burton All Day Long Beanie

A slouched fit beanie gives adds a laidback touch to any ensemble. The Burton All Day Long Beanie is made from fine knit acrylic and has a ribbed design that many love.

Vai-Ko Kiva 2.0 Beanie

The Vai-Ko Kiva 2.0 may be a pricey beanie, but it’s worth the investment. The material is ethically sourced from sheep farms in Patagonia, Argentina. You’ll get a high-quality merino wool beanie that you can wear anywhere from the city to the snowy mountains.

Satila Klintas Beanie

Made by Scandinavian brand Satila, the Klintas high beanie will surely offer warmth in places with colder climates. It’s also made with 85% recyclable material to ensure that you’re fashionable while reducing your environmental impact.

Misshalo Bluetooth Beanie

If you’re looking for another wireless Bluetooth beanie, Misshalo has you covered. This double-knit piece has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 speakers that offer hi-fi sound quality while you move around.

The North Face Jim Beanie

Here’s a non-bulky looking beanie for you. The Jim Beanie is a classic-fit wool beanie with a soft fleece ear band for extra comfort, meaning it can fit snugly on your head.

Goodthreads Soft Cotton Beanie

This Amazon brand is known for reinforced stitching and precise fits for their clothing — this Goodthreads beanie is one of them. It’s made from 100% cotton, making it a soft and cozy piece for the winter.

Under Armour Storm Beanie

Lightweight and quick-drying, the Under Armour Storm Beanie can be worn during any season. The Armour Fleece material can repel water, so you don’t have to worry about wearing a soggy beanie throughout the day.

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