Patriotic Presents: Made in America Gifts for Guys

Hey, we all know there are plenty of popular products that are made outside of the United States. Heck, a lot of favorite gifts this year will be at least partially manufactured in other countries.

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While you certainly don’t need to rush to your gift stash and toss out anything that isn’t stamped with the red, white, and blue, it’s a pretty worthwhile endeavor to fill out your gift list this year with some awesome American-made products. Generally speaking, purchasing American-made products is better for the environment (shorter shipping journey), better for workers (fairer wages), and often just plain better-made (Americans are, by and large, a very demanding people). So. if you’re looking to go above and beyond this holiday season, take a quick look at these great gift ideas, all of which are — you guessed it — made in America.

Food and Cooking

Finex 21-inch Cast Iron Skillet with Lid – $275
finex 21 inch cast iron skillet with lid

If them an in your life loves to sear steaks, saute vegetables, and fry bacon, then get him one of Finex’s durable and beautiful cast iron skillets. Made in Portland, Oregon, the brand’s cookware will last as long as he does (and more).

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Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill – $89
products made in america gift guide weber original charcoal grill 1

Grillmasters and grilled food aficionados alike will love a gift of an original Kettle Charcoal Grill from the American classic, Weber. At under $100, there’s no excuse not to wrap this up and shove it under (next to?) the Christmas tree.

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KitchenAid Six-Quart 600 Series Stand Mixer – $330
products made in america gift guide kitchenaid mixer

Every kitchen needs a stand mixer, so why not opt for the American-made KitchenAid 600 series. We like the mod, industrial look of the chrome exterior, but pick your color to coordinate with your own kitchen.

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Porter Road Whole Ham – $132
products made in america gift guide porter road whole ham

If there’s one thing America does well, it’s meat. Let Porter Roads take the man you’re buying on a long, slow journey to ham heaven where all the hogs are pasture-raised, living their best lives frolicking through fields. And that free-range lifestyle is evident in the taste of the meat. Tastes just like freedom.

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Material The Angled Board – $60
products made in america gift guide material the angled cutting board

Made in Vermont out of responsibly sourced wood (walnut and maple), Material’s angled cutting board is the perfect addition to any home cook’s kitchen island. The angled design allows for easily moving diced foods from the board to the pan.

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Clothes, Footwear, and Accessories

Allen Edmonds Liverpool Chelsea Dress Boot – $396
products made in america gift guide allen edmonds liverpool chelsea dress boot

Not only does Allen Edmonds make all their footwear right here in the USA, but they also do it by hand, which isn’t something many boot makers can say these days. The brand has plenty of great options for any guy out there, but we prefer their Liverpool Chelsea boot for its quality construction and simple style.

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Stetson Open Road Cowboy Hat – $205
products made in america gift guide stetson cowboy hat

In 1865, John Stetson created the “Boss of the Plains” hat, which featured an insulated head covering and a large, stiff brim to provide shade and shelter from the elements. Fast-forward to today and you’ll discover that the Boss of the Plains hat is actually the standard cowboy hat we know and love. Any man would be happy to find one of these under the tree come Christmas morn.

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Weiss Watches American Issue Field Watch – $2,250
products made in america gift guide weiss watches american issue field watch green strap white dial front

While the Swiss and Japanese are the best-known watch manufacturing countries in the world, what you might not know is that America has its own made in the USA timepiece peddler: Weiss Watches. Weiss makes their American Issue Field Watch in their Los Angeles studio over the course of an entire year, with 150 different parts going into the case, mechanism, and movement. While a little pricey, we think you’ll find that the money is more than worth it for a little home country quality construction.

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Zippo 1935 Replica with Slashes Lighter – $30
products made in america gift guide zippo 1935 replica with slashes lighter

Zippo lighters are so well-known that the brand recently trademarked the brand’s famous “click,” joining the list of other trademarked American sounds like the MGM Lion’s roar and The Hunger Games‘ mockingjay whistle. Along with the trademarked click, this Zippo offers the standard windproof flame that the brand is known for, along with a handsome brushed chrome case and corner slashes for a little style.

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Orox Leather Classic Bifold Wallet – $90
products made in america gift guide orox leather bifold wallet 1

Every man needs to mind his money and with this American madebi-foldd wallet from Oregon-based Orox Leather. The almighty dollar has never looked more at home.

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Hamilton Shirts Classic Gingham Check – $245
products made in america gift guide hamilton shirts gingham check

What’s better than buying the man on your gift list a great dress shirt from Hamilton? Buying one in gingham, that classic prairie pattern that harks back to a time when the west was still yet to be won.

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The James Brand the County Knife – $150
products made in america gift guide the james brand county knife

Made from walnut and stainless steel, the County knife from The James Brand is built in Portland, Oregon, and designed to withstand anything the wilds of the Pacific Northwest can throw at it. Toss this in as a stocking stuffer for the guy on your list and watch his face light up with delight as he opens this.

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Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant – $18
products made in america gift guide urs major hopping fresh deodorant

Hoppin’ Fresh hits all the high notes for us. Kaolin clay, baking soda, and probiotic enzymes join forces to naturally prevent moisture and odor-causing bacteria in this American made deodorant that sports a refreshing mint and eucalyptus scent.

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Home Goods

Good and Well Supply Great Smokies Candle – $36
products made in america gift guide good and well supply great smokies candle

Even if you can’t take some time off to get to the Great Smoky Mountains, at the very least you can enjoy the smell of them with this USA made candle from Good and Well Supply. Notes of red maple, sandalwood, and cedar make up this robust American scentscape.

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Graf Lantz Kawabon Valet Tray – $68
products made in america gift guide graf lantz kawabon valet tray

An easy way to fix the entryway clutter to his home is a simple and stylish valet tray. This one from Graf Lantz is, of course, made right here in America from merino wool felt and bonded vegetable tanned leather. No more lost keys!

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Billykirk No. 521 Leather Tool Bag – $145
products made in america gift guide billykirk leather tool bag

Sure, you could get the DIY guy on your list a regular toolbelt, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, drop a few extra bucks on this tough leather tool bag by Billykirk. Featuring riveted corners and a reinforced bottom, this bag will last a lifetime. This made in the USA bag also scores bonus points for being made from bridle leather, which will patina perfectly over time.

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Pendleton Chief Joseph Blanket – $250+
products made in america gift guide pendleton chief joseph blanket

Pendleton Woollen Mills have been pumping out American-made wool blankets since the 1800s and we think that every man should have at least one good, wool blanket in his closet. We recommend the Chief Joseph blanket. With a variety of colorways, but sticking to the same Native American-inspired patterns, this blanket looks as good on a bed as it does on a wall (if you’re into that sort of thing).

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Airstream Basecamp – $36,900
products made in america gift guide airstream basecamp

Yeah, we went there. The price tag is a lot for a Christmas gift, but hey, you see commercials on TV showing people buying their spouses new Audis all the time. So, instead of a new car (yawn), why not opt instead for a tow-behind travel trailer made in the USA and meant to explore the USA?

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