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The 11 Best Camp Collar Shirts to Wear This Season and Beyond

Though camp collar shirts have been a surefire summer-style piece for years, you could argue that our current preoccupation with how to handle pandemic dressing has cemented the shirt as a definite menswear must-have. The shirt (some know it as a Cuban collar, revere collar, or simply a vacation shirt) is believed to have its origins in the traditional guayabera — usually constructed of cotton, linen, or silk — that’s designed to beat the hot and muggy climes of the Caribbean. Their more recent fashionable return is mostly credited to Miuccia Prada, who for her fall-winter 2016 menswear collection sent a sensational camp collar down the runway, ultimately leading to the modern versions that we’re so drawn to today.

Camp collars have undergone several aesthetic and functional changes since their invention, but one crucial element has prevailed over the years: the flat, open collar. Along with the most common fabrics they’re crafted in, it’s this feature that makes them naturally airy and ideal for the sweltering heat. Style-wise, there’s a touch of refinement to camp collars due to their overall shape and structure, but these shirts are inherently casual. It’s this fine balance that give them a step up, if you must, from your basic T-shirt, allowing them to work wonders in the age of pandemic fashion when the uncertainty around dressing up or down has come to a head.

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Maximal airflow that also takes any fit up a notch? Sign us up. Take your pick of the best camp collars we want to own right now.

Club Monaco Short-Sleeved Camp Collar Shirt

A blue men's camp collar shirt.

This drapey yet slim-fit number in a dreamy Sargasso Sea-blue will keep you cool in every sense of the word, whether it’s on the beach or (sadly still) via Zoom.

Allsaints Venice Short-Sleeved Shirt

The British fashion retailer’s take on the camp collar is crafted from sustainable viscose and features the distinguishable ram skull logo emblazoned on the chest. It also makes a damn good case for looking pretty in pink.

Treasure & Bond Short-Sleeved Linen and Cotton Button-Up Camp Shirt

A brown-rubber colored men's camp collar shirt.

Nordstrom-made brand Treasure and Bond’s approach to the menswear staple is simple and straightforward, but that doesn’t make it any less stylish.

Dries Van Noten Camp-Collar Cassi Printed Satin Shirt

The Belgian designer gifts us with a boxy-cut camp collar full of colorful energy. The eye-catching piece is crafted from satin in an all-over geometric pattern.

French Connection Slim Fit Tie Dye Short-Sleeved Button-Up Camp Shirt

A tie-dye men's camp collar shirt.

Elevate your OOTD with a trendy tie-dye that looks as wistful as it is refreshing to wear. Picture this piece at the pool or paired with a more off-duty suit.

Everlane The Linen Camp Shirt

Set your favorite all-season looks on fire without any of the stuffiness by nabbing a camp collar in a built-to-last and breathable linen. This piece in an olive hue gives off an easy-to-wear safari feel that doesn’t border on the touristy.

Alex Mill Camp Shirt in Garment Dyed Seersucker

Busting out an achromatic camp collar in white gives a clever nod to the old-school guayabera, which is conventionally popular in the neutral color. Grab it in a lightweight seersucker and you couldn’t embody all-season living any better.

Saturdays NYC Colorblocked York Camp Collar SS Shirt

The masterminds behind Saturdays NYC have quite the knack for creating some high-quality grail. Their take on the menswear item? Slick Cubmaster meets chic camp counselor vibes, resulting in numerous outfit options to be reckoned with.

BP. Men’s Camp Utility Button-Up Shirt

A men's camp collar shirt in black.

A camp collar in black offers so much wardrobe versatility, you’ll be tempted to stock up on a couple of them. Investing in quality pieces don’t have to break the bank, either.

MCQ Breathe Camp-Collar Printed Crepe Shirt

Designed in a loose fit and featuring an absolutely out-there paint splatter print, this camp collar is not for the faint of heart. For the bold dresser, it’s guaranteed to make a splendid splash.

Reiss Uptown Geo Print Short-Sleeved Button-Up Camp Shirt

A geometric pattern men's camp collar shirt in white and navy.

British brand Reiss is inspired by London-living, evident in its white with navy geometric prints offering that nails the more refined style that the right camp collar can introduce to your outfit options.

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