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10 Best Gifts for Your Best Friend They Will Love

Presents wrapped in black gift wrapper and golden ribbon lace.

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting a little more time to spend with your best buds. In most cases, a holiday cocktail around a warm campfire or grill is all you and your bros need. But, sometimes, you want to go the extra mile and actually get them a gift during the holidays.

Gift-giving between best friends can be awkward, especially if you know that friend will get you something great. Still, last-minute gifts of $50 worth of lottery scratch-offs are last resort items. This holiday, whether you are that friend who gives excellent gifts or needs to up your gift-giving skills, any one of these gifts is great. There’s something for everyone in this roundup, from the practical bud to the friend that’s a little extra.

Stojo Bundle

Stojo stackable food storage containers.

Whether your best bud is a neat freak who perfectly arranges everything in their kitchen or is the type to hoard disposable food containers, Stojo is the perfect gift. Stylish, collapsable, compact, leakproof, and microwave and dishwasher safe; Stojo makes food and drink storage cool. Made from LFGB certified silicone and coming in a wide range of colors, these containers are a practical gift that’s also fun.

Alaskan Salmon Co: Chef’s Selection

Stack of Alaskan Salmon.

If your bestie can’t get enough salmon, cod, or halibut, don’t sleep on the Alaskan Salmon Company’s chef selection box. Other than bitter cold and giant grizzlies, Alaska is known for its salmon and other wild-caught seafood. The Alaskan Salmon company only offers beautiful, wild-caught salmon, halibut, and black cod filets flash-frozen at peak freshness. The chef selection comes with four black cod filets, four halibut, and four sockeye salmon filets. If they indeed are your best friend, they’ll invite you over for at least one dinner so you can also experience the deliciousness.

Biolite AlpenGlow 500

AlpenGlow 500 lantern from Biolite.

The AlpenGlow 500 lantern by Biolite is a perfect gift for anyone, including your best friend. It’s a great practical and fun gift that can be used inside the home, a tent, and is a versatile outdoor lighting solution. It features nine different modes, including full and half Cool Light, half Warm Light, full Candle Flicker, color Light, Color Party, Fireworks, and more. The full cool light setting gives off 500 powerful lumens. It comes with a micro USB-rechargeable battery that charges within three hours. The AlpenGlow will last 200 hours on low light and five hours on high. The AlpenGlow 250 is a slightly smaller yet equally great model.

Vermicular Cast Iron Frying Pan

Vermicular cast iron frying pans.

Suppose your BFF is a CEC (Certified Executive Chef) or has aspirations to be one. In that case, they’ll appreciate this cast iron frying pan from Vermicular. This is a cast-iron like none other. Being at least 50% thinner than other cast irons, it’s incredibly lightweight at 2.4 pounds, with an elegant hand-crafted wooden handle. However, perhaps the most impressive thing about this pan is its Enamel Thermal Technology. The pan is coated with a thin layer of enamel that delivers instant water evaporation (within three seconds), over 31 times faster than a raw cast iron pan and 100 times faster than a nonstick aluminum pan. Rapid evaporation provides intensified umami flavors and better food textures.


Hydrate hydrating powder.

Chances are you and your best bro (or bra) have plans to ring in the new year together. Before you throw back the bubbly, cocktails, shots, beers, and whatever else you don’t remember, equip your pal (and yourself) with Hydrate. This powder mixed in with some water before drinking and the morning after can lessen the effects of a hangover. However, it’s not a miracle worker. We all know there’s nothing out there that totally prevents hangovers. This potion of electrolyte minerals is good to have around in general on hot days, for support during training, or simply to give your water a delicious flavor boost.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

Although the morning after demands hydration, it also sometimes demands coffee. Help your friend be prepared with some of the freshest coffee around with an Atlas Coffee Club subscription. With Atlas, you get seasonal single-origin coffees handpicked from around the world at their peak freshness. When you sign up, you get to select the amount, the coffee roasting level (light to dark roast), and whole bean or ground. Right now, Atlas is offering a terrific holiday sale with up to $50 off on gift subscription packs.

Stanley Pour-Over Set

Stanley Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set

If your buddy is a pour-over coffee enthusiast, they can use this Stanely Pour-Over Set to brew delicious cups of Atlas Coffee. That’s if you’re willing to spring for two gifts. It’s great for at-home use, RV or campsite, and fits nicely into a backpack for long hiking treks. This set is composed of BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel. It includes a 20-ounce pour-over filter for filterless brewing, or a filter can be added for a more strained cup of joe. It’s also equipped with a 12-ounce camp mug and travel lid.

Bubba Knives, Tools, and Apparel

Fishing knife from Bubba knives and apparel.

If your best friend lives the salt life or just likes to occasionally get away to the coast to do some deep-sea fishing, Bubba knives and tools are a great gift option. Starting out as an outdoor fishing lifestyle company, Bubba has evolved to provide top-of-the-line knives, gear, and apparel. Bubba has recently released its new line of premium quality kitchen knives with a unique design that reflects an active outdoor lifestyle.

Sorel Falcon Ridge II Slippers

Wool lined house slipper from Sorel.

Sometimes the gift of comfort is the best one you can give. These ultra-warm suede slippers with wool/polyester lining from Sorel will provide your friend with the perfect foot temperature without them getting too sweaty. These slippers are true to size and are also a fashionable solution to house slippers.

D.S. & Durga Debaser Fragrance – 50ml

Debaser scent from D S & Durga.

If you and your best bro are true BFFs, it won’t be weird gifting him a memorable scent. They’ll also appreciate that this scent was crafted around one of The Pixies’ most popular songs if they enjoy good music. We’re unsure how a perfumier crafts a fragrance that embodies a song, but the ones at D.S. & Durga captured it. It’s light and fresh with crisp notes of fig and woods with a touch of the smell of that girl you meet at a music festival. Whether your bestie is a guy or girl, this scent will work for either.

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