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The Best Men’s Vote Clothes and Accessories 2022

Red, Blue, or indifferent; the upcoming election is sure to be one of the most historic in our lifetimes. According to the U.S. Elections Project’s numbers, on Tuesday, October 20, 2020; voters had already cast more than 35 million early votes, with two weeks to go until Election Day. Total voter turnout is expected to be record breaking. Still, we’ll bet that you know somebody who is hemming and hawing about showing up to do their civic duty. No matter your party affiliation, this is not the time to shirk responsibilities. Encourage everyone you can to do whatever is necessary to get out and cast a ballot. One easy way to do that is by wearing some patriotic election apparel. Here we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces — from graphic t-shirts to sweats to shoes — to help you get out the vote. 

Fourlaps VOTE Signature T-shirt

Bold, straightforward, and minimal. You get the point, and so does anyone who sees you. All Vote Tee proceeds will go to HeadCount, a non-partisan nonprofit organization that promotes voter registration and participation in democracy. 

Levi’s Custom Blank Artist T-Shirt

Levi’s may be the single-most “American” brand in existence, and has taken a proactive stance on voting this election season, giving up some valuable real estate on its e-commerce website. Best of all, you can actually customize several of the t-shirt’s messages; i.e., in this case, “think” could have been your verb of choice. 

Dockers Vote T-shirt

Dockers went old school with its version of the “Vote” t-shirt, using a retro 1970s-inspired graphic that practically shouts peace, love, and patriotism. The brand will partner with the ACLU, Stonewall Community Foundation, and Waves for Water to encourage and protect voting and voting rights. 

Soundoff Vote Your Veto American Thermal Crewneck

Since this is such a contentious election year, many municipalities have been warning voters to come prepared for long lines. Bring water (maybe even pack a lunch) and dress appropriately. If you’re anywhere in the nation’s cooler climes, consider this thermal with a message. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to More Than A Vote.

Shinola “I Voted” Detrola Watch

If you decided to forgo in-person voting and voted by mail this year, you may be missing your “I Voted” sticker. Make up for it with this colorful, patriotic watch with much more staying power. 

Swaddle Designs Three-layer Cotton Chambray Face Mask

Put your choice where your mouth is. Designed by a nurse, this practical mask features an adjustable, bendable nose piece for a snug fit. It’s the perfect mask for standing in Election Day socially distanced lines; but wear it ahead of time to encourage your fellow citizens to do their duty. 

Richer Poorer I Am a Voter Sweatpant

“Voting From Home” this election season? Grab a pair of these sweats for year-round comfort with a handy guide to the three branches of the U.S. government printed on the leg. From now until Voting Day Richer Poorer will donate half of the purchase price for each pair sold online (up to $8,960) to I am a voter, a fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

Hot Sox I Voted Crew Socks

Show some pride in exercising your patriotic duty while flashing a little color. Make sure to roll those jeans or hem those pants a little higher to show off these “I Voted” socks with lots of all-American spangle. 

Vineyard Vines Donkeys with Stars OR Elephants with Stars Ties

According to a recent Gallup poll, a whopping 42% of Americans consider themselves to be Independent; leaving 28% Republican, and 27% Democrat. We guess that means that Independents get to choose their representative animal — the wolverine, maybe? — even though they don’t have much say in the primaries (depending on the state). For the rest, the Donkey and Elephant have been icons of the Democratic and the Republican parties, respectively, for around 150 years. Show your pride either way. 

Opposuits Mighty ‘Murica Suit

Because sometimes ya just gotta do it. Think of it as your go-to outfit for every Election Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Flag Day to come. These colors don’t run, they werk.

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