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These 4 men made the Oscars more stylish with the best looks of the night

Here are the best looks from the 2023 Academy Awards

Just like the Super Bowl has the halftime show, anticipated commercials, and other events to add to the event, the Oscars has the red carpet and the after-party. While we look forward to seeing the winners of the year’s best in film and listening to their speeches, we first watch them arrive and walk the red carpet to show off some of the year’s best looks from the biggest stars and most prominent designers.

From the casual look of Pharrell Williams in his 2019 camo jacket and shorts to the classic, clean-cut looks of stars like Michael Caine and George Clooney, you can find some of the most influential people showcasing the best looks of the year. The 95th Academy Awards were no different. Here are the best looks from the red carpet that made the men the talk of the night.

Brendan Fraser wearing black tuxedo at the Oscars
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Brendan Fraser

We are smack dab in the middle of The Age of the Brenaissance. Brendan Fraser disappeared from Hollywood after a skyrocketing career began with films like With HonorGeorge of the Jungle, and of course, The Mummy. Following a tragic story that involved sexual assault, a divorce, the death of his mother, and multiple surgeries to correct injuries from his action films, he slipped into a depression that saw him step away from the industry. 

His triumphant return saw him taking home the hardware for Best Actor in honor of his role in The Whale. To dress for this momentous occasion, he turned to the designer who has outfitted more Academy Award winners than any other, Giorgio Armani. He kept him classic with a simple black tuxedo, white shirt, and black bowtie. He also sported a bar pin broach on his lapel to finish the look like a pro always does. Of course, we also noticed the classic Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope

Pedro Pascal wearing white high-collar shirt and black tuxedo at the Oscars
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pedro Pascal

Speaking of momentous occasions, Pedro Pascal is having quite a few. While he wasn’t showing up with the hopes of winning an Academy Award (he was his sister’s date while she was nominated for her work in Argentina, 1985), he definitely belonged on the carpet as one of the biggest stars in the world right now. He was celebrating the release of the third season of The Mandalorian and the debut season of The Last of Us

He celebrated by doing what he does best, pushing the boundaries of classic style in ways that make us all rethink them. His black Zenga tuxedo was paired with a white dress shirt that stands apart from the rest with a high-topped collar that makes us think we have been wearing ties all along when we don’t need them. He didn’t keep it completely straightforward, however, as the actor sported two Bulgari rings on the ring and pinky fingers of his left hand that he wasn’t going to slip by us. He wore Bulgari’s B.Zero1 four-band ring on his ring finger, forged in 18-karat white gold that gives it its silvery appearance. On his pinky, he’s wearing what looks like the Serpenti Viper ring in 18-karat yellow gold, altogether priced near $6000. 

Paul Dano wearing a jewel encrusted tux at the Oscars
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Paul Dano

Paul Dano is best known for his roles in the Academy darling from years back, There Will be Blood, and the Matt Reeves reboot of everyone’s favorite dark hero, The Batman. But this year at the Academy Awards, he was there mostly in support of his The Fablemans co-star Michelle Williams. 

However, he didn’t shy away from stealing the spotlight as he took to the carpet in a custom Dolce & Gabbana black tuxedo with a jacket featuring subtle sparkles that helped him shine. He paired the piece with a dusty pink shirt and bow tie that didn’t just steal the attention from Michelle Williams’ nomination but also stole Dwayne Johnson’s thunder as he tried to wear the dusty pink color as well, only he didn’t pull it off as well as his considerably smaller colleague. 

Harry Shum Jr. standing with James Hong wearing an eastern inspired tuxedo
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Henry Shum Jr.

Henry Shum Jr. isn’t a stranger to the Academy Awards, having served as a backup dancer, a choreographer, and a star attending. This time around, he is attending as one of the people that made the Oscar big winner Everything, Everywhere, All at Once happen. The star showed up with the look of the night, and while everyone else did their best to show their best side, they could all only watch as Henry Shum Jr. stole the show. 

He melded Western-style formal wear with his Eastern heritage in a custom half-kimono, half-tuxedo designed by Adeam and styled by Warren Alfie Baker. The overlapping collar and sash-style belt were specifically designed to pay homage to his multicultural heritage. And the white jacket with navy sash was specifically designed to pay tribute to his character in the film, who wore a white chef’s jacket with navy piping. His film took home seven Oscars on the night, but the hardware he took home was definitely for best dressed. 

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