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Don’t Miss These Sales on Cyber Monday Outdoor Gear 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to get outside! Or at least it will be after we take full advantage of these last-minute Cyber Monday deals. These are the days when retailers and brands alike start to offer products at drastically reduced prices across the board for the holidays. For those of us who enjoy spending more time outside, today is the perfect day to score all the equipment and gear we need for hiking, camping, spelunking, and much more. Here are the best remaining Cyber Monday outdoor gear discounts we’ve discovered so far that are continuing through the weekend.

If you’re looking for a specific sale, we’ve rounded up the best camping deals, kayak sales, and Cyber Monday tent deals happening right now!

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Best Cyber Monday Outdoor Deals

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Deals During Cyber Monday

There was a time when we’d say — unless you were buying a gift that needed to be under the tree on Christmas Day — wait until post-holiday sales to buy camping, kayaking, backpacking, sports, or other equipment to get you through the year. Those days are long gone. Retailers recognize that it’s better to keep their inventory on the lean side to begin with; then get in early and offer great deals to consumers before the holidays, starting 2021 with a svelte inventory figure. 

  1. Make a list and check it twice. Take a quick look at your outdoor needs. What’s missing? What needs an upgrade? Check out social media and your favorite gear sites for recommendations, then look for brand or retailer websites for deals. Check ‘em early (starting now) and often. Put together a budget for how much you might be willing to spend, and prioritize your list.
  2. Once you find a great deal on something you’re looking for, take note of when a sale might expire. Are you getting that extra 10% off for adding your email to a mailing list? Every dollar counts, and you may end up being emailed about some great last-minute sales. 
  3. When you find a deal that fits your budget, jump on it. Some of the best deals of the season will be on that upcoming magical Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so don’t take a chance that the product will be sold out before the weekend.

Where to Find the Best Outdoor Sales

First, keep checking us out here at The Manual as we continue to update this and other Cyber Monday deal stories. We’re bargain shoppers, too, so we’re constantly on the prowl for the best deal. 

Second, watch the big boys:

  • Amazon: Outdoor enthusiasts will find all their outdoor and camping gear needs online with special discounted items on fishing, hunting, and camping gear.
  • Walmart: Because so many retailers (particularly brick-and-mortar) canceled or reduced orders when Main Street, USA closed up during the pandemic, brands are stuck with inventory that was already in the supply chain pipeline. To be blunt, their loss is your gain. Brands will be marking down products so they can move it out and recoup their losses. Definitely check out Walmart and other top merchants.

Third, check brand websites. Cyber Monday is when retailing works in your favor. With a focused, disciplined approach you’ll be spending 2021 in the great outdoors with some awesome, brand new toys. 

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