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best lightweight mens dress shoes for men 2019 featured image

6 Lightweight Men’s Dress Shoes to Wear When the Weather Is Warm

It may not be barefoot weather, yet, but as temperatures warm up, it’s certainly nice to head out for the day without swathing our feet in thick winter socks, and lacing them into thick-soled heavy boots. Instead it’s time to pull on shoes that are light in both feeling and weight.
best track suits for men sergio tacchini stla signature jacket and pants

7 Track Suits to Take You Way Beyond The Finish Line

Love it or hate it, the matchy-matchy look of the traditional track suit is back with avengence and is being put to market by brands large and small. Take a look at our top picks for best track suits for comfort and style.
best pomade

The Best Hair Clays for a Medium, Matte Hold

Unlike gel, hair clay doesn't offer a crunchy consistency and unlike pomade, hair clay has an anti-shine, matte finish. Use when styling that messy but away-from-the-forehead look. Try these six best hair clays for men.
anson calder wallets bags featured image hero

Anson Calder Founder Turned a Bad Diagnosis into a Better Wallet and Bag Design

In 2013, Curtis Calder was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes the wasting of muscles. To combat its symptoms, he turned to wallet-making, eventually leading him to start Anson Calder, a wallet and leather goods brand that sells great designs and gives back.
dockers challengers 2019 h1 kirschner crop 13381 17

Meet the 2019 Dockers Challengers Whose Creative Ideas Help Clean Up Litter and Conserve Water

A few years ago Dockers created the#DockersChallengers series to follow real people who are making substantive changes in their communities and the world. The Manual went to Lisbon, Portugal to meet this year's Challengers and to learn more about what they've created and how it helps the world.
year of the pig fashion 3 image grid v3

Celebrate the Year of the Pig by (Figuratively) Wearing One

In the Chinese Zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Pig. To celebrate this porcine period, we put together some of the best clothes that feature, you guessed it, piggies. Check out all the stuff we suggest you sport this year.
resveratrol grooming products wine skincare  man swimming in grapes

Using Resveratrol Grooming Products Is Like Giving Your Skin a Wine Bath

High in antioxidants, resveratrol, a key ingredient in wine has found its way into a variety of grooming products and supplements. We sorted out the good from the bad and gave you the rundown on which are worth their weight in wine.
luxury car maker pagani teamed up with performance footwear piloti for an over the top boot collaboration x 11

Luxury Car Maker Pagani Teamed Up with Performance Footwear Maker Piloti for an Over-the-Top Boot Collaboration

Piloti, a Canadian maker of high-performance footwear for driving, collaborated with Pagani Automobili to create The Roadster Driving Boot — because an expensive, beautiful car deserves to be driven with expensive, beautiful boots.
what to wear with a dark blazer man blue on

What to Wear With a Dark Blazer

A dark blazer can be paired with almost anything, but there are certain styles it works best with. Check out the top combinations shirts and pants to wear with the workhorse of your wardrobe.
what to wear with mens loafers man in hand barefoot

Which Loafers Are the Best? And What Do You Wear with Them Anyway?

Loafers. By definition, they’re a pair of shoes for loafing around in, right? Not really. We dissected the loafer style by its various iterations and made a few suggestions for the clothes most likely to complement the shoes.
Rami Malek

10 High-Style Famous Dudes to Inspire Your 2022 Wardrobe

We assembled some of our favorite celebrity looks for inspiration. Of course the well-heeled have personal stylists on the watch to ensure every outfit is on-trend and requires little or no Photoshopping, but with practice, even the most sartorially unsavvy among us can have camera-ready presence. 
how to fix stress related skin irritation gettyimages 1088379530

8 Ways to Calm Stress-Related Skin Irritation, According to an Expert

We spoke to Sarah Kugelman of Skyn Iceland about her skin calming process when it comes to stress-related skin irritation. Read more for her top recommendations for soothing skin irritation, from soothing balms to detoxifying soaps.
best snowsuits for men man in snow suit on machine getty images

There’s No Suit Like a Snowsuit: 8 Best Snowsuits for Conquering the Cold

There are lots of ways to keep warm, from down jackets to long johns, but one of the best ways we know to keep all that body heat, well, in your body is to don a head-to-toe (or at least neck-to-ankle) snowsuit. Here are eight of the best to buy this season.
best sunless tanners tips for men tanner man on bicycle

Banish Mid-Winter Pastiness with the Best Sunless Tanners (and Tanning Tips) for Men

No one wants to walk around during the middle of winter looking like a freezer-turkey. Fake your way to the look and feel off having been kissed by the tropical sun with these great sunless tanners. Don't worry, you won't end up orange like Mr. President.
mens onesie union suit mundies lifestyle image hero

Men’s Onesies Are Real and You Should Wear One this Spring

Yes, men's onesies and union suits are still a thing and we think they're a perfect for everyday lounging or serving as a baselayer when the temperature plummets. Men's onesies are comfortable, snuggly, and, most importantly, nice and warm on a cold spring's night. Here are a few of our recent favorites.
best mens travel bags the for holidays 3 image grid

The Best Travel Bags to Carry You Through this Holiday Season And Beyond

From backpacks that fit easily under seats to pocket-heavy duffles and weekenders, there's a bag for every boy on this best travel bags list.
decoding mens streetwear street style brooklyn cloth wine cozy knit jogger pantsv3

Decoding Men’s Streetwear and Street Style

How can a regular guy wear the chillest ‘fits without looking like a dad who just raided his teenage son's closet? Stick with us, bro. We got you with this quick and dirty guide to decoding streetwear and street style.
best mens suits jackets holidays winter the men s holiday and  gift guide feature image

The Best Men’s Holiday Suits and Jackets for All Your Formal Wear Needs This Season

Seasonally savvy suits and jackets offer an opportunity to step it up stylistically, layering in some unexpected pattern and texture that might just find its way into your everyday rotation. These are the best men's options for the upcoming holidays and winter months.
gyms with best grooming products amenities gym locker room man gettyimages 485212507

These Gyms Have the Best Grooming Products and Amenities

If you’ve chosen to invest in a membership at one of the fitness industry’s more reputable health clubs, they’re also going have some awesome gym grooming amenities in the locker room. These are the gyms with the best grooming products for guys.
guide to silver fox hair men jeff goldblum getty images

How to Maintain Your Silver Fox Looks and Own Your Age

Going gray is no longer something to fear now that there are dozens of male celebrities joining the silver fox club. Get your membership by maintaining your gray hair as you get older with these appearance (and confidence) boosting products.
best budget grooming goods man buying products in pharmacy getty images

Look Your Best on a Budget with These 7 Inexpensive Grooming Goods

There are many high quality products that can be found down the aisles of your local grocery store, pharmacy chain, or online retailer that do the job of a high-end grooming product, but for a lot less. Here are seven budget grooming goods to try if you're looking to tighten that wallet.
Man stretching during his cool-weather run

Begin Your Summer Beach Body Prep Now with the Best Men’s Workout Clothes for Fall

Beach bodies are built in the fall and winter. Take time this fall to get all the best men's workout clothes ready and prepare yourself to pump iron from October through June.
color of the season flint  tinder 365 pants huckberry

The Color of the Season: Where to Get It and What to Wear

The color of the seasons is not quite brown, not quite yellow, not quite orange, but something in between. The palette stems from recent interest in utility and workwear as a fashion trend, but it practically becomes a neutral when used as an alternative to navy or gray. Check out the best of it here.
what to wear tailgating

What to Wear Tailgating: Spring Style Essentials for Football Fans

Go and enjoy your next tailgating party, but don't forget to grab one of these spring-style tailgating essentials to keep you comfortable during the big day.
best charcoal grooming style products feat

Activated Charcoal: It Does Your Body, Teeth, and Closet Good

Charcoal kicks ass at dislodging grime and other nastiness, which is why it has become the ingredient du jour in everything from toothbrushes to shampoo to clothing. Learn more about this safe and simple everyday purifier.
stearns & foster mattress factory tour

A Behind-the-Scenes Look Inside a Mattress Factory

After a trip to Stearns & Foster's North-Carolina based factory, we discovered all the engineering ar bed and learned that engineering a mattress commands a whole new level of respect.
performance fabric

Natural Performance Fabrics to Keep You Comfortable From Work to Workout

With the athleisure era ushering in the comfort of active sportswear to daily life, an ingenious combination of natural and man-made fibers and fabrics promise performance for the gym, the office, or the living room. We’ve rounded up some great looking styles that offer superior comfort and performance.

Cool Off from Head to Toe with these 7 Cooling Grooming Products

For maximum refreshment, we’ve assembled seven products that will start your day (or evening) with a cooling tingle to last until you can get your hands wrapped around that frosty glass of iced mint tea (or a tangy mojito, depending).
best british grooming brands for men pall mall barbers facade

The British Are Coming: The Best Grooming Products from Our Friends Across the Pond

Although we may be celebrating 242 years of self-governance this Fourth of July, that doesn’t mean that we don’t still rely on our cousins in the United Kingdom for some pretty awesome commodities, including their venerable old-world grooming brands.
what to wear mens summer wedding attire samantha gades 711108 unsplash

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: The Go-To Look for Men

Not sure what to wear to a summer wedding? We can certainly help you out this season. From a suit jacket to a lightweight shirt, this go-to outfit features the best pieces for looking good and staying comfortable.
mattifying sunscreens, man with sunscreen under eyes

Skip the Summer Sheen With the Best Sunscreens for Dudes with Oily-Skin

Mattifying sunscreen products have special ingredients designed to help men with oily or combination skin. Using one of these top mattifying sunscreens will help protect you from the sun's onslaught, control the shine on your skin, and be light enough that you don't feel it.
summer blazer mens alton lane matt navy seersucker edited

6 Summer Blazers to Keep You Feeling and Looking Cool

The Weather Channel says that, although we had a cooler spring, much of the country is due for normal to above average temperatures starting in June. So how do we keep our sartorial cool once things start getting sticky? Why with stylish lightweight , summer blazers, of course.
nyc design show icff 2018 fatboy original stonewashed

Take Your Man Cave from Prehistoric To Modern: Our Favorite Finds at ICFF 2018

The centerpiece of the annual NYCxDESIGN is the ICFF. Throughout the week-long affair, we kept our eye out for furniture pieces that will raise the style quotient on your house, your apartment, or your man cave.
national brothers day style faherty brothers

Outstanding Style from Brands Built by Brothers for National Brother’s Day

National Brother's Day is May 24. Those of us who grew up with brothers know that they can be a blessing (and a curse), but in the end, most us wouldn’t trade them for the world. To celebrate, we assembled a few of our favorite clothes from menswear brands built by brothers.
Faherty Marled Indigo Knit Blazer

50 Shades of Blue: Put a Little Indigo in Your Wardrobe this Spring

Indigo is turning up everywhere as the shade of blue for spring 2018. Warmer than navy, the inky hue is surprisingly masculine, subtle, and versatile, just like denim.