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End of Summer Playlist

The End Of Summer Songs You Need to Stream in 2021

From Broadway to cabaret, from the street to the club, we've gathered some of our favorites of Summer 2021 and summers long past for your Labor Day soundtrack.
Great Gatsby Still

1920s Men’s Fashion: The Ultimate Roaring 20s Style Guide

Fashion can change a lot in one hundred years, but the 1920s still offer some sartorial lessons for today.
Man wearing pollution mask

Can Wearing Antiviral Fabrics Really be Effective Against Coronavirus?

We talk to a textile testing expert about the truth and the fallacies about antiviral fabrics and why antimicrobial fabrics are important.
Dwayne Johnson

Losing Your Hair? Embrace Your Baldness With These Hairstyles and Products

Losing your hair can be a devastating prospect for most men and, short of surgery, there's not much we can do about it once the hair loss has already happened — except work with it. How? With one of these best haircuts for balding men.
best workout songs according to science man prepping for listening music in the gym unsplash

Is It Safe to Workout at the Gym During COVID-19?

At this rate, are we sure we even want to go back to the gym? We talk to a doctor.
Man running outdoors wearing a facemask and using an arm band for his cell phone

Yes, You Should Still Use a Face Mask To Work Out. Here Are the Best Ones

We talk to a clinical medicine doctor and two trainers about masks for workouts, how to get used to them, and what to look for in a mask.
how to shop clothes stores coronavirus shopping with covid

Is It Safe to Shop for Clothes in Stores During Coronavirus?

Looking to try on clothes firsthand? We talk to a doctor on how to stay safe while shopping at retail and brick and mortar stores during COVID-19.
product review vuori bank shorts banks short 3

Product Review: These Sustainable Shorts Will Motivate You to Work Out

Vuori Banks shorts make for a great workout due to their light weight, stretch, and fashionable clothing styling.
International Book Shelves

Travel at Home With the Best Books From Around the World

Make staycations more interesting with family and books about a vacation destination. Expert advice comes from Lynn Lobash, of the New York Public Library.
covid haircut

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Barbershop During COVID-19?

As barber shops reopen after coronavirus lockdowns, barbers tell us how they are preparing for business in the new normal. Doctors also raise their concerns.
climber taps

4 Great Climbing Exercises to Try at Home

Prepare for climbing in the great outdoors with these at-home exercises to build grip and core strength from Gravity Vault's Mickey Ashmont.

No Shoes? No Problem: The Best Fun Socks for Men Working From Home

Give your ankles a pop of pattern with these fun socks, for every occasion.
Man working from home

The Best Work-From-Home Jackets That Work Everywhere Else

Upgrade your quarantine workwear with these chore jackets, cardigans, bomber jackets, and knit blazers.
Man wears cloth face mask

What to Know About Wearing a Face Mask for Coronavirus

Can face masks prevent coronavirus? We reach out to doctors and designers on the benefits of face coverings, and how to make your own at home.
Stitch Fix work from home style outfit

Why Men Are Turning to Virtual Stylists to Look Zoom-Ready

Work clothes aren't comfortable for Working From Home, but sweats aren't professional. We talk to stylists at personal style services Trunk Club and Stitch Fix.
ultimate work from home style guide man working in a outfit unsplash

The Ultimate Work-From-Home Style Guide

Studies show that dressing up stimulates creativity, which is what we all need during these trying times.
man in suit commuting in to work on bike

Experts Weigh In on the Tailored Style Trend of 2022

Today’s tailored clothing incorporates all the comfort and performance that we’ve come to love from our favorite athleisure brands.
John Jones after beard growth

How The Beard Club Helped Me Grow a Beard

It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t grow a beard, it was more that whatever facial hair I did grow felt like a Velcroed-on Brillo pad. Could The Beard Club help even me? After all, the site’s tag line is “Don’t Grow it Alone.”
cam honan wanderlust usa book hiking interview p 263 photochristopherzebo wanderlustusa gestalten2019

Cam Honan Wants You to Take a Hike

Cam Honan's newest book, Wanderlust USA, is a beautifully photographed book that details 30 trails from across the United States. 
best deals mens coats jackets coat

Shop the Best Deals on Men’s Coats and Jackets Right Now

Coats are infamous for landing in stores late in the year. Consequently, you can usually score a great deal on a new piece that will last you well into next fall and winter. We’ve pulled a couple of pieces that reflect industry trends for 2020.
man handwriting in notebook

Why You Need to Start Writing Things Down by Hand

Now that we’re all used to banging out emails on our laptops and thumbing text messages on our phones, the art of putting pen to paper seems practically Dickensian.
leather jacket

The Real Difference Between Leather and Vegan Leather

Being vegan means making some very distinct choices in fields that extend beyond what you ingest. If you are vegan, it's important to know how to distinguish good vegan leather from bad.
movement exercise

The Movement Movement: How Simple Movement Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

The “movement” trend calms everything down and brings it back to basics. This practice, which incorporates elements of gymnastics, dance, and martial arts, leads to fewer injuries and a better workout form in general. 
best white elephant gift ideas exchange getty images

White Elephant Gift Ideas Perfect for Any Holiday Party

White Elephant gift exchanges can be surprisingly hard to pick a present for. Streamline your holiday shopping and take our advice with these humorous, but mostly practical white elephant gift ideas.
marine layer mike natensho interview perfect t shirt ml aspen day1 05387

Marine Layer’s Mike Natenshon on What Makes the Perfect T-Shirt

Mike Natenshon found himself in a situation where he had to toss his favorite old T-shirt. That, however, began the quest for the shirt’s consummate replacement and the birth of the Marine Layer brand. 
alta running shoes

Altra Running Shoes’ Brian Beckstead Shares the Story of His Well-Trod Road to Success

The story of Altra Running Shoes is a classic David and Goliath tale with a happy ending -- especially for runners interested in an innovative trail-shoe design. Found Brian Beckstead tells the story of the brand's success.
prostate cancer screening

You Have No Excuse Not to Screen Yourself for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. In an attempt to change those odds for the better, Prompt PGS was founded and funded by a group of urologists who recognized that, although we can’t screen everybody, we can’t screen "nobody," either!

How 4 Brands Are Using Tech to Make Shopping More Personal

Now, brands are employing all sorts of algorithms and technologies to ensure a wholly customized shopping experience. We spoke to four brands to see how they are doing it.
A man trimming his beard in the mirror.

5 Rules to Become Your Best Bearded Self This No-Shave November

If you're growing out your beard for the first time, your beard and skin may require a little help to get over the first few days and weeks of hirsuteness. Here are some tips and products to get you through No Shave November without looking like you just stepped in from the mountains.

What Is Movember? Grow Your Mustache for a Good Cause

Movember is a fundraiser that supports often overlooked components of men's health, such as testicular and prostate cancer research and suicide prevention. Offer your support today by growing out your 'mo and raising funds along the way.

What Wrangler Is Doing to Make Denim More Sustainable

Beyond a simple marketing message, Wrangler is truly embracing a “do well by doing good” message, looking out for what’s best for our planet and the bottom line. We talked to Roian Atwood, Wrangler’s director of sustainability, to learn more.
raleigh denim workshop interview jeans made in america looking up behindthescenes 17

Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A.

Co-founder Victor Lytvinenko tells us about Raleigh Denim’s passion for experimentation, as well as about its ongoing collaboration with contemporary furniture masters Bernhardt Design. 
inside joseph abboud factory massachusetts feat

A Peek Inside the Joseph Abboud Factory: Italian Fabric, Made in America

Having a conversation with Joseph Abboud is a bit like taking a master class where the syllabus combines men’s style, business management, and consumer psychology. His pieces are designed to show off the artistry and skill of the craftspeople at Joseph Abboud’s New Bedford, Massachusetts factory.
Converse UNT1TL3D High Top

The Best Father and Son Matching Outfits

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks for father and son matching outfits that will help maintain a set without losing your wardrobe cool. 
Levi’s 501 Original ShrinkTo-Fit

A Guide to Raw Denim Jean Selection and Care

There's no better feeling than a good pair of raw denim jeans. Learn how to care for your blue jean babies.
best soccer jerseys style nike mens 2019 usa 19 breathe stadium away replica jersey 18

Kick Back in Style with the Best Soccer Jerseys to Sport Right Now

Need a great and easy-to-wear pullover shirt this summer? Soccer jerseys are gaining in popularity, so get one before your favorite is gone.
tan france mens wearhouse suit drive at highland men s salt lake city 1

Tan France Wants Everyone to Dress for the Job (and Life) They Want

Queer Eye star Tan France has teamed up with Men's Wearhouse for their 12th annual Suit Drive, which helps people transitioning back into the workforce.
haspel seersucker 110 anniversary celebrating 11 years of 44

Celebrating 110 Years of Seersucker: Happy Birthday to the Perfect Summer Suit

Clothing brand Haspel is observing 110 years of seersucker -- which they made famous. Here's how the brand is celebrating (hint: it's a new collection).
best travel clothes for men

The Best Travel Outfit for Everything from a Weekend Getaway to a Week-Long Business Trip

No matter if its a family reunion, some time at the in-laws, a romantic vacation, or a business trip, you’ll want to travel light and be prepared for the inevitable. From a stretchy-yet-polished jacket to slim stretch chinos and a classic Oxford, we've got you all set for your next excursion.
best tailored clothing brands trend macweldonradiuspant

The Tailored Clothing Trend Is Back and You’re Going to Want These Picks

Choose a few well-made tailored basics, but take advantage of the fact that modern tailored clothing has learned a lot from athletic apparel brands.
moving tips day guide couple packing

Moving Tips: How to Make Moving Day as Easy as Possible

Moving is something that we all have to do and almost all of us hate doing. With a few tips and tricks, though, moving day can be less painful.
Tula Bravo Baby Carrier

How to Be the Coolest Dad on the Playground

For the newest dads on this coming Father’s Day, we’ve assembled some stylish baby gear that is polished enough to make any design snob take a second look while helping you to be as efficient as possible.
gillette skinguard razor factory tour blade 2 edited

We Went Behind the Scenes to See How Gillette’s New SkinGuard Razor is Made

When we were offered a chance to go to Gillette's Boston location and see how the brand's new SkinGuard razor is made, we instantly said yes. Follow along with us.
bulldog skincare review profile face scrub

Bulldog Skincare for Men Wants to Takes Care of Your Face and the Planet

Leave the parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances to the other guys. Take care of your sensitive face with these gentle products from Bulldog Skincare. From all-natural ingredients to a new form of enviro-friendly packaging, the brand is doing its best to go green.
fathers day gifts fashionable dad fashion featured image 2019

Father’s Day Gifts for the Somewhat Fashionable Dad

We recognize that, for a lot of us, Dad is a great guy that can be at once inspirational and cringe-worthy. He’s always been there for us, loves us unconditionally, and often demonstrates great taste; but every so often, Dad has to be stopped at the front door, and marched back to the closet for a reset.
shark tank style butter cloth featured image

Shark Tank Style: The Winning Clothes You’ll Actually Want to Wear

With ideas spreading across industries from power generation to toys to food to pet care, it’s a given that the apparel industry wouldn’t be spared on Shark Tank.The show has actually launched several fashion concepts, but only a handful have been legit. Here are our favorite shark tank style pieces.
2019 met gala feature

The Campiest and Most Stylish Menswear Outfits Served at the 2021 Met Gala

The 2021 Met Gala was one night where men could — and should — throw caution to the wind and indulge in the sort of sartorial splendor worthy of a Lewis Carroll novel. 
dadi personal sperm banking storage the kit image 2

Attention Future Fathers: Dadi Makes Personal Sperm Banking Easy and Affordable

Dadi is a direct-to-consumer sperm storage and sperm banking company that can help you prepare for a potential loss of fertility by holding on to your swimmers now. Storing sperm at a younger age also provides for a healthier baby later. We tell you why.
moleskine limited edition silver moon landing backpack  3

Moleskine’s Limited-Edition Backpack Celebrates the Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary

Moleskine is honoring the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with its limited-edition silver backpack, designed as an homage to the huge life support packs of the original lunar astronauts.
dan mache gamache custom shoes interview  photo

Interview with Dan ‘Mache’ Gamache, the Custom Sneaker Artist to the Stars

Dan "Mache" Gamache's talent for making connections through art has turned into a six-figure career where he creates custom designs on shoes for the likes of NFL, MLB, NBA, and WWE superstar athletes, as well as internationally famous musicians and celebrities.