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Why You Should Buy Timex’s Bestselling Watch on Amazon

We’re suckers for high-quality men’s watches. A menswear essential, a watch can complete an outfit and can be used as an extension of your brand and style. There are a plethora of lesser-known watch brands available on Amazon, with some of them offering timepieces at cheaper prices. However, our go-to brand is Timex as it is known for its recognized name and tough reputation in the market. What we like is a watch with genuine vintage appeal, updated with just a bit of modern technology. And it’s no other than the Timex Weekender Watch; coming in at number 17 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list.

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Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch 

For its price, $40 for a great watch seems like a real bargain. The Timex brand has an enduring reputation for quality at a good price. After all, it’s been the watch that “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” since the 1950s. 

The Weekender’s clean, minimal face is easy to read, with an aesthetic that is both completely modern and timelessly classic. Arabic numerals are complemented with 24-hour military time; perfect for keeping track of PM hours while traveling. That military swagger is carried through with an adjustable olive green strap, but if you grow tired of that look, it’s easily replaced with a tan leather version or a bright, preppy number. (Keep all three handy to change up your look anytime.) We also like that the 38 mm case is not too overpowering, so if someone with a smaller wrist wants to swipe it for a few days, the proportions won’t look out of place. That touch of tech we mentioned is Timex’s Indiglo light-up watch dial, so it’s easy to check the time at night, or anytime you find yourself in the dark. 

While the watch is water-resistant to 100 feet, Timex doesn’t really recommend it for swimming or bathing. Don’t sweat it if you’re just washing your hands or doing the dishes.

Reputable Sources

When shopping for watches, shop from a name you trust; both brand and retailer. You can invest anywhere from a few bucks for a throwaway piece of junk (that you won’t worry about if you scratch or lose) to many thousands (even millions) of dollars for top brand vintage timepieces; but in either case, you’ll want to know that the company that makes the watch is reputable and that the retailer will back up any issues that arise.

Online shopping is a convenient option since it saves you the hassle of heading to a crowded shopping mall or even a local jewelry store to carefully inspect the merchandise. Turns out Amazon is actually a great resource for watches, from Timex to Rolex. With a Prime account, you’ll get free delivery on qualified items, and while it’s worth shopping around, you’re also most likely to get the best price. Amazon will also stand behind products that you buy directly from its platform.

In general, the Timex Weekender is a great watch to have as part of a time-keeping wardrobe, offering some fashionable possibilities of its own with its swap-out straps. Is it a big investment? No. But for less than 50 bucks — assuming it holds up to Timex’s own high standards — it’s a perfect complement to a relaxed WFH or casual office outfit and looks great with a weekend’s jeans and t-shirt. 

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