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How Michael Strahan Is Building His Fashion Empire

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Michael Strahan always looks great, whether he’s on- or off-camera. It’s not just that six-foot-five former New York Giant build, or that infectious smile. Michael Strahan has got style! He’s now sharing some of his favorite looks with his Collection by Michael Strahan line at national apparel chain Men’s Wearhouse.

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Strahan retired from the NFL in 2008, after a stunning Superbowl win over the Patriots. He’s gone on to have a successful career in broadcasting, including a stint on Live! with Kelly and Michael; as well as gigs on The View, $100,000 Pyramid, and as an analyst on NFL on FOX, and NFL Thursday Night Football. He is currently a Good Morning America co-anchor; and has racked up multiple daytime and sports Emmies, as well as several People’s Choice Awards. On the big screen he’s had roles in Charlie’s Angels (the 2019 version), Ice Age, and Magic Mike XXL. On top of juggling these many, often concurrent, positions, he’s also developed a list of impressive credits as a producer. He’s also a writer, releasing his motivational biography Wake Up Happy in 2015.  

Moving Into The Fashion World

In 2011 Strahan founded SMAC Entertainment with business partner Constance Schwartz-Morini to produce film and television content, but since Strahan has such great taste in clothes, the duo also launched the Collection by Michael Strahan clothing label, which made its debut at JCPenney in 2015. The easy-to-wear group includes men’s and boys’ tailored clothing and accessories. The MSX by Michael Strahan brand, an athleisure collection that includes officially licensed NFL products, launched in 2016.

On the occasion of the brand expanding to Men’s Wearhouse, we caught up with Strahan to find out about what inspires his personal style, his vision for Collection, and how it fits into his busy routine. 

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“I’m always on the go, so my style has to be comfortable,” Strahan exclusively tells The Manual. “I can’t be in sweats all day because I’m going from set to meetings. I need to look good and have clothes that carry me with ease from everything that my schedule throws at me. That’s how this Collection By Michael Strahan came to be, truly growing out of necessity.”

From a branding perspective, while Strahan and Schwartz-Morini seem well on their way to building an apparel powerhouse, their goal isn’t to be the next Louis Vuitton or Off White. 

“I like the allure of luxury brands, but we aren’t trying to be exclusive. We are looking out for the average guy,” says Strahan. “We want to make excellent clothing that makes all people look and feel their best, while being affordable. Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive to be of great quality, and we have accomplished that. I wear every single item we make, and if I wouldn’t wear them, we won’t sell them. I want to make a line that any guy can feel proud to wear.

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“The denim is fantastic. It has stretch and can be used for every occasion. It’s a great product. The suits are excellent, too. As someone who is in a suit most of the day for meetings and TV appearances, I need to look good and be comfortable, and our suits do just that. I wear the line and have been wearing it for years. All the guys on the NFL on FOX are also wearing our Collection by Michael Strahan suits.

“I think right now it’s about finding a way to combine dressier pieces with more casual and comfortable ones; so you can pair the denim with a T-shirt and suit coat and be ready for any occasion. Our goal as we expand is to give people what they need for the current climate. That’s always been our process, giving the customer (including me) what he needs: Affordable, good quality clothing that I genuinely love and want to wear. That is why this partnership with Men’s Wearhouse makes perfect sense: They are the experts for menswear for guys of all ages seeking quality, fit, and great value.”

Image used with permission by copyright holder

In this time when dressing up means pulling on sweats and a t-shirt for working from home, we wondered if the celebrity had any advice for regular guys.

“When you look good, you feel good. Dressing up and putting yourself together isn’t about expensive clothing. It’s about setting yourself up for success and feeling confident. I’m up early every morning for Good Morning America so simplicity is key for me. My schedule is pretty busy, so while I definitely like to indulge once in a while when I have the time, for the most part, efficiency is the most important thing. It was a huge focal point in the clothing line, how can we make looking good easy for the busy man?”

For the Men’s Wearhouse launch, three staple suit colors — blue, black and gray — are all coordinated with straight fit jeans in four washes. To make shopping safe and easy, Men’s Wearhouse offers hands-free fitting technology, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In Store), curbside pickup, appointment booking, and contactless payment.

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