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No Shoes? No Problem: The Best Fun Socks for Men Working From Home

For years, in an attempt to keep men sophisticated, well-dressed, and attractive, style gurus have long decreed that socks should be simple and understated. Plain or subtly patterned socks in neutral colors have always conferred a certain nonchalance, a classic expression of ease, and a sense of savoir faire on the modern gentleman. Even a chunky oatmeal hiking or plain white gym sock would add just the right touch of panache to work boots and jeans. Many men had even forgone them completely, preferring to elegantly flash their ankles instead.

But even when corporate wardrobes were more formal, there was always that one guy in the boardroom wearing bright pink socks as an expression of his individuality. When dress codes relaxed, the lack of a necktie as a further means of unspoken commentary left men with little to do but “head south,” dressing their ankles in the sartorial equivalent of a flashy gown at a beauty pageant. 

To quote a great man of style, George Michael, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right.” We’ve gathered some of our favorite “fun” socks below that will provide comfort, style, and some comedic relief, which are all especially needed during these dreary, uncertain times.

Swiftwick Vision Six Sprint 

Swiftwick Socks

Staying active is important for our health, in uncertain times or otherwise. Swiftwick features an extensive array of activity-specific socks, including hiking, trail running, and cycling sports. High-performance and comfort are Swiftwick’s top priorities, and its Vision collection boasts a perfect balance of both. Crafted from a blend of nylon, spandex, and olefin, these mid-cuff performance socks provide cushion, support, and temperature regulation.

If you’re looking for some knee-high socks for long-distance runs, the Aspire Twelve compression socks are designed to reduce leg fatigue, provide contoured support, and improve your overall performance. Better yet, for every twelve socks sold, Swiftwick is donating an additional pair to front-line health workers.

Coovan Cushion Ankle Sock

Coovan Socks

What’s better than a new pair of socks? Well, 10 new pairs of socks. Coovan offers some incredibly comfortable and breathable low-cut ankle socks that will make you feel at home anywhere from the track course to the couch. The thick padding adds extra support by absorbing impact during high-octane activities and helps reduce friction to minimize the risk of blisters, which is reinforced by the socks’ moisture-wicking ability. We also love the idea of having a clean slate of matching socks so you’ll never have to worry about mismatched pairs.

Bombas Classic Marls Calf Sock

Bombas Sock

When working from home, you’ll want to opt for socks that are strictly comfortable, and these are essentially a bright knit sweater for your feet. They’re constructed with the brand’s padded footbed for ultra comfort and a surprising thinness that’s suited for any sole. 

Paul Smith Sock Subscription

Paul Smith Socks

If you’re a man who lives for fresh pairs of socks, it might be time for a sock subscription. Paul Smith’s subscription sends a brand new pair of its luxurious, English socks to your doorstep at the start of every month so you always have crisp and comfortable soft-cotton socks without having to shop for more. You might get socks that are striped, or patterned, or even plain, but that’s the fun of it all.

Happy Socks Rolling Stones Box Set

Happy Socks Rolling Stones Box Set

Get all the satisfaction you need with this three-pair boxed set of Rolling Stones-themed socks featuring the bands iconic “lip & tongue” logo. The set includes “bottom” hits like “Paint It Bright,” “Stripe Me Up” and “I Got The Blues.” The black, blue, green, red, and yellow palette will coordinate with your rock-and-roll style, and generate plenty of reactions.  

Hot Sox Pool Floats

Hot Sox Pool Floats

Long after your suntan fades and the swimming pool is closed for the season, these socks will keep your spirits up with their festive summery pattern. They’re just as fun paired with a pair of shorts as they are with casual trousers later in the year. The cotton blend fabric will keep feet comfy and cozy.

The British Apparel Group Abstract Cotton Blend Socks

The British Apparel Group Artistic & Architecturally Inspired Abstract

Bring out your inner architect. This abstract print has a bit of Bauhaus inspiration, the influential German design movement. The combination of geometric shapes is reminiscent of the works of the group’s artist Wassily Kandinsky. They’re made in Peru, the home of luxury knitted cotton. 

Arvin Goods Crew Socks

Arvin Goods Crew Socks

More sedate than some of the other socks in our category, for sure, but we like the classic double-striped, sporty nature of this classic, especially in this clean Capri blue. They’re also made from a durable upcycled cotton, so by buying a pair, you’ll be doing something that feels good inside and out. 

Chatty Feet Artists Sock Set

Chatty Feet Artists Sock Set

Sometimes even museums choose to indulge in a wry sense of humor. In this case, New York’s legendary Museum of Modern Art features a sock tribute to some of the great artists of its collection; including Andy Sock-Hole, Frida Callus, Feetasso, and Vincent Van Toe. 

Top and Derby Think Tank

Top & Derby Think Tank

Besides a powerful punch of color, these multi-striped socks also pack a wallop of therapy with unexpected compression power. These comfortable cotton blend socks offer graduated compression to help stimulate blood flow through the circulatory system, reducing leg pain and recovery time for sore muscles. They’re perfect to throw on after a solid leg-day workout, or for long airplane flights. 

Serendipity Sox Custom Pet Socks

Serendipity Custom Pet Socks

If the point of wearing novelty socks is to express your personality, then perhaps nothing could be more expressive than these custom numbers featuring the faces of your very own furry family.  Just upload a picture of your pet’s face that clearly shows both ears, choose from eight background colors, and select your size. In about a week or so you’ll have a pair of socks that will turn heads everywhere from the dog run to the veterinarian’s office.

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