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The 7 Best Men’s White Dress Shirts for All Occasions

If it’s been some time since you’ve unearthed your formal shirts in the recent year, worry not. We’ve got you. The good news is there are so many fresh and stylish shirts to choose from these days, and we rounded up the best shirts for all occasions.

Across the board, your white dress shirt must have a few characteristics. First, the collar has got to be clean, crisp, and resilient. Material is key, as it should offer ease of movement and cool breathability. Next is the fit. We all know slim is the way to go. However, that doesn’t mean it has to hold onto your body like performance wear, especially if you want to wear a t-shirt underneath. You can also partner it with shirt jackets for all occasions. Don’t be stuck on slim, your dress shirt can have some room, just make sure it stays tucked so you avoid a baggy mess.

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Best High-Fashion: Comme Des Garcons Shirt Forever Classic Shirt

Comme Des Garcon Dress Shirt

Comme Des has always been the one to make classic garments feel new. They added a subtle front pocket and tailored the shirt to form a unique, leveled-up silhouette.

Best For Constant Wear: Brooks Brothers Milano Slim-Fit Dress Shirt

Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt

It’s only a matter of time before you hear the name “Brook Brothers” when talking menswear. Their Milano slim-fit dress shirt will be with you through the good days and the bad days. Tried and true. Always loyal.

Other White Dress Shirts We Recommend:

Gitman Vintage 100’s White Pinpoint MX2 Shirt

Gitman Vintage Dress Shirt

Gitman pieces always come with a tasteful amount of nostalgia. This dress shirt comes in a modern fit and creates looks reminiscent of what our dads were wearing while they were climbing the economic ladder back in the day.

Nordstrom Trim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Nordstrom Dress Shirt

Straight from the department store. Nordstrom’s trim-fit will get the job done right — and admirably we’ll add.

Isaia White Dress Shirt

Isaia Dress Shirt

Made in Italy, Isaia is another fashion-forward pick that features mother of pearl buttons and an out-of-the-box silhouette. It’s a white dress shirt that welcomes warm weather.

J.Crew Slim-fit Ludlow Premium Dress Shirt

J Crew Dress Shirt

J.Crew will always be in menswear. Their Ludlow Premium features an upgraded weaving process to create a silky, lightweight feel on the body.

Proper Cloth Wrinkle-Resistant Stretch White Twill

Want the comfort of cotton fabric without having to sacrifice a stylish look? Then, this wrinkle-resistant stretch white twill by Proper Cloth might be the one for you.

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