Get the Goods: Travel Edition

If the best gear for spring and summer travel is what you seek, look no further. Take advantage of the best the menswear world has to offer, but keep your spring and summer travel gear classic, easy-to-wear, utilitarian, and stylish. So from a great suitcase to stretchy-yet-polished jacket to slim stretch chinos and a classic Oxford, we’ve got you all set for your next road trip.

Away Travel Carry-On, $225

Away Travel Carry-On

Away calls this bag “the perfect carry-on,” and one would have to tend to agree given its tough specs. It’s guaranteed for life, featuring an impenetrable outer shell and a built-in battery to charge any USB-compatible device. Plus, the two inner compartments help you separate your apparel and toiletries with ease.

Nisolo Durango Dopp Kit, $98

Nisolo Durango Dopp Kit

Instead of loading all of your men’s grooming essentials into a plastic bag or Zip-Loc, think instead of getting a handsome, well-made dopp kit. It’ll age the more you use it, and the high-quality construction means it’ll work for plenty of trips — no matter how much you’re on the road.

ONU Stretch Blazer, $325

ONU Stretch Blazer

Made with a nylon-spandex brand that the brand calls NYDEX, this premium, slim-fitting jacket is comfortable, performance-ready and still suitably polished enough to pair with everything from dark denim to slim chinos and sneakers. Your upgrade from sweatpants starts here.

Buck Mason Light Blue Perfect Oxford, $125

Buck Mason Light Blue Perfect Oxford

If you’re starting out with a classic, travel-ready stretch jacket, best to reach for an equally classic blue Oxford. Made in America using sturdy construction and quality fabric, it could be the last Oxford you’ll need for travel.

Dockers Alpha Stretch Khaki, $49.99

Dockers Alpha Stretch Khaki

Slim chinos are a timeless style staple, and Dockers knows how to make ‘em for the modern era. The Alpha Stretch Khaki is particularly travel-ready, made with a hint of stretch and available for a very agreeable price. This pair can pull double-duty for travel and then dinner once you reach your final destination.

Gola Classics Comet Plimsoll Trainers, $60

Gola Classics Comet Plimsoll Trainers

When investing in sturdy luggage and pieces like a stretch jacket and a classic Oxford, you want to make the rest of your budget work for you. And picking up a pair of the Gola Classics Comet Plimsoll Trainers accomplishes that aim nicely. This pair, inspired by the British sporting tradition and featuring classic colors, goes with chinos and a jacket quite stylishly.

Nautica SYD Leather Watch, $125

Nautica SYD Leather Watch

Durability and style are but two keys to look for when picking up your next travel-friendly watch. Just as with those Dockers chinos or the Gola Classics trainers, this handsome and refined leather watch can go from the plane to the bar with ease. Add in the affordable price and it should be a done deal.