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The 10 Best Men’s No-Show Socks Available at Walmart

The case for no-show socks should always be on the table, especially when we’re talking about wearing them during the warmer months. Between formal attire paired with loafers or for your gym fits paired with sneakers, no-show socks are a year-round article of clothing.

The “socks versus no-socks” feud is one that seems destined to rage on for as long as the one between the Hatfields and the McCoys. No matter what’s going on with trouser silhouettes — skinny leg, wide leg, shorter break, broken break, cuffed, shorts of all lengths — some guys are gonna want to wear a sock for functionality, a splash of color, or just a fun expression of personality. Some guys, on the other hand, just like that “toes-gone-commando” feeling … or maybe they want to show off their perfectly toned and tanned ankles. While we support both camps here, we do worry about the long-term health (and the stink factor) of shoes worn without socks.

We have one friend who swears that he always wears high-quality leather shoes sans socks and has no problems. But for the rest of us — with our fetid feet, stinky sneakers, noxious oxfords, and loathsome loafers — wearing a pair of no-show socks can dramatically extend the life of shoes that are otherwise destined for the dustbin. And socks offer a bit of pampering to our soft soles. Read on for the best no-show socks you can buy at your local Walmart — the one-stop shop where everything you’ll be presented with has been carefully vetted to maintain quality while also promising value.

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Best Dress Sock: Gold Toe Men’s Full Cushion Cotton No Show Socks, 6 Pairs

Gold Toe No Show Socks Walmart

Dress socks don’t always have to pull up to your calf. It’s worth switching over to a low-cut silhouette in the warmer months; your ankle will be able to breathe more and you’ll add in some modern style points too. Go with these forever soft Gold Toes.

Most Comfortable: Gildan Men’s Half-Cushion Terry Foot Bed No-Show Socks, 12-Pack

Gildan No Show Socks Walmart
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Gildan is known for their comfortable cotton garments—we love their hoodies. These socks come with a cushioned terry footbed and are made with polyester to give them a supremely soft feel. They’re perfect for wearing with tennis shoes.

Best for Running: Saucony Mens 6-Pack Comfort Fit No-Show Black Socks Large Black

Saucony No Show Socks Walmart
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Saucony is known for its affordable yet durable running shoes. We believe its socks are held to the same high standard. Arch support, moisture-wicking, mesh panels for added airflow, and a cushioned sole for support — here are your go-to socks for running.

Best for Work: Dickies Men’s No-Show Socks, 6 Pack

Dickies No Show Socks Walmart

If we were to describe socks as “resilient,” then these Dickies would be the only pair. They’re made for the working man, and they’ve got the specs to back it up. They’ve got a reinforced heel and toe, ventilation channels for added airflow, and moisture management fibers to keep everything dry.

Best Value: Athletic Works Men’s No-Show Socks, 24-Pack

Athletic Works No Show Socks Walmart

If you’re always cycling through pairs of socks, then this 24-pack of Athletic Works will give you enough ammo to continually restock your drawer with fresh pairs. Remember, Walmart is all about maximizing value. Here’s a direct representation of that.

Best Design: Pair of Thieves Men’s Cushioned No-Show Socks, 3-Pack

Pair of Theives No Show Socks Walmart

Pair of Thieves produces a great cushioned sock with fun minimalist designs. They’re made with a breathable cotton/nylon combination that includes four-way stretch and a reinforced toe and heel. These are ideal to pack for hiking or for taking your next flight out of town.

More Great No-Show Socks

Hanes X-Temp Active Cool Lightweight Super Low No-Show Socks, 12 pack

Hanes No Show Socks Walmart

There’s a reason Hanes has some of the most loyal customers. Its tees and underwear are durable, comfortable, and, let’s not forget, affordable. Its socks hold up to the same standards. Plus, they come with added arch support.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Breathable Cushioned No-Show Socks, 16-Pack

Fruit of the Loom No Show Socks Walmart

If you like your activewear socks to have some color, or if you just want them to be distinguished enough from your everyday pairs, then these Fruit of the Loom pairs are an excellent choice. They come in a wallet-friendly 16-pack and feature an extra cushioned footbed.

Reebok Men’s Pro Series No-Show Socks, 6-Pack

Reebok No Show Socks Walmart

For quick movements where you’ll be changing direction — think CrossFit — these Reebok socks are a solid choice to add to your drawer. They feature moisture-wicking, added cushioning, and an antimicrobial finish — with a subtle sporty design, we might add.

Champion Men’s Double Dry Performance No-Show Socks, 6-Pack

Champion No Show Socks Walmart
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Champion fans know how comfortable the sportswear company’s basic garments are. From sweats to hoodies to its iconic t-shirts, you’ll always get what you pay for, and sometimes even more, which is why we have its socks here. Grab this six-pack to match with the rest of your gear.

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