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The 9 best men’s winter boots for style and warmth

The best men's winter boots for every occasion

Man wearing boots in the woods
Clay Banks / Unsplash

When the winter season hits, your feet take a beating. They can get cold. They can get wet. And that can ruin your day. Your best way to fight that is to pick up a great pair of cold-weather boots. These are some of the most important boots you will have in your closet, as they will be instrumental in getting you from the fall to the spring without causing you to catch a cold or having to buy a new pair of socks over and over. Of course, the best men’s winter boots is a list that is subjective and overwhelming due to every brand claiming they have the warmest on the market. But we always do the legwork for you, and we have delivered again with our list of our favorites for you to check out.

Men's boots walking
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How much should I spend on winter boots?

Of course, the price of the right pair of men’s boots can be all over the map. You can grab an easy pair of boots on Amazon for less than $100. Sure, that is quick and easy, but you will likely be back by the end of the season or the beginning of the next season for a new pair as they likely wore out. You can also go the other direction and find a pair of designer winter boots that can run you upwards of $1,500 and up, and up, and up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you are getting high quality. Your best bet is to focus on a quality brand you trust and spend between $200 and $1,000. Here are favorites following those parameters.

Wolverine Dublin Waterproof

Wolverine Dublin Waterproof

Wolverine is one of the pillars of the American workboot. They have found their niche in providing the hardest working men and women in the country with the kind of footwear they need to never miss a day. With a waterproof leather upper and 200-grain Thinsulate insulation, these babies will keep you warm, dry, and in the fight until the end of the day.

Nicks Boots Insulated Ridgeline Hiking Boot
Nicks Boots

Nicks Boots Insulated Ridgeline Hiking Boot

When you have a company known for making boots tough enough for firefighters in the Pacific Northwest, you know you have a company that understands the cold. The always reliable Nicks Boots uses their PolarThin-XP to make these some of the warmest boots on the market. They are 4x warmer than any other insulation you will find.

Kodiak Greb 8 Inch Steel Toe

Kodiak Greb 8 Inch Steel Toe

Kodiak has been making the perfect workboot for a century — the kind of workboot that can function and last all the way up in Kodiak, Alaska. If you have ever been up there, you know they know the cold. The fleece lining helps to trap heat so your feet stay warm. And the waterproofing allows your feet to stay dry no matter how deep the snow gets.

Danner Boots Vital
Danner Boots

Danner Boots Vital

Danner Boots is not a name that shines as bright as some of the others on this list, but they are a scrappy company looking to overtake their competition with some of the warmest and dryest boots on the market. Their Vital hunting boot is labeled stealthy but aggressive, and with the 800G Thinsulate and Danner Dry, they are ready to take the market by storm.

Carhartt Ground Force

Carhartt Ground Force

You would be hard-pressed to find a bigger name in workwear than Carhartt. And, of course, workwear would be useless without the right footwear. The Ground Force boasts Storm Defender technology which allows sweat to get out without letting rain and snow in. Add to that the protection of Swen Flex Puncture Resistance, and you have one of the best winter boots for the season.

Timberland Chillberg

Timberland Chillberg

Timberland is one of the most popular boot companies thanks to their popularity in the urban fashion world. But rappers and workwear enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who should love these boots. With the Chillberg’s fleece liner, PrimaLoft insulation, and Timberdry waterproof technology, it is the perfect boot for your winter wardrobe.

Canada Goose Journey Boot
Canada Goose

Canada Goose Journey Boots

Canada Goose is now taking over your footwear rotation as well as your winter outerwear lineup. These remarkably cool, stylish, rugged, and performance-minded winter boots are a super-premium take on the category, using an upper made from three pieces and a design inspired by classic hiker boots worn in the Alps.

The North Face Thermoball
The North Face

The North Face ThermoBall Boots

You’ve likely got a well-built jacket from The North Face in your rotation for winter’s coldest days, so why not add some equally well-made, performance-minded boots from the legendary outdoor brand? These feature a waterproof, coated leather upper and ThermoBall insulation for incredible warmth in deep snowdrifts.

Redwing supersole 2.0.

Redwing Supersole 2.0

There are some great boot manufacturers out there, and then there’s Redwing, which is about as great as they come. Redwing boots are always comfortable to wear while offering unrivaled durability and protection, and the Supersole 2.0 is no different. Steel toed, waterproof, insulated, puncture resistant, and electrical hazard safety compliant, these are boots made to be worn through the most extreme of conditions. Not only are they tough, but they’re pretty darn good-looking too.

There you have it, the best winter boots for you to keep your feet warm this winter. Whether you are shoveling snow or braving the winter mountain getaway, these boots will keep you dry and always ready for action.

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