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Step up your shoe game with the best Oxford shoes for men

The best Oxford shoes for men to lace up in

Oxford dress shoes and a belt
InsideHenderson / Pixabay

“Oxfords, not brogues.” Thanks to The Kingsman, we now know that if you want to look your best at all times, you should always pick up a pair of Oxford shoes. Outside of the titular super spies from the movies, the Oxford dress shoe is one of the most classic in men’s dress. Sometime around the early 1800s, male students at Oxford were wearing knee-high boots for everything. In a moment of rebellion, they began wearing low shoes with closed laces and the shoe became a hit. Of course, they adopted the name of their place of origin, and we have been wearing them as the ultimate dress shoe since.

Like always, we can’t just tell you to run out and buy a pair of Oxfords. We have done the leg work for you and put together a list of some of the best on the market. Of course, we went the extra mile, and we want to make sure you know the difference between the Oxford, and the other popular dress shoe type, the Derby.

Man tying his brown dress shoes
IIIEVGENIY / Adobe Stock

What is the difference between Oxfords and Derby?

What makes these classics of menswear unique is the closed lacing system. Where derby shoes feature an open lacing system, and the flaps can be pulled wider from the vamp (top of the shoes), Oxfords have theirs sewn to the vamp and come to a V at the bottom. The Derby is typically better for those of us with an overly wide foot, as it offers more room. Like pleats in a dress pant. Narrow feet look better in an Oxford, but these are truly good for anyone.

The best Oxford shoes for men are a combination of comfort and quality, a mixture that is often hard to come by. But the Kingsman would be disappointed if we didn’t offer you some of the best choices; just don’t be expecting any of these to have a knife in the toe like in the movie.

Nordstrom Dane Cap Toe Oxfords

Nordstrom Dane Cap Toe Oxfords

The right Oxford shoes have to check off several boxes in quick succession, including comfort and style. It helps if those same shoes are also affordably priced, and Nordstrom’s Dane Cap Toe Oxfords hit all of those points with the best of them. With clean cap toe detailing and a rubber sole for added durability, these are as versatile a pair of leather dress shoes as they get.

Magnanni Federico Oxfords

Magnanni Federico Oxfords

It’s hard to get dressier than a slick pair of black leather Oxford shoes. They signal you mean business, whether worn with a nicely tailored navy suit or a wool blazer and plaid trousers in the fall and winter. This pair is no-nonsense and remarkably well-made for the price.

The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap-toe Oxford in chili brown.
Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford

The Park Avenue cap-toe Oxford first appeared in the dress landscape in 1982, and with over 2 million pairs sold, this signature shoe has earned its place as a timeless icon in American culture. Made in Port Washington, Wisconsin, it’s constructed using a Goodyear Bench Welt construction which allows for it to be refurbished on its original last, extending the life of the shoe even further.

The Park Avenue is handcrafted by 48 skilled hands over a 212-step process that’s built to last. Its distinctively American aesthetic comes in 200 variations of lengths and widths, which helps ensure every man can enjoy a perfect fit.

Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords
Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords

Finding an affordable pair of dress shoes made just for you is a tall order these days, but not with Beckett Simonon. They use full-grain calfskin leather and a process that keeps you updated every step of the way, as your shoes are made with tremendous care and style. They’re made to wear in, not wear out.

KINGSMAN + George Cleverley Leather Oxford Shoes
George Cleverley

KINGSMAN + George Cleverley Leather Oxford Shoes

For a remarkably sharp style to rival that of the British spies in the Kingsman movie universe, get these polished, super-sleek black Oxford shoes. These are the crisp Oxford shoes to wear for your most formal occasions. If anyone asks where you got them, just don’t divulge the secret location of the subterranean sartorial lair.

Thursday Boots Broadway Oxford Dress Shoes
Thursday Boot Co.

Thursday Boots Broadway Oxford Dress Shoes

Yes, the makers of your favorite leather boots have entered the dress shoe market. These eye-catching brogue Oxford shoes are perfect to pair with a heavy fall or winter wool suit in particular, but you can also wear them with a lightweight khaki cotton suit in warmer weather.

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing
Wolf & Shepherd

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing

Even the Kingsman knows that comfort is essential when on your feet all day. Sure, if you sit at a desk in an office or a cubicle, a regular day-to-day Oxford will do you just fine. But if you are on your feet constantly, this hybrid from Wolf & Shepherd will be a lifesaver. The calf skin uppers and comfortable soles will help you navigate the casual, the business, and everything in between flawlessly.

Florsheim Postino Cap Toe

Florsheim Postino Cap Toe

When it comes to men’s shoes that will last forever and be stylish, Florsheim is one of the top choices on the market. The sleek profile of the Postino and textured leather make this a truly unique standout on this list.

Johnston & Murphy Hollins Wingtip
Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy Hollins Wingtip

Just because you are wearing a classic leather Oxford shoe doesn’t mean you can’t focus on comfort. When you are on your feet all day, every day, that can play Hell on your feet. So opt for an Oxford with a sneaker bottom to blend the world of style and comfort effortlessly. J&M are one of the premier shoe brands in the game so you can depend on their quality.

Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip
Cole Haan

Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip

Cole Haan is one of the OGs when it comes to the hybrid dress shoe, combining the class of the Oxford with walkability in the sneaker sole. The Zero Grand line is one of the most popular of the trend, and the Original Grand is a throwback to its origins. With the mesh top, it is perfect for the warmer months, and will keep you comfortable and cool while on the move.

Everything from the formal black tie events to the weekend barbeque, there are seldom any occasions or events where Oxford dress shoes aren’t welcome. Everyone’s life is different, so whatever your daily needs are, there is bound to be one on this list that will feel perfectly tailored to your every need.

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