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Check out these 2023 fashion trends and be the most stylish man in your group

Try one or all of these trends to turn yourself into the center of attention all through the coming year

The end of every year often sees us evaluating the past year and preparing for the next one. While the new year brings with it ample chances to elevate your life through resolutions, it also ushers in a new set of fun new rules for your closet. Fashion trends come and go annually, but each year also brings a new crop of fun trends for you to experiment with. 2023 is no different, as it offers a whole slew of fun new fashion developments. Here is a collection of 2023’s upcoming clothing trends for you to be on the lookout for.

Harry Styles in a magenta blazer and baggy jeans

Holy magenta

Every year, the folks over at Pantone give us the color of the year, delivering a little bit of insight into what colors the fashion industry is going to push. For 2023, men will need to figure out how to wear the pinkish-purplish color magenta.

Many guys will have a visceral reaction to the thought of wearing not just pink, but a loud and bright take on it. While you can see Harry Styles wearing the color in the form of a sport coat above, if you feel a little hesitant about standing out with that bright of a color, find subtle ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without being overwhelming, such as with a magenta tie or pocket square.

Two men in backwards-facing caps and jackets

Welcome back the ’80s and ’90s

Break out your braided belts, chained wallets, and Charlotte Hornets Starter Jackets because the 1990s are back, baby. If you’ve lived longer than 20 years, you’ve probably discovered that fashion is cyclical. Women ditched the low-rise jeans of the early 2000s and re-embraced the ultra-high-waisted fits of the ’80s and ’90s. We are about to do the same, as men’s fashion is reaching back a few decades for inspiration.

More specifically, the turtleneck and leather are some of the trends making a comeback this year. Punch up some of your suits with a turtleneck instead of a dress shirt, and embrace your motorcycle-chic look with a nice bit of leather. Or modernize them both by combining them and wear a black turtleneck under your leather jacket for the ultimate 2023 style.

Two mean in casual wear

Athleisure begrudgingly takes us back to the office

We are now two years removed from the pandemic of 2020, and our bosses are starting to eye the offices again. Regardless if the world is ready for it, many industries are going to ditch the work-from-home dynamic and ask their people to come back. Like it or not, you may have to retire the sweatpants and actually get dressed for work again.

Of course, fashion brands anticipated this moment and doubled down on athleisure. Many brands are going softer on their chino materials and embracing stretchy fabrics. These more breathable garments will bridge the gap between your Saturday joggers and your old business casual.

A shot of a man in dressy casual shoes

Hybrid shoes blend our home and work life

Shoe companies aren’t to be outdone when adjusting their products to adhere to the demands of returning to the office. While dress shoes with more of a sneaker sole are not new, look for them to explode even more in 2023. Getting rid of the hard-sole leather shoes and opting for something more comfortable will keep you on the go without destroying your feet now that they’re more accustomed to slippers than ever before.

Don’t stop at the hybrid dress shoes with the sneaker sole; look for the dress sneakers to round out a collection of hybrid shoes. While the hybrid dress shoe can dress up an outfit, the dress sneaker can dress down another. There’s no need to update your entire shoe wardrobe, but these are the perfect additions in 2023.

Man buttoning up a tweed suit jacket

Relaxed fit finally keeps us comfortable

If you’re the kind of person who caved in to fashion trends in the last decade, you likely went super slim with your suits. After watching Daniel Craig in Spectre or Tom Hiddleston in Thor: Ragnorak, you may have run out to talk to a tailor to see if you had the physique to pull off the painted-on suit. In 2023, the time is right to retire those ultra-slim suits and loosen up. 

The suit tailoring trend is moving more toward modern or contemporary fits. A more relaxed fit in the pant leg and suit jacket follows the same trend as the rest of the fashion industry in attempting to keep you comfortable as you head back to the office. 

A man sitting on a fence post and wearing jeans, a polka-dot dress shirt, a brown vest, an da tan cowboy hat

Western wear

You can thank Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, and Taylor Sheridan for the Yellowstone cultural phenomenon. Not only did it cause people to start seeing cowboys as cool again, but it is impacting the fashion world by bringing back Western wear. That doesn’t mean to wear your Wranglers, Justin Boots, and Stetson cowboy hat to the office, but it does mean that the rugged ranchhand look is in for 2023. 

If you’re new to country wear, start with denim shirts and canvas or waxed jackets. Shop at Western stores or workwear stores to find items that can integrate subtly into your wardrobe without looking like you have entirely gone native and bought a ranch in Montana. 

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