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The 20 Best Men’s Dress Socks to Wear in 2021

If you’ve put plenty of care into curating a thoughtful wardrobe of tailored wear, then why not put that same care and attention to detail into your accessories? Socks can be easily overlooked when putting an outfit together and may not be on your high-priority list, especially when putting together a formal look and stepping into your favorite dress shoes. Dress socks may not be the standout part of the outfit but play a functional role in overall comfort and how you feel when you’re at your best. The right dress socks can act as an anchor for your outfit, conveying serious style while providing comfort or injecting just a bit of personality into your look via subtle patterns. 

The best dress socks are made from the best materials, engineered specifically to suit your needs (at the best price, no less), so we’ve rounded up options at price points that’ll set you back less than $20.

The Tie Bar Solid Navy Dress Socks

The Tie Bar Solid Navy Dress Socks

Yes, the brand that makes some of the most affordable men’s ties (and dress shirts) on the market is now crafting a pair of simple yet stylish dress socks, with color options for everyone (and every style situation, and every pair of dress pants, at that).

Bombas Men’s Classic Marled Socks

Bombas Men's Classic Marled Socks

The best men’s dress socks offer comfort and style, as well as a unique take on what you might normally expect from dress socks. These marled socks from Bombas have enough heft to stand out visually with wool trousers or winter suiting. Plus, the use of long-staple cotton provides plenty of soft comfort for your feet.

Allen Edmonds Poly-Tencel Dress Socks

Allen Edmonds Poly-Tencel Dress Socks

It should come as no surprise that the makers of some of the very best men’s dress shoes are also making quite the pair of refined socks to wear with said leather wingtips or lace-ups. Allen Edmonds has quite the one-two punch going.

Bonobos Cotton Blend Dress Socks

Bonobos Cotton Blend Dress Socks

Like we keep saying, you can find some of the best men’s dress socks if you know where to look. For the kind of socks that look cool-as-can-be peeking out from underneath your slim Bonobos chinos, you might as well go for a pair from that same brand.

Brooks Brothers Egyptian Cotton Socks

Brooks Brothers Egyptian Cotton Socks

The all-American style purveyors at Brooks Brothers have been making timeless Oxford shirts, classic chinos, and the like for decades, so it only makes sense that you should turn to them for a perfectly complementary pair of excellent, high-quality dress socks, right? Right.

Uniqlo Men’s Supima Cotton Wide-Ribbed Socks

A ribbed sock is a classic professional go-to, easy to pair with any shoe (yes, even on your bike shoe) for a sleek look.

Neiman Marcus Men’s Over-Calf Silk Dress Socks

This silk sock is perfect for those warmer days, the breathable fabric is lightweight and airy for ultimate comfort.

Dockers Men’s 4-Pack Patterned Dress Socks

Can’t decide on one pattern? Get both plus two solids, for a steal! This variety pack is perfect if you want to keep it simple but have options.

Amazon Premium Ribbed Silky Soft Dress Socks

If there’s one thing that annoys me about over the calf socks is when they roll down. You won’t have to worry about that with these socks, they have nylon reinforcement to keep snug to your calves.

Gold Toe Men’s Harrington Crew

These extra thick socks will be sure to keep your feet warm! They also have an extra cushion in the toe area for added comfort.

Happy Socks Dressed Coffee Legs Crew Socks

Happy Socks will bring some of your personality down to your feet with fun, kitschy patterns. They feature various patterns specifically designed to your preferences while keeping your feet wrapped in comfort. With a huge range of colors and designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect pair for every occasion.

Nike Performance Cushion Crew Socks

These Cushion Crew Socks mimic an upgraded version of your standard socks. They feature reinforced heels and toes for enhanced durability while providing maximum comfort with their soft premium fabric blend. 

RicherPoorer Men’s Sketchy Socks

These pattern socks are fun yet flexible to partner with your every look. They keep your feet fresh and come with a silver lining to minimize odor.

CDLP Five-Pack Black Bamboo Socks

Made with bamboo viscose (yes you heard that right) these socks add extra sturdiness and comfort for easy and relaxed wear.

Tabio Power Fit Cotton Short Crew Socks

A short crew dress option in a wide array of colors. Pairs perfectly with loafers to still show a little leg skin.

Uniqlo Men’s Low-Cut Socks

Socks are important, but sometimes the most important ones are the hidden heroes. These low-cut socks are practically invisible to ensure you aren’t slipping around in your shoes.

Calvin Klein 3-Pack Combed Flat Knit Socks

Calvin Klein not only makes high-quality underwear; the brand also makes top-notch socks. This combed flat knit sock may be your new favorite as it is comfortable and durable that will last for years. You also need not worry about indent marks once you change into your gym shorts because it doesn’t cinch your legs.

Maggie’s Organic 3-Pack Cotton Crew Socks 

Available in three lively colors, these mid-calf cotton crew socks are made from 100% organic materials. This pair is extra soft to keep those feet comfortable, and you can wear it for formal or casual dress, all year-round.

Gold Toe Men’s Multi-pairs Cotton Crew Athletic Socks

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, these cotton crew athletic socks from Gold Toe will surely keep you cozy. They are specifically designed to provide long-term comfort with a full cushioned foot, super soft cotton with stretch, and a smooth toe seam.

Easton Marlowe 6-Pack Men’s Dress Socks

Elevate your casual look with these colorful socks from Easton Marlowe. They are made from quality materials such as fine combed cotton and durable nylon to ensure your overall comfort. It’s the thoughtful use of colors and fun patterns of these socks that will surely set you apart from anyone.

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