A Gentleman’s Guide to Stylish Motorcycle Boots

motorcycle boots
The Rokker Company/Facebook
Motorcycle boots tend to be chunky and clunky. More often than not, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these kicks during a night on the town. Yet it’s those attributes that keep your feet, ankles, and skin safe if the worst were to happen on your bike. Style just isn’t always a priority when designing boots made to withstand crashes, scrapes, and all manner of weather.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find fashionable footwear. The current style trends have gone from dominatrix chic to Milano-level couture. Of the offerings on the market, these five pairs look not only ready to ride, but to walk the runway.

Alpinestars Oscar Monty – $260

Alpinestars Oscar Monty

Alpinestars’ Oscar lineup is fairly new. The brand launched the collection about two years ago as a way of delving into a more fashion-forward market. The Monty boot is meant to “hark back to the golden, dusty days” of the 1960s and 1970s in terms of style and fit.

Underneath, however, the Monty is a CE-Rated boot that’s ready and willing to save your feet from harm, as I can attest to from personal experience. (If you ever see me out, buy me a beer and I’ll tell you the story.) The Oscar Monty is available in two colors — black and brown — with a white or black sole and signature Oscar branding against the rider’s ankle.

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Dainese Cooper – $140

Dainese Cooper

Leather work is a time-consuming process. It takes skill, eye, and years of meticulous hands-on training, and has become somewhat of a lost art form. Dainese is determined to bring it back with the Cooper motorcycle shoes.

Using full-grain leather that’s been treated with a special proprietary wax, the Coopers have all the sheen and luster of a traditional high-fashion leather boot. The toe features a secondary leather shift guard, which will (as the name implies) increase the comfort of shifting, and rigid inserts along the heels to keep your ankle safe if you happen to fall.

Dainese’s Coopers are available in two colors, a dark brown and a more traditional creamy brown, both of which feature an off white sole and brass lace eyelets. There’s a host of sizes and comes with a more than reasonable price of $140.

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Frye Smith Engineer – $318

frye smith engineer

It’s hard to put a price on history, and it’s even harder to continually one-up your own history by producing world-class boots, but that’s what Frye is best known for. The company began in 1863 and has become the oldest, continually operated boot company in the United States.

In more recent years, Frye has built custom boots for Jackie Kennedy, Bing Crosby, Barbara Streisand, and former President Richard Nixon. The company is now owned by Coach, but don’t let the name fool you — these boots aren’t just for looking good. The Smith Engineers are ready for any bar-room brawl or weekend trip up the Catskills.

The Smith Engineers come in three colors: tan, black, and dark brown. The leather is Italian, both inside and out, and the boots feature an inner ankle side-zip that makes getting them on and off a breeze.

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Thursday Boot Company President – $199

thursday boot company president grizzly wheat

Thursday Boot Company’s President boots aren’t strictly motorcycle boots. They’re closer to your standard fashion-forward footwear. However, because of the quality of the construction and materials, we’re more than sure that they’d adequately protect your feet. Thursday says that the President is a “clean and timeless design built for longevity,” and it’s precisely that longevity that makes it such a good motorcycle boot.

The leather is heavy and thick. The materials in the sole and welt are top-notch and boast a Goodyear design. And there’s an interior, full-glove leather lining providing an extra barrier to your feet. Plus, they look the business.

Thursday’s Presidents are by far the most customizable boots on this list with five colors: natural, black, brown, cognac suede, and grizzly wheat. Like Alpinestars and Dainese, they come in a range of sizes, although Thursday says that if you’re going to order a set of Presidents, you should order a half size smaller than you’d order trainers.

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The Rokker Company Urban Racer – $444

rokker urban racer

While most notable for motorcycle jeans, Swiss manufacturer Rokker also produces some excellent motorcycle boots that will not only keep your feet and ankles safe and secure, but dry and warm even in the harshest of Swiss winters.

The Urban Racer is built using a thick leather that’s been distressed with grease for a vintage appearance. The boot itself is waterproof, but breathable for warmer conditions. Rokker puts in a shock-absorbent insole and a heavy-duty rubber outsole that’s also anti-abrasive and non-slip.

Four colors are available: brown, light brown, dark brown, and antique black. If you’re using Rokker’s website, you’ll have to convert the European sizes to U.S. sizes yourself, as there’s no easy conversion tool provided.

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Feature image courtesy of The Rokker Company/Facebook.


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