Chasin’ Waterfalls: 10 Best Men’s Swim Trunks to Win Summer

Cannonball! We’re stoked for summer, and even more excited by the great new variety of summer staple swim trunks that have hit the market. Updated quality materials, various lengths and cuts, and cool colors and prints round out the list of upgrades that turn a pair of swim shorts into a stylish and versatile wardrobe essential.

So before the pool parties, Moab rafting trips, and surfing lessons commence, stock up on a few new swimwear trunks and, yes, finally toss out that old pair from college (you know who you are).

Vuori Equator Boardshorts – $69
vuori men's swim trunks

Swim shorts, we’d like you to meet summer walk-around shorts, and surfing shorts, and shorts so comfortable you don’t want to take off. Vuori Clothing has found a way to assimilate all these into one pair of trunks. The anti-odor, four-way stretch Equators welcome you to surf, paddle, swim, train, yoga, walk around — literally do it all.

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Paul Smith Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts – $150
paul smith men's swim trunks

Your swim trunks are an extension of who you are and want to be, so if you’re invited out to the Hamptons or Montauk, don’t show up in anything less stylish and current than Paul Smith’s Mid-Length floral print trunks. The higher cut is trendy and will show off your hard work in the gym, while the material is made green with a partly recycled shell, then lined with mesh for support and a back zipper pocket for your B&B key. Jerry Seinfeld has a house in the Hamptons … you don’t want to look bad in front of Seinfeld.

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Customized Birdwell Beach Britches – $99-180
birdwell men's swim trunks

Pick a length. Choose your favorite design. Play around with body color, liner color, waistband, pocket flap, pocket bag, and design colors. Add a custom patch (sailor tattoos, monogram, aloha, flag, etc. ) or printed buttons. Wait. Open mailbox. Wear shorts. Be your own damn man and follow no fashion trends. Jump into water. Win. Born and based in SoCal, Birdwell knows a thing or two about quality shorts and owning your own expression.

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Bonobos Banzai E-Waist Trunk – $88
bonobos men's swim trunks

If you have option overload and can’t decide on the right pair of trunks for the coming summer, get these simple trunks with a modern 5-inch inseam, 100 percent polyester, and four-way stretch. They’re easy to care for and provide an instantly great, timeless look. Sometimes simple really is best.

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Penguin Quick-Dry Daddy Swim Trunk – $65
original penguin men's swim trunks

If you haven’t heard, dad things are cool again, from sneakers to hats and now swim trunks. This solid colorway style from Original Penguin comes in bright shades like Fuchia Pink, Flame Scarlet, and Shady Glade. The fabrication creates a short that can be worn with just about anything, and better still, the material is a quick-dry fabric that harnesses some kind of dad magic to almost never get wet. The elastic waistband is comfortable if you’re accompanying your Daddy Trunks with a dad bod.

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Tom Adam Though Swimshorts – $223
tom adam men's swim trunks

Veux aller nager? If you’re in France and anyone asks you this say, oui, I do want to go swimming. Then pull out your Tom Adam trunks and await the oohs and ahhs. The masterfully designed Tom Adam swimwear took three years to develop because they had to align with the mission of being ethical, mindful, and minimalist. We’re falling in love with the Though Swimshorts that are short-cut and slim-fit. C’est magnifique.

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Penfield Seal Short – $60
penfield men's swim trunks

If you couldn’t tell, the biggest trends in men’s swim for the coming season are solid-color, tropical-print, short-cut trunks. While Penfield’s Seal Short checks all the boxes, you’ll also find meaningful details hiding in the design, like a drawcord waistband and paracord key loop. Hyper-durable and made with 100 percent polyester, we trust the pioneering American outerwear Penfield name to bring us shorts that act as tough as a technical jacket and keep us swimming into old age.

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H&M Short Swim Shorts – $18
asos hm men's swim trunks

It can cost less than two shooter-sized Patron bottles to have a pair of stylish, secretly cheap, yet modern-looking swim trunks. No, we don’t always have the dough to drop two bills on swimwear, and you might rather splurge on the beach-side destination, which is why these navy and gold palm leaf shorts from ASOS are A-Ok. The short legs have comfortable slits at the sides and a soft mesh liner keeps everything comfortable.

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Lululemon Namaste At The Beach Short II – $78
lululemon men's swim trunks

Jeez, finally, some longer options! Yes, you might just fall head over heels for not only the length, but the feel … and versatility … and color … and secret bottle opener in the pocket of these Lululemon men’s shorts. The notorious yoga brand is calling them “sweat-to-swim” meaning you can crush this beach workout and then have a cold one with friends after. The swim fabric gusset and side panels lend great mobility, without the appearance of a baggy or saggy short. Plus, the colorway is subdued and masculine.

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Toad & Co. Riverrun Short – $65
toad and co. riverrun men's swim trunks

Remember, June 17 is Father’s Day. Gift ahead of time so your old man can use these Toad & Co. shorts for everything from swimming to hiking and just plain hanging out. The DWR finish gives long-lasting water repellency, while the longer shorts themselves are super light and quick-drying. With a bit more room, these trunks are the epitome of comfort in action.

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Article originally published by Amanda Gabriele on May 29, 2013. Last updated by Jahla Seppanen on April 18, 2018.


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