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I tried David Gandy’s sustainable clothing line and it over-delivered

This is what you need to know about David Gandy Wellwear

Labor Day officially marks the start of fall. The kids have gone back to school, temperatures will slowly start to drop, days will become shorter, and mother nature will leisurely begin to change her colors. Fall is genuinely a wonderful time of year, but it can still pose some wardrobe difficulties. Regardless of the holiday or not, the start of fall is still relatively warm, especially when the summer temps decide to linger a little longer than expected, turning into an Indian Summer. 

There are days of plenty throughout the country where October will still be holding well into the 80s, including the midwest and upper east coast regions. Then, the next thing you know, it’s a twenty-degree temperature drop; this type of weather swing all too often becomes a thing of a regular occurrence. The proceeding question posed is, how do you stock your wardrobe for such extreme changes? Answer — by choosing a brand, moreover a lifestyle brand, that creates apparel designed to enhance your well-being. Does David Gandy Wellwear have what it takes? We investigate.

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Introducing David Gandy Wellwear

David Gandy Wellwear.

As the world, in general, has become a lot laxer with its acceptance of dressed-down style, long gone are the golden days where fashion reigned king during the 60s. Athleisure wear is now a thing of contingency and every day introduces us to yet another brand in this fashion space. Regardless of your opinion on this movement, it is undoubtedly here to stay. Most brands get it wrong. Every once in a while, though, a brand comes along and gets it right. 

There are athleisure brands and then there are fashion lifestyle brands. David Gandy Wellwear is the latter. The brainchild of Britain’s number one male supermodel, David Gandy, the brand brings the best to its products, blending fashion, function, and feeling, using materials that have scientific properties to help your overall well-being

Having spent over twenty years in the industry himself, modeling every fashion label under the sun, as well as being listed as one of GQ’s most stylish men alive, Gandy of all people knows a thing or two about men’s clothes and fashion. “Clothing can have a big impact on our confidence, so I wanted to create a range that helps people feel relaxed and secure – one that allows people to feel as comfortable as they do in their own skin,” says Gandy. We agree. While most try, yet fall short, here is why Wellwear is just head and shoulders above the competition.


By now, most companies know the importance of making clothes sustainably. The environmental impact that the fashion industry has on our planet needs to be addressed by more brands. While some have been better leading the charge, using recycled materials to make their clothes, as well as choosing to use more sustainable, natural fibers, there is still an opportunity for improvement.

Companies that use these methods, generally, also try to make them so affordable that the end product ends up being “cheaply made.” A $5 sustainable t-shirt is only so great until it ends up wearing out within less than a month of use. The other part of the sustainability equation is making products that actually last. This is where Wellwear separates itself from the pack — the durability of the products from a physical standpoint to an “emotional” one as well. There is a reason why we all have a favorite shirt, jeans, hoodie, etc. It is because it makes us feel comfortable and confident: emotional durability. Wellwear delivers both. 

Wellwear Tech

This is where Wellwear is truly outperforming the competition. By using the latest in science, technology, and research, to help select premier materials, they craft each article of clothing with care. By not only making clothes that are fashion-forward and stylish but also making them quite literally make the individual wearer of the brand have an overall improved sense of better well-being, hence the Wellwear name, that is ultimately why Wellwear is more than just a brand.

Wellwear Breath & Wellwear Care: Claims

Through the strategic selection of science-backed materials, here are some of the claims as to how Wellwear can enhance overall wellness.

  • Smooth and soft touching materials improve psychological mood.
  • Through the use of garment technical treatments, their products are anti-odor and have anti-bacterial properties. This further reduces the need for constant garment washing and improves the overall environmental impact.
  • Aloe vera-infused garments provide “wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties.”

Wellwear Breath & Wellwear Care: Facts

While it is definitely hard to be able to verifiably answer the claims of products having anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and wound healing properties, we can speak on the quality and comfort of the products. The tailored-like fit and softness of the Wellwear products definitely seem to have the ability to boost mood. When you look and feel good in clothes, it surely has a positive psychological effect. 

Wellwear Verdict:

David Gandy Wellwear delivers. 

The Best of the Collection

With their slow expansion from offering the best in the basics of fashion essentials, to sleepwear and accessories, to their newly launched swimwear collection, David Gandy Wellwear has quite the impressive lineup. As we transition from late summer to early fall, here is the best of Wellwear that you should acquire while our seasons begin to change. 

Short Length Swim Shorts

Wellwear swim shorts.

Whether you live in a climate that is 80 degrees year-round, plan on traveling to an exotic destination this fall, or are just soaking up the last days of summer, there are still plenty of opportunities for warmer days filled with sun and water left this year. Having a perfectly fitting pair of trunks is an absolute must. The Wellwear short-length swim shorts offer the best of style meets function.

They deliver a perfect tailored-like fit with a drawstring and expandable waistline. Buttons and buckles may look nice but are not forgiving when you want to indulge a little whether you’re pool or beachside. The short length shows a bit more leg which is perfect since you have been killing it in the gym on leg days this year. Best part is, they are made with Wellwear Protect UPF40, meaning they block out 97% of all UV rays.

I personally have tried them all, from top-end designer brands, down to the more affordable high street label brands, but these definitely hold their own, punching up to the industry standard set by Orlebar Brown. My take is that Wellwear is way more functional. If James Bond had an underwater mission today, he would no doubt choose this pair. 

Poolside Toweling Sweat

Wellwear toweling sweat.

Since you’ll be looking great in your pair of swim trunks, you’ll need a top to go with them. The poolside toweling sweat is the perfect lightweight, long-sleeve top that you can toss on once you’re out of the water. The materials offer the perfect combination of softness and breathability while also having the ability of water absorption, perfect for that post-water-dip. The toweling sweat is also made with Wellwear Protect. 

Combining the top and shorts together, they are sufficiently stylish so that you can feel confident enough to grab a bite to eat afterward, without your wardrobe screaming, “I was in the pool!” The long sleeve top is also perfect for when those nights start becoming a bit brisker. 

I personally feel this is the unsung hero of the new swimwear capsule. It quickly absorbs water once you decide to towel off and it offers an airy long-sleeve coverage. Breathable enough to not make you feel overly warm, yet versatile enough to wear on cooler evenings.

Ultimate Loopback Sweat Set

Wellwear sweat set.

Whether you’re looking for the best set to choose for traveling and long flights, looking to try and get a great workout session while looking like Steve McQueen, or just want the best option while you work remotely from home, the ultimate loopback sweat set is the best available. Comfort meets durability with this set and is featured in black, grey marl, off-white, and workwear blue all while having a seemingly tailor-like fit, yet feeling relaxed at the same time. This is going to be your go-to as the temperatures begin to drop. 

I have never been a big proponent of matching sweat suits. Almost all the time they just look bad together. However, when the fit is as exceptional as this Wellwear set, you can’t help but look sharp in it. I also love the two front pockets that are well hidden enough to almost appear not there at all, unlike what you see with all hoodies.

Heritage Scoop T-Shirt

Ultimate scoop wellwear.

If Marlon Brando were still around today, this would be his shirt of choice, circa Stanley Kowalski. In one of the first-ever feature films, A Streetcar Named Desire, to immortalize a sex icon, Brando cemented his legendary status rocking nothing more than a great fitting tee and slacks. With t-shirts, it all comes down to fit; most get it wrong. The Wellwear heritage scoop gets it right. A regular fit tee with a more relaxed neckline, the heritage scoop t-shirt works excellent as a layering piece during cooler fall days or looks wonderful paired with some joggers.

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll fill out the sleeves like Mr. Gandy himself, I can bet that this is one of the best-fitting tees you will find around. 

Sustainable & stylish

Regardless, if you’re looking for pieces to add to your wardrobe to finish out the summer or are starting to look for essentials to stock up on during autumn, David Gandy Wellwear has everything. The brand offers everything you’ll ever need from your clothes: sustainability, style, function, and may help to improve your well-being. Need we say more?

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