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The 7 Best Leather Biker Jackets to Wear on and off a Motorcycle

Handsome modern man enjoys a lovely day out in the city. He is holding a cup of coffee while sitting on a motorcycle.

The open road is calling, or at least a sense of stylish adventure is calling your name. What are you going to wear? At least to us, the answer is simple: Let’s start with a rugged, heritage-worthy leather jacket, the kind that motorcycle enthusiasts have rocked for years. No matter whether you’re a seasoned rider or simply looking to add some edge to your day-to-day layering, there’s a biker jacket that’s right for you.

The style was designed, as the name indicates, as a complement to the hard-wearing nature of being on the road. It’s been many things since then, including an icon of counterculture and a standout rock star style move. The best examples of the style are made to last, and they’ll get even better the more you wear them. If ever you’ve seen someone wearing a biker jacket that looks like it’s been through the ringer, it’s because that jacket probably has. Find your next go-to piece of outerwear with our top selections below.

Best Overall Leather Biker Jacket: Schott One Star Perfecto Leather Moto Jacket

Leather moto jacket for men.

Schott jackets truly are the stuff of legend, worn by style icons like Marlon Brando and James Dean, as well as modern-day stars like Brandon Flowers of The Killers. If you want to channel that same energy, this is the best biker jacket you can buy.

Best Leather Jacket for Rock ‘n Roll Style: Straight to Hell Defector Jacket

From the name to the bold design that wouldn’t look out of place on the shoulders of your favorite rock star (I.E. Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys), this leather jacket doesn’t hold anything back. Plus, the asymmetrical zippers and full-grain leather blend form and function.

Best Black Leather Moto Jacket: The Jacket Maker Noah Black Leather Biker Jacket

The leather motorcycle jacket of your dreams is within reach, and black is perhaps the most classic color in which to buy it. We love the sleek and simple, which can be worn with a black denim shirt or a crisp white tee in equal measure.

Best Suede Moto Jacket: Thursday Boots Dark Olive Suede Moto Jacket

Although most biker jackets are made out of leather, there are a few stylish exceptions to that rule made with suede. This jacket, which you should team with your Thursday moto boots, is definitely one of them.

Best Affordable Leather Biker Jacket: Asos Design Leather Biker Jacket

ASOS black leather biker jacket for men.
ASOS Design

While there are leather biker jackets that’ll run you a pretty penny, this Asos Design number clocks in at well under $200, making it as solid a pick as any these days. Wear this one with tailored jeans and Chelsea boots to complete the edgy (yet affordable) look.

Other Leather Biker Jackets We Love

Buck Mason Black Leather Bruiser Moto Jacket

Buck Mason makes plenty of your favorite all-American style staples, including one standout moto jacket. Wear it with the brand’s super-soft tees or thermal shirts in as many seasons as you can.

Topman Leather Biker Jacket in Black

Leather biker jacket for guys.

If it’s a biker jacket men you seek, then look no further than Topman’s on-trend option here. It’s the perfect type of jacket to wear with slim black trousers and a white Oxford shirt for a crisp mix of high-low style.

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