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Try These Cheap Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men

The Best Affordable Mens Clothing Subscription Boxes

There are clothing subscription boxes for men available to fit pretty much any budget. Some services only charge a minimal styling fee, around $20. After that, you only pay for the price of the clothing, and even the shipping is free. They offer clothing at a wide range of prices but they all have very affordable options. You can start with one session and do more if you like the service.

Other services charge by monthly fee and you don’t get to choose exactly what you get, only what your style preferences are. They all provide a type of style quiz to fill out that will guide the service toward your personal style needs. These services tend to offer several tiered pricing options with the lowest tier usually well under $100.

Stitch Fix

stitchfix for men clothing and boots sitting next to a box.

Stitch Fix only charges $20 for its styling service, which comes with the guidance of a real-life personal stylist. After filling out the style quiz, you’ll get an assortment of clothing to choose from that the stylist thinks is right for you. Your stylist will help you narrow things down and you only pay for the clothing you choose. There is no set time frame so you can use the service whenever your budget allows. This is the best service for setting aside a long-term budget.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe


This is a service that is included with the standard Prime membership. While you’re already used to free shipping, Prime Wardrobe allows you to pick up to six items to try on at home free of charge. You only get charged for the items you keep. The items you don’t keep are sent back in a resealable box. It’s essentially a fitting room for shopping on Amazon. For an additional $5 per appointment, you can enlist the help of a human personal shopper and you’ll be able to pick an additional two items.



ThreadBeast is focused on streetwear and style; basically, the looks that are trending on social media at any given time. It is a true subscription service in that you pay one flat rate per month for everything. With three subscription levels to choose from, it can accommodate pretty much any budget. The lowest tier is $60, which generally includes a bottom, a top, and an accessory, with the occasional fourth item.

Menlo Club

Menlo House Club Men's Clothing Review.

Menlo Club is a service of Menlo House, which owns the brands New Republic, Melrose Place, Five Four, and Grand Running Club. For $60 per month, it will send you three items from its brands each month. You begin by filling out a style quiz and then you’ll receive three items that the style experts think you will like. Each subsequent shipment will come with items that complement the previous shipment, building up a cohesive wardrobe three items at a time. Subscriptions also include a 25% discount for their store.

Trendy Butler

Using Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler offers users a style profile that they can constantly update to assist the company in sending them the best stuff. For $65 a month you will receive a box filled with gear the company’s stylists and algorithm have picked out for you based on your profile. Returns and exchanges are free. The number of items you receive varies based on the value of each item but each box is supposed to be valued at approximately $116. This is a great service to accumulate items that may otherwise be outside your budget; you just can’t choose them.

Urbane Box

Urbane Box Layout

Urbane Box takes a very personal approach to its styling service. Its stylists communicate through email and are always available to chat, in a similar way to traditional retail personal stylists. After filling out a survey that involves basically choosing pictures of clothes you like, they will work with you to fill your monthly boxes. The cost is only $65 per month for two or three items. You can skip a month at any time if you feel like you don’t need anything and you won’t get charged.

Join Urbane Box

Our list contains the most affordable men’s clothing subscription boxes to fit any budget. Of course, above all else, they all offer stylish clothing. You can’t go wrong with any of these services to upgrade your wardrobe. Just because you’re not looking to spend a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t look like a million bucks. (Sorry, we had to.)

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