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The Most Stylish Stitch Fix Men’s Outfits You Can Buy Today

We know: You’re a busy guy, with plenty of things to do and not a lot of time in which to knock out your to-do list. That’s where Stitch Fix comes into play, and that’s where the best outfits from Stitch Fix can make your life a lot easier (and more stylish). Think of Stitch Fix like your personalized styling service, one that takes into account your preferences and dressing habits from its Stitch Fix Style Quiz. Each month, or more frequently than that, the site’s stylists select the gear they think you’ll love, and it shows up at your door. From there, you only pay for what you keep. Not bad at all, right?

This makes it easy to stock up on men’s style essentials without missing a beat. Stitch Fix also gives you the chance to shop its Freestyle program, a shop that’s curated just for you and available on-demand, no need to order a box. If you’re also wondering how much Stitch Fix costs, the answer is that it’s up to you: If you keep every item in your monthly shipment, you’ll pay more.

But with the Stitch Fix Freestyle program, you can find the best Stitch Fix outfits in multiple categories with little hassle. Here are some outfit ideas to add to your style mood board as you explore the wonders of Stitch Fix and personalized style.

The Best Outfits for Men To Buy at Stitch Fix

The Rugged-Casual Ensemble

Rugged casual outfit for men at Stitch Fix.
Stitch Fix

The great thing about shopping at Stitch Fix is that everyone’s experience is different and tailored to them. That’s where the Stitch Fix Freestyle program once again comes into play, and it’s particularly essential if you want to shop an entire look (or simply buy a few different pieces) at once. These outfits are generated according to your tastes and your previous Stitch Fix purchases, so things get even more dialed-in as time goes by. This brings us to our ultimate point: Stitch Fix is a great place to go to get rugged-casual outfits, with a focus on soft henleys and t-shirts, stylish outerwear and sweaters, and reliable jeans. Brands like Under Armour and Reebok mix in seamlessly with casual brands like Even Tide to give you plenty of weekend-ready looks.

Laidback Layers for Winter and Beyond

Laidback style for men to wear now.

Another thing to love about Stitch Fix? The wide range of casual styles the retailer stocks and sells, with an emphasis on ultra-comfortable hoodies and sweaters. These are the kinds of laidback layers you can throw on at a moment’s notice when the time comes to run weekend errands, hang with your friends, or grab a coffee. It’s best not to overthink it, and if you prefer casual style that looks smart, not sloppy, Stitch Fix can certainly help you out. Throw in the fact that you can get a full outfit from head to toe, cool sneakers included, and that’s even more of a reason to check out some of the best outfits at Stitch Fix. Plus, these pieces can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content, and you can rock items like a neat graphic tee and jeans on their own, too.

The Smart Business Casual Look

Stylish business casual outfit for men.
Stitch Fix

While Stitch Fix isn’t widely known as a place to get one of the best men’s suits, for instance, it’s still a very reliable choice if you want a smart business casual look that works at the office, on a business trip or even out to a post-work happy hour or date without missing a beat. The site offers up unconstructed blazers in breathable fabrics, to go along with stylish sweaters and nicely tailored five-pocket pants and chinos, plus accessories to match (you’ll have to source a leather watch on your own, though). They also give you the ability to go “high and low” with your look; that is, you can team a V-neck sweater with a flannel, then add jeans, or you can layer a henley underneath a blazer on an especially casual Friday. If you feel like trying out either look during the rest of the week, the choice is yours: Stitch Fix gives you the ability to mix and match your favorite casual and dressier pieces to your heart’s content. All you need to do to start your style journey is take Stitch Fix’s styling quiz, then get ready to discover plenty of your new top, go-to style picks.

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