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Is Stitch Fix Worth it Really? Here’s What We Found

Face it, gents, we are busy. We are the titans of industry; lawyers, doctors, cops, firefighters, and drivers. We endeavor to create a world for our friends and family we’re happy to leave behind for them. With that kind of weight on our shoulders, shopping can go by the wayside. Subscription services are here to stay, and one of the OG’s of clothing subscriptions is Stitch Fix. But is it worth it? This article will answer that question and give you all the reasons you should try it out. 

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

A variety of men's fashion essentials on the floor.

First things first, it is not actually a subscription service. Most subscription services work by paying a monthly fee (or whatever interval you agree upon) and sending items selected for you. With Stitch Fix, you don’t pay a monthly subscription; instead, you pay $20 for a styling fee credited towards the price of the items. 

When you sign up, you will fill out a style quiz, everything from how your clothes fit, what sizes you usually buy, and your favorite brands. The examination begins with your measurements (don’t fear, no tape measure is needed), your height, weight, and age. Then you move on to the sizes you normally buy when you shop and how they typically fit once on your body. Finally, you’ll get a slew of photos of outfits put together as examples. Thumbs up or thumbs down, then moving on to your favorite brands and how much you usually spend on specific items. 

The quiz is the first step in introducing you to your personal stylist and helping them understand what you like and your goals with the service. The stylist will then put together your first shipment and send your new threads. You’ll get an email with a preview of what is coming before the shipment arrives. 

When the shipment arrives, you get to try them on (like your own personal dressing room). But what you like (with the $20 fee you paid at the beginning credited toward the cost), send what you don’t like back. The more feedback you give, the more accurate your stylist will get your shipments tailored perfectly to your image. 

Benefits of Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Knits.
Stitch Fix

A short time before the Oscars, big movie premiers, or fashion shows, the biggest names in the industry meet with celebrity stylists who make sure they always look their best. One of the best things about Stitch Fix is that you get the celebrity treatment. Your personal stylist will ensure that your wardrobe won’t be a concern when you’re gearing up for your next big event. 

All of us fall into comfort zones with our style. Whether you get hooked on the same outfit structure every time you go out or have that favorite shirt that your partner is tired of looking at, branching out gets difficult. When you are ready to make a change (or when your partner is ready for you to throw that shirt in the trash and find something new), your stylist will take what you like and usually wear and push your comfort zone just enough to upgrade your style without making you feel unlike yourself. 

There is no risk to the service. You can skip the hours it takes to wander the mall for the perfect garment and get back to pursuing what you really want, all for the price of a trip to the food court. 

Is Stitch Fix Worth it?

Assorted activewear from Stitch Fix.

You can read our review and the six reasons we recommend you sign up for the service, but don’t just take our word for it. The Humbled Homemaker Erin Odom convinced her husband and chronic superhero t-shirt connoisseur to try Stitch Fix. Here is what he said. “I’d like to try new things, but I just never know what to try, and I get decision overwhelmed looking at clothes sometimes. I liked Stitch Fix because they sent a couple of items that I would not have normally chosen for myself.”

At the end of the day, $20 an order for celebrity treatment, professional expansion of your wardrobe, and the appeasement of your partner for creating variety is a deal you should not pass up. So fold up that favorite shirt, hide it in the top of the closet, and head over to Stitch Fix to take your style quiz now. 

Try Stitch Fix

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