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How to Cancel Stitch Fix

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There’s lots to love about Stitch Fix, the personalized styling service and retailer that makes customized outfit choices for you with just a few clicks based on your style profile. Stitch Fix evolves with you and have things for you now, and the ‘you’ you are becoming but for whatever you reason, you might still want to cancel Stitch Fix.

If you’ve never taken the site’s style quiz and created a custom profile, it’s definitely more than a solid way to nail your tastes and preferences, with selections tailored to your life. But between Stitch Fix’s varied costs, varied styles, and perhaps a desire to return to shopping consistently for yourself rather than receiving a regular or semi-regular style shipment, sometimes, canceling Stitch Fix is the best move for your wardrobe and wallet.

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If you’ve been wondering how to cancel Stitch Fix, use these tips to sort out your account with minimal hassle.

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How to Cancel Your Stitch Fix

There are a few different ways to stop receiving Stitch Fix shipments, all of which come down to the unique nature of the service. For instance: You might be signed up to receive monthly shipments of essentially a new outfit each time around (often including footwear, pants, and multiple items for your top half, from shirting to knitwear to lightweight outerwear).

First, determine whether it’s only a matter of rescheduling your Stitch Fix delivery or changing the frequency of your shipments (you can select them to arrive every month, every other month, once a quarter, and so on). If you’ve determined that you do indeed want to cancel your Stitch Fix account, rather than reschedule delivery or change the frequency of your deliveries from the style service, here’s what to do.

  • Sign into your account and in the FAQ section, search “Cancel anytime” (the FAQ header is on the top right of the page)
  • From there, you can skip or pause your deliveries (pausing might be ideal, as it allows you to reactive your Stitch Fix deliveries when you choose)
  • As Stitch Fix tells it when canceling, “All you need to do is make sure you don’t have any Fixes scheduled.” If a Stitch Fix delivery and curation is in process, you might not have the option to cancel the delivery once the styling fee has been charged. If you don’t have automatic deliveries set up, it’s noticeably easier to cancel a shipment
  • Through this process, you can cancel a single delivery or all automatic deliveries. Keep in mind that Stitch Fix customer service can assist with any specific questions or issues, too

Recommendations for Canceling Stitch Fix

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When canceling Stitch Fix, it seems to be easiest to sit down and sign in to your account on a desktop computer or laptop, in terms of ease of navigation, managing your delivery schedule, and more. Of course, Stitch Fix customer service can assist with any issues along the way, but when in doubt, sit down at a computer to get the full lay of the land.

As another caveat, be sure you don’t have a Stitch Fix delivery currently in progress, one that’s being worked on by a stylist, as you likely won’t be able to cancel it without the added step of customer service outreach. Shipping and returns are always free with Stitch Fix, and you only pay for what you keep in each monthly shipment, however.

Additionally, you can always pause or skip deliveries, in effect temporarily putting a hold on your account, if easier. If you decide you’d like to return to Stitch Fix, you only need to sign back into your account and go through the reactivation process.

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