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How Much Is Stitch Fix?

Man choosing clothing in store.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying Stitch Fix, then there’s no time like the present to answer the question — how much is Stitch Fix? — and then take the first step on the road to upgrading or refreshing your style. Stitch Fix is both a personalized styling service and a retailer that stocks and sells gear from some of your favorite brands, and they make it quite easy to find exactly what you need in your wardrobe and your daily life.

We’ll get into the specifics below, but getting started with Stitch Fix is as easy as a making a few clicks through the site’s styling quiz, or style fix. After all, your life is busy and action-packed, so keeping things streamlined and simple in terms of shopping (as so many of the best menswear brands do these days) is but one way to ensure your days run smoothly (and look great). Stitch Fix is all about great personal style without a ton of hassle, and we’re fully onboard with that approach. All you have to do to amp up your wardrobe is head over to the site to get started.

What Is Stitch Fix?

Outfit of the day for Stitch Fix men's clothing.

Stitch Fix does quite a lot, and they do it quite well. First and foremost, Stitch Fix calls itself, “Your online personal stylist,” and it’s an innovative approach that’s won the site plenty of fans. Once you’ve taken your style quiz, Stitch Fix selects items from its vast inventory, picked by a team of experts based on what they think might work best for you. They consider your personal aesthetic and style, your budget, and how you tend to wear your clothes, be it for the office, a more active lifestyle, or laidback style, with scenarios aplenty. The resulting Stitch Fix Box that’s sent your way (no subscription required) usually contains one full outfit, from footwear to pants and shirting.

They offer more than 1,000 brands across footwear, apparel, and accessories, from jeans to tees, joggers, flannel shirts and more. It’s a stunning array of diversity sure to please even the most picky shopper. And because your style quiz is saved to your account, you’ve got personalized recommendations at your fingertips.

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

Stich Fix Men's clothing with prices.

There’s no one answer as to how much Stitch Fix costs, and that’s not a bad thing. Prices range from as low as $10 up to $500 for its menswear offerings, which run the gamut from athleisure to perfectly faded jeans, soft tees, button-down shirts, stylish sweaters for fall and winter, and plenty more. Select footwear offerings start as low as $35, and t-shirts start as low as $25.

When it comes to your monthly Stitch Fix Box, if you choose to keep everything in your shipment, you’ll receive a 25% discount — that’s not a bad deal at all as you step up your style week after week and month after month. If you want to look great, Stitch Fix can help you get there.

As mentioned, Stitch Fix launched Stitch Fix Freestyling last month, which lets you shop and instantly buy items vetted by Stitch Fix with no subscription. There’s no minimum order and you still have the benefit of stylist curation after creating your Stitch Fix Freestyle profile. Whether its the clothing subscription or the one-time purchase, we think Stitch Fix is worth your money.

How Does Stitch Fix Work Exactly?

Stitch Fix makes shopping seamless once you’ve taken your style fix to get the ball rolling. Your personal recommendations are sent your way (with free shipping and returns), and you only pay for what you keep. Helpfully, the site gives you the option to receive automatic shipments every month or at a frequency that works best for you, be it every 2 or 3 weeks or every other month, for instance. Skipping or canceling automatic deliveries is also an option.

Beyond getting your monthly Fix, you can (and probably should!) take advantage of the Stitch Fix Freestyle program, which allows you to shop the site at your convenience and browse personalized, expertly curated and trending recommendations at any time.

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