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Stitch Fix Ditches the Fees and Goes Free(style)

A Stitch denim jacket over white tee and jeans outfit.
Rocking out a Stitch denim over white tee outfit. Image used with permission by copyright holder

Looking to get new fall gear, but have no time to hit the stores and no desire to navigate parking and people? Stitch Fix has got you covered — for free. 

This Sept. 15, the personal styling service is launching Stitch Fix Freestyle, a shopping experience where clients can discover and instantly buy thoughtfully curated and individualized threads. For the first time, customers can now receive and vet Stitch Fix items with no subscription or styling fee through Stitch Fix Freestyle. Shipping and returns remain free, and there is no minimum order price.

Founded by CEO Katrina Lake in 2011, Stitch Fix continues to change the way people shop. Lake shipped the first Stitch Fix order out of her Cambridge apartment in 2011 while attending Harvard. In 2016, the clothes distributor launched its first men’s line. Today, Stitch brings an exclusive shopping experience to millions of men and women nationwide. With ongoing pandemic conditions, the service seems even more relevant, allowing people to shop without physically entering stores. 

Lake’s mission, along with the rest of the team, remains to help people to find clothes that they love by combining technology with seasoned style experts. The Stitch Fix experience is not only curated — it’s personalized to your taste and trim, allowing you to save time looking great while keeping up with current trends and evolving your personal look over time.


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In establishing your Stitch Fix Freestyle profile, you go through a pretty extensive style quiz. It digs beyond your size, height, weight, and proportions, to determine things like jewelry preference, which parts you like to show off, where you buy clothes, and your price range. You’ll even be asked to write a few hundred words about yourself to offer a more personal profile. 

For Fixes, stylists will analyze responses, pick out garments and accessories, and send free personalized packages. After receipt, you can try them on and decide what to keep and what to send back. Clients may schedule “fixes” via either automatic deliveries or simply whenever they’re ready for new clothes.  With the new Stitch Fix Freestyle, anyone can shop on their own and explore items Stitch Fix has selected just for them across various categories, departments, trends, and more. You have 30 days for returns and a pre-paid return label comes with each order. 

To sign up and shop for your first Stitch Fix Freestyle, just visit


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