It’s in the Mail: The Best Subscription Boxes for Men

Birchbox delivery box, best subscription boxes for men

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. When you sign up for a subscription service, you essentially increase your birthdays by a factor 12 by virtue of new, exciting products arriving at your door every month.

Some services allow you to choose exactly what you receive each month, while others involve a healthy dose of suspense. Whether you like surprises or really don’t like surprises, we urge you to check out this list of the best subscription boxes for men. Like everything else on The Manual, these boxes are ideal for men of distinction.

1. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

malt of the earth

Are you in a beer rut? If so, you might consider shaking up your beer-drinking habits with the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. This club has been in the subscription box game since 1994 — before subscription boxes were cool. You can choose from four excellent subscription boxes, each conceived by a panel of brewmasters: US microbrews, international microbrews, US and international variety pack, and rare beers.

From $28/month

2. Thompson & Co. Cigar Tour Sampler of the Month

cigar tour

We love our cigars at The Manual and we feel a lot of our readers do, too. Thanks to the thawing relations between the US and Cuba, we could be seeing some tasty, tasty Cubans before too long; but for now, we suggest you try the Thompson & Co. Cigar Tour Sampler of the Month Club. Each monthly box comes with a selection of five cigars hand-picked by the experts. You’ll receive a cigar cutter with your first box, in addition to tasty cigars from Padron, Romeo y Julieta, Aging Room, and other popular brands.


3. Try The World


Throw the favorite foodie in your life for a loop with this internationally inspired grub box. Every month, 7-8 items from different countries will show up at his or her doorstep whisking them away with foreign flavors and concepts. Boxes can even be tailored to focus on cooking ingredients, snacks, or updated versions of your favorite pantry staples.

From $29/month

4. Gentleman’s Box

gentleman's box

Sometimes you just need a dash of sartorial style or a lifestyle product to keep yourself looking snappy and feeling like you’re a member of the modern world. With Gentleman’s Box monthly subscription service ($25 per month), you get both in one box. Each month you’ll receive a custom-made box featuring a style accessory, a tie, a grooming sample, socks, and a lifestyle accessory. In our recent box, we received a Jim Beam inspired load with Southern Scholar socks, Jim Beam Oak Barrel coasters, a Salt & Dapper tie, a lapel pin from The Dark Knot, and a silicon ice cube tray, perfect for sipping whiskey with, and a bourbon-scented grooming product. Gentleman’s box went all-out with this theme and, if the quality of the items are any indication of how the company works, you’ll be pleased each and every month when this baby arrives at your doorstep.

From $25/month

5. Dollar Shave Club


If you’re not on board with the whole beard thing, you might enlist the Dollar Shave Club to help keep your face smooth. For as little as $1 month, you can get fresh razors straight to your door. You also have the option to sample a wide range of shave products, including shaving creams, shave butter, aftershave balms, and more. Dollar Shave Club allows you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time or opt for every-other-month deliveries if you would prefer to cultivate a few days’ stubble between shaves.

From $1-9/month  

6. Dollar Beard Club 


If the Dollar Shave Club had a nemesis, it would be the Dollar Beard Club. We recognize that The Manual is visited by shorn-faced men and beardy men alike, so it’s only right to present both subscription options. For as little as $1 a month, you can receive products that make owning a beard more pleasant, including beard oil, wax, balm, and shampoo. You may also include a special brush or comb in your beard box.

From $1/month

7. Bespoke Post


If you’re unsure of what kind of subscription box you want, we urge you to look at the box options over at Bespoke Post. They have something for everyone: outdoorsy fellas, coffee lovers, boozehounds, travelers — the list goes on and on. You can either select a one-time box of a certain theme, or you can join the club and receive a new array of items each month.


8. Flaviar 


A glass or flask of liquor can make almost anything better. Still, even the most fervent spirit-lovers can grow weary of their go-to brands. If you’d like to add a shot of adventure to your drinking, consider having excellent spirits delivered to you each month with the Flaviar subscription box. Every Flaviar’s liquor experts select tasty samples from around the world. One month you might get whiskies from Asia and Oceania, the next you might get a world tour of gin. It’s a great way to expand your boozy horizons. Flaviar is currently so popular that they’ve had to start a waiting list for future customers. Be sure to log-on and sign-up now to secure your spot for a future box.


9. Barkbox


Your best friend deserves a special treat every month just as much as you do. Barkbox curates 4-6 toys and treats around a different theme every month. Each one is made in the US or Canada and goes through a rigorous approval process before it makes the box. With everything from jerky to champagne bottle plush chew toys, there’s something for every size, shape and breed.

From $20/month

10. Wine Awesomeness

wine awesomeness

As a sophisticated fella, you probably enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then. If you would rather enjoy a good glass of wine every day, we suggest you check out the wine delivery options from Wine Awesomeness. Wine Awesomeness is a great friend of The Manual. Their subscription service allows folks to receive three hand-selected bottles of white wine, red wine, or a mix of both every month. If you’re a prodigious wino, you can choose to receive all six red and wine options each month. 


Article originally published July 27, 2016. Updated February 2, 2017 by Geoff Nudelman.