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9 Best Seiko Watches for Men in 2022

Whenever someone thinks of coveted battery-powered quartz watch movements, Swiss-made timepieces are the first to come to mind. However, Japanese-based watchmakers at Seiko were the first to utilize the quartz movement nearly 50 years ago. This ingenuity propelled the brand’s popularity, which is why it has remained as a mainstay among the most popular quality watchmakers for over 130 years. If you’re looking for Men’s Watches, these options are worth a look.

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To celebrate its lasting heritage, we’ve compiled some of our favorite time-telling companions from Japan’s storied brand. Here are the best Seiko watches for men.

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD79

Sports 5 SRPD79

Every man needs a versatile timepiece in their accessories arsenal and this sleek, all-black silhouette might just be your missing piece. It offers a durable, hard-coated stainless steel casing and a hardlex crystal glass — not the strongest scratch resistant material but it offers a great cost-to-quality balance — as well as a sturdy nylon band, precise automatic movement, and a handy day-date display.

Seiko Prospex SNE537P1

Prospex SNE537P1

If you like to spend time under the sea, you’re probably looking for a diving watch that will last on your excursions. For the occasional diver who needs to keep track of time while submerged beneath the waves, this puppy boasts 200 meters (or 660 feet) of protection for all types of water activities. Although it’s dubbed the Solar Diver watch, it provides a unique silhouette that is versatile enough for urban living, from casual to business attire.

Seiko Presage SSA346J1

Presage SSA346J1

The Presage collection combines Seiko’s quality craftsmanship with the beautiful Japanese aesthetic the brand was founded on. This stainless steel watch sports a stunning rose gold and burgundy colorway, a power reserve and date display, automatic movement with manual winding capacity, and a function for stopping seconds.

Seiko Presage SRPD07J1Presage SRPD07J1

Although it doesn’t offer much in terms of rugged durability and functionality, this is truly one of the more uniquely designed pieces in our list of the best Seiko watches for men. It flaunts a patterned dark clock face, a soft calfskin leather band, and Roman numeral dials for added sophistication. Other features include an automatic movement and a date display.

Seiko Courtura SSC700

Courtura SSC700

Donning a bold and classy design, this watch is the epitome of a great everyday watch. Not only does it offer flexibility through wardrobe changes, but this Courtura design also supplies features such as a perpetual calendar, an energy-efficient solar-powered battery, a month-day-date function, and more.

Seiko 5 SNKK52

Seiko Men's SNKK52

This model takes the cake for the most flare you can finagle for your buck. It’s a classic gold-toned, stainless steel design that packs an appearance that says you mean business. It’s simple in terms of function, it’s not suitable for swimming or tough excursions outdoors, but sometimes telling the time is all a man needs to get through his day.

Seiko 5 SNK803

SNK803 Seiko

Seiko also has a ton of extremely affordable options if you’re searching for reliability at a bargain price. This automatic timepiece is offered in multiple colorways, all of which feature an analog dial and a fabric strap, which supplies just enough unique style to make even the most fashion-forward man happy, especially if you’re trying to add a new and refreshing watch style to your collection.

Seiko Recraft SSC667


The Recraft style showcases Seiko’s storied Japanese quartz chronograph with a bold and radiant appearance if you’re looking to add some color to your timepiece collection. The watch features other helpful utility, too, including stopwatch functionality, a 24-hour sub-dial, and solar-powered charging ability. It can even gather battery juice from most indoor lighting systems.

Seiko Astron GPS SSH009J1

Astron GPS SSH009J1

The Astron series is Seiko’s premier collection, boasting high-quality, high-performing timepieces that work as hard as you do while also offering the classic accessory style you desire. So, the price tag is easily justified. The GPS signal reception updates to whatever time zone you’re in. It also has a solar-powered battery movement, a world timer, and a heap of other functional features.

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