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The 10 Best Alcohol Subscription Boxes for Men

Once upon a time, rarely leaving the house was frowned upon; now it’s commonplace. Restaurant, grocery, and home meal delivery services are thriving. For many and perhaps most of us, working from home is the new norm. So now that none of us really have to wear pants anymore, why should we have to bother putting them on to go buy our booze? The good news is, we don’t!

Alcohol subscription boxes are all the rage, and there are a shockingly large number to choose from. We’ve thinned the herd and rounded up our list of the best alcohol subscription boxes for men to try. Now that we’ve piqued your interest in alcohol that can be delivered to your door, check out these best subscription boxes for men.

Best Whiskey Subscription Box: Flaviar

For spirit (especially whiskey) lovers, Flaviar is an excellent option with a lot of features and benefits. The brand operates on a quarterly delivery system and lets you subscribe per quarter ($32/month) or for the whole year ($25/month). Based on your preferences, you receive a full bottle plus samples of various spirits. Flaviar also features exclusive collaborations you won’t find anywhere else. Other member benefits include free live tasting events, a refer-a-friend program, and member pricing in their store.

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Best Wine Subscription Box: Winc

Winc is great for wine lovers who want a customized wine experience. Over time, Winc learns your tastes and sends you bottles the brand thinks you’ll love. You start out with a quiz to get an idea of what you like, then you receive the best bottles of wine based on your answers. The more you rate the wines you receive, the more you’ll love the next bottle. A nice feature is that if you aren’t keeping up with your usual imbibing schedule, you can skip a month and not be charged. When you become a member, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value at $30 for four bottles. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy free shipping when ordering four or more bottles.

Best Beer Subscription Box: The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Bottles of Jade IPA, Frostbite Black IPA, and Southern Hops’Pitality from the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you love beer and love a subscription service with options, this one is great for you. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club lets you choose from five different memberships; The Microbrewed Beer Club, The U.S. International Variety Beer Club, The Hop-Heads Beer Club, The International Beer Club, and the Rare Beer Club. Memberships start at $32 per month but don’t forget about the $15 shipping and handling fee.

Other Alcohol Subscription Boxes We Love

Crafted Taste

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking to impress your buddies with some craft cocktail skills at your monthly poker night, then look no further than Crafted Taste. The brand has an army of skilled bartenders at its disposal, coming up with creative new drink recipes to send you each month along with all the ingredients. The kits yield 12-16 craft cocktails per shipment. The full kits with alcohol start at $150 per month and $200 for top-shelf liquor. If you’re willing to provide your own booze, you can subscribe to the basic package at $100 per month.


Vinebox has perfected the try-before-you-buy wine subscription model. It operates on a quarterly system (four boxes per year) and breaks down its wines per season. Vinebox sends you nine 3.4-ounce samples of wine, then gives you a $15 credit (or $30 credit for your one-year membership) to buy your favorite one from its online store. This membership will cost you $79 per box or $288 for the annual membership ($72 per box).

Mash & Grape

The contents of the MashBox.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want to try some of the most exceptional liquor you’ve never heard of and wow your local bartender with your eclectic knowledge of premium spirits, then try Mash & Grape. The company will open your eyes to an array of independent distillers and world-class spirits that will give you cred at the most underground speakeasies in town. Membership prices vary from $44 to $79 per month based on your choice of alcohol. You may gift your friends shipments of their favorite alcohol. Enter their shipping information and watch them receive bottles every three, six, or 12 months.

The Original Craft Beer Club

Assorted bottles of beer, coasters, and a can opener from The Original Craft Beer Club.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Original Craft Beer Clubs provides a highly curated variety of the best beers around (12 per month) at a flat, affordable cost of $44 per month (shipping included). It boasts the largest variety of beer out of any beer club and has all its beers for sale in its online store. Members will also enjoy an extensive monthly newsletter that lets them know about their favorite breweries’ latest releases. Also, if you’re strictly an IPA man or prefer only Pilsners, you can narrow your taste preferences.


The contents of SaloonBox's subscription box.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

SaloonBox is the perfect gift for a friend or co-worker who you know likes craft cocktails but where you are not 100% sure of what types of spirits they prefer. SaloonBox offers a wide range of cocktail recipes based on the seasons. The brand’s boxes have everything you need to make four cocktails. You can subscribe in three-month ($53), six-month ($51), or twelve-month ($49) increments.


Firstleaf has gotten its wine subscription service down to a science, literally. The company uses billions of data points that it gets from over 1 million customer reviews. Firstleaf touts that 92% of its wine selection is award-winning, so it’s virtually impossible for you to receive a wine you don’t like. If you do, the brand will refund your money.

Firstleaf also mixes it up and gives you both red and white wines if you prefer. Each shipment is around $90 ($15 per bottle) for six bottles of wine, shipping included. For future orders, each bottle will set you back around $13. You may double up your orders for $160 plus tax. Shipping is free and you’ll also get two bottles of every wine, totaling 12 bottles.

Curious Elixirs

Suppose you’re trying to cut back on the booze but have grown accustomed to sipping on a finely crafted cocktail at social events. In that case, Curious Elixirs is perfect for you. This brand offers complex and delicious non-alcoholic bottled mixed drinks that are based on some of your favorite cocktails. Each month you’ll receive a sample of four ($29) or twelve ($79) bottles that make eight or twenty-four cocktails, respectively.

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Let’s answer the main question that’s on your mind. Are subscription boxes worth it? In our humble opinion, definitely. And, in many instances, they may save you money.

Let’s think of it this way. Are haircuts a waste of money? Surely we could all shave our heads and save at least $120-$300 a year. Instead, we trust professional barbers and stylists to understand our taste and style. Then, we allow them to have their way with our hair. The end result doesn’t always work out the way we want it, but most of the time it does. Sure, there’ll be the rare occasion when you’ll need to switch to a new barber if they aren’t performing, but it’s better than trying to give yourself a fade.

The same goes for subscription boxes. You’re paying not just one professional, but teams of professionals to pinpoint your tastes, styles, personality, and every other factor that can go into determining what goes into a subscription box. It can be anything from alcohol to clothing. Then it comes delivered to you in a neat little package with background information including an explanation of why said products are for you.

In the long run, paying a premium for this service saves you not only time but potentially money on personal trial and error.

Are Whiskey Clubs Worth It?

To answer this question we’ll refer to the answer in the above subscription box question because many of the same points apply. Also, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of whiskey, part of the fun of it is discovering new and eclectic brands of whiskey.

Whiskey clubs do just that, but faster. With a liquor subscription box, you’ll get samples (and bottles) of some great whiskeys that you probably never tried before. Another great thing about whiskey clubs is you can order rare whiskeys to come to you directly, outside of the monthly subscription. In our opinion, the curated variety and convenience of spirits subscription boxes definitely make them worth it.

What Are the Best Monthly Gift Boxes?

For the answer to this question, we’ll first refer you to the list above. If the person you’re trying to gift isn’t into drinking, then see below for a list of other excellent monthly gift boxes.

Best Monthly Gift Subscriptions

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