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The 10 Best Dress Shirts To Stock Your Closet With Right Now

A smiling man wearing a blue shirt in the city.

Over the past year and a half, for obvious reasons, men’s style has been trending way more casual. Most who’d normally find themselves wearing a suit and tie from nine to five (or six, or seven) have spent their days at home decked out in their best cotton t-shirts for the sake of comfort. There’s been little need for sporting any of your best dress shirts while kicking around the house.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), it can’t be all athleisure forever. And when the time comes, you’re going to want a closet full of handsome shirting options. But how to choose what constitutes the best dress shirts?

Naturally, you’ve got a few things to consider. First, there’s fabric. You want a textile that looks clean and crisp, like fine cotton twill, oxford, or end-on-end. Extra points if it’s wrinkle-resistant. Fit is also important: The best dress shirts fit like a glove without feeling restrictive. Color or pattern is a matter of personal taste, but a good rule of thumb is that busier patterns tend to be less formal. Whatever you’re looking for, be sure to explore our best dress shirt picks from our favorite clothing brands for men.

Eton White Embroidered Signature Twill Shirt

A male model with his hand in his pocket is seen wearing a white twill shirt from Eton.
Eton’s been leading the charge for almost a hundred years, using quality fabrics and finishes to elevate the humble dress shirt. Take this best white dress shirt: Between the buttons, they’ve hidden Scandi-inspired micro-embroideries. And they’ll only reveal themselves when you let loose and undo a few buttons.

Theory Good Cotton Sylvain Shirt

A man wearing a blue Sylvain shirt.
The name says it all with this dress shirt: It’s made from Good Cotton. What does that mean exactly? That every inch of the extra-long staple, American-grown supima cotton, can be traced from the farm to the Ablini mill in Italy, ensuring responsible practices every step of the way.

Paul Smith Tailored-Fit Pink Cotton ‘Artist Stripe’ Cuff Shirt

A male model wearing a pink cuff shirt from Paul Smith.
If you’re looking for a shirt that combines classic styling with a subtle pop of fun, look no further than this pick from Paul Smith. Under each cuff of this Italian-made poplin shirt, you’ll find vibrant striping for rolling up your sleeves and having a good time.

J. Crew Slim-fit Bowery Shirt in Gingham

A folded Bowery shirt in gingham.
In terms of bang for your buck, J. Crew’s always a go-to — especially with their near-constant sales cadence. Cut to a slim fit, their Bowery shirt comes in a range of colors and patterns, but we’re digging this versatile navy gingham that can go casual just as easily as it can go formal.

Proper Cloth Thomas Mason Pink Stripe Shirt

A folded dress shirt with pink stripes.
Since launching in 2008, Proper Cloth’s been dedicated to making it easy for men to buy custom dress shirts. Which is why every detail is customizable, from collar and cuff styles to placket and hem design. Even buttons are up for debate.

The Tie Bar Textured Solid Lavender Non-Iron Dress Shirt

A floral tie on a folded lavender dress shirt from Tie Bar.
Want to add variation to your wardrobe without going too off the rails? Give a color other than blue a shot, like this lavender dress shirt from the Tie Bar. There’s also a touch of texture to the fabric, lending a little visual intrigue to an otherwise solid shirting option.

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt in Seaglass Floral

A man posing and wearing the Jetsetter dress shirt from Bonobos.
It wouldn’t be Bonobos if there wasn’t a print involved. But that being said, a subtle print such as this one, with its tonal floral design, can be just as effective as a loud one — if not more. Add some stretch to the cotton fabric, and you’ve got one hell of a dress shirt.

Scotch & Soda Knitted Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

A blue knitted dress shirt with dots.
A solid blue dress shirt may be one of the most versatile pieces a man can own. For their take on the classic, Scotch & Soda chose a knitted cotton fabric with a tiny dot design.

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Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Chambray Shirt

A man with his hands in his pockets is seen wearing jeans and a blue Chambray dress shirt.

You can’t talk about the best shirts for men without mentioning the king of American shirting, Ralph Lauren. While basically any of the brand’s shirts could be on this list, we wanted to highlight this chambray option that seamlessly blends workwear and tailoring as only Ralph can.

Buck Mason Perfect Oxford Shirt

An oxford shirt from Buck Mason.

Oxford shirts split the difference between casual and dress shirts — but that versatility can be their greatest strength. Sport this Buck Mason super-soft Oxford to the office, then loosen your tie to seamlessly transition to happy hour.

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