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Stephen Praetorius

Stephen Praetorius

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Stephen Praetorius is a freelance writer and editor with near-boundless interests. His work's been featured in publications such as GQ, PUNCH, and more. Outside of work, you'll find Stephen window shopping menswear and maximalist home goods, cooking for two, and walking his labrador retriever, Parker, through the streets of Philadelphia. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Stephen’s work.

Young man with smartphone sitting on doorstep, Kings Road, London, UK.

How To Wear a Sweater with Jeans and Look Great

Jeans and sweaters make a classic combo for a reason: They’re both warm and tough and will look damn good with a pair of boots. Learn how to look great on them.
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How To Wear Men’s Boots: Styles and Outfits for 2022

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Our Definitive Guide on How To Wear Chelsea Boots

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Ripped Jeans for Men: What To Know Before You Buy

No idea how to pull off ripped jeans and what to partner them with for specific occasions like a boss? Here's the ultimate guide on how to do just that.
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How To Wear a V-Neck Sweater for Men

If you ever find yourself getting tired of crewnecks and decide to switch to V-necks, here's a guide on how to wear them and what to partner them with.
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Sweaters vs. Cardigans: Style Differences Explained

What's the key difference between a cardigan and a sweater? And how do you pull off a cardigan to fit the occasion? The answers are right here.
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The 9 Best Short-Sleeve Shirts for Any Setting, From the Office to the Bar

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