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The 9 Best Rings for Men in 2022

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While it’s almost a given that a guy has to wear a stack of bracelets on one wrist or another these days, now that we’ve all gotten used to wearing more (and more) jewelry, the stacking phenomenon is now moving up onto our fingers. Grab a couple of rings of varying widths, and fill up as many fingers as your keyboard can handle. Simple rings that might otherwise be interpreted as wedding bands lend themselves to this trend, but avoid wearing them on your left ring finger if you’re putting yourself out in the dating pool.

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While chunky rings are in, the rock-and-roll die-hard rings of the 1990s are being reinterpreted and are now as likely to be in gold as silver and to eschew the hardcore motorcycle aesthetic. If that’s too much for you, the classic signet ring is making a comeback: It’s a perfect prototypical statement to pair with a wedding band, often making a connection to one’s school or heritage. Since we seem to be living in uncertain times, it’s also natural that jewelry connected to cryptic beliefs like horoscopes would be making an appearance. Of course, like so many things, non-gender-specific styles are extremely popular, so don’t be surprised if the women in your life start raiding your jewelry tray, and vice-versa. If you are new to picking out rings to match your style, here are a few of our selections for men’s rings that are as great for pairing with your OOTD as they are for giving as a gift.

Kay Jewelers Black Silicone Men’s Wedding Band

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For the active man, the only thing better than wearing a silicone ring is not wearing one at all (which may not be an option in some relationships), or going for a tattoo to prove your love. It’s much more comfortable than a traditional ring when lifting weights, and you don’t have to worry about losing it in the locker room. (Even if you do, at forty bucks it’s not so hard to replace.) It’s also much safer for guys in “heavy lifting” kinds of careers, where getting a ring off in a hurry after an injury could mean the difference between keeping and losing a finger. 

The Monotype Knuckle Ring/Touch Tool 

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Bringing a bit of practicality to the accessories world, wear this as a piece of contemporary jewelry: It’s a modern take on brass knuckles, but the only thing you’ll be knocking out is germs. Swing the ring out to use as a touch tool when facing something that may seem particularly yucky (i.e., buttons on an ATM or gas pump). While copper and copper alloys are antimicrobial, don’t necessarily rely on a tool like this to protect you from germs like the coronavirus because, inevitably, the point you use to touch the object will still end up touching your skin. At least it looks cool! 

Legacy for Men by Simone I. Smith Textured Ring

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This stainless steel ring adds some sleek style to your fingers without watching a lot of cash flow through them. A steel ring is a great option if your job or interests are active enough that you know your jewelry will take some abuse, yet this design still looks cool enough to wear casually or dressed up. 

Alexander McQueen Skull Stack Ring

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Stacking rings with the appeal of a puzzle, a bad-ass design theme, and haute couture allure are all combined in this Alexander McQueen skull ring. McQueen was the British fashion designer particularly renowned for his work for the house of Givenchy as well as the subject of one of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most visited exhibitions ever. The three bands are made of plated brass in Italy.

Ōura Heritage Smart Ring

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Smart watches? Why bother. Do some deep biohacking with this electronic wonder that tracks your heart rate, body temperature, and more, helping build good sleep and activity habits. The ring communicates with an app on your smartphone to provide data and insights. The battery lasts around a week, and you can wear it pretty much all the time, even in the shower or when swimming. Oh, and hey, it looks pretty great too! 

Title Of Work Mixed Metal Ring 053

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Designer Jonathan Meizler brings a sense of the unexpected to all his work. This ring mixes 18-karat gold with an open-ended sterling band. It’s oxidized for a dark finish that lightens up and builds a patina as you wear it, making it truly your own. All Title of Work rings are made in the brand’s New York City Lower East Side atelier. 

Tracee Nichols Oxidized Sterling Silver Roman Signet Ring

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If your family doesn’t have a signet of its own, Tracee Nichols’ Roman Soldier signifies courage, strength, and power. In oxidized sterling silver with black diamonds, the ring features the silhouette of a proud centurion, making a statement that is both modern — with a rock-and-roll, denim, and leather sort of aesthetic — and antique, perfect when paired with a three-piece suit or a tuxedo. 

Eva Fehren The Hero Signet Ring

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In 18-karat palladium white gold, this simple yet bold design is part of Eva Fehren’s XX/XY collection. She compares it to slipping on her husband’s denim jacket, but we couldn’t help but notice that the shape is reminiscent of Superman’s “shield” logo. 

David Yurman Petrvs Horse Signet Ring

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In an ultimate combination of old and new, David Yurman presents a classic signet ring in the brand’s signature clean, modern style, subtly accented with an equine motif carved from precious lapis lazuli. The ring is inspired by ancient artifacts yet has a distinctively 21st-century feel. The ultimate in elegance, this ring looks as at home with a three-piece pinstripe suit as it does with a pair of broken-in Levi’s and a white T-shirt.

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