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The Best 8 Office Decor Ideas That Will Make You Excited to Work

If you’re a freelancer or a professional working a 9 to 5 job at home, you know it’s not easy to build and maintain productivity momentum. Thankfully, a neat desk and a thoughtfully placed office décor can help you stay focused and inspired throughout the workweek. The best office décor must evoke an air of professionalism, while also keeping your workspace chaos-free.

From stationary bureaus to journal covers, here are the best office décor items that boast the right blend of aesthetics and function. They help express your personality and streamline your workflow, so you can maintain a high level of productivity at work this 2021.

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For the Retro Design Fan

Shinola Journal Cover

The Shinola Journal Cover containing an iPad, black journal, and pencil.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether you’ve just started keeping a Bullet Journal or have always preferred to commit your thoughts to paper, keeping a notebook with you at all times is almost as old as carrying around a clay tablet. Protect yours with this Detroit-made cover from Shinola. It fits Shinola’s medium hard linen journals and planners, as well as an iPad mini paired with medium-sized paper journals.  

Victorinox Spartan Wood Swiss Army Knife

A Victorinox Spartan Wood Swiss Army Knife.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Keep the Victorinox Spartan Wood Swiss Army Knife handy at your desk for the odd bit of whittling, punching an extra hole in your belt buckle, or opening a bottle of wine. In its elegant walnut case, this knife really can be an indispensable tool for everything from being your trustworthy letter opener to coming in handy when the office manager is running around looking for a screwdriver. Just make sure they bring it back.

For the Minimalist in All of Us

Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen

A black Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen and its pen holder.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Although we use our phones for taking down notes and reminders, writing with a pen never gets old. One pen you should add to your office arsenal is the elegant Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen. Manufactured in Switzerland, this hexagonal-shaped pen provides you with 8,000 meters of sophisticated handwriting that help elevate your notes (or signature) to a whole new level, and heighten your appreciation for the art of putting pen to paper. Ideal for professionals who believe that pens are mightier than digital devices.

Moma Alume Cube Clock

A Moma Alume Cube Clock showing 10:08.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

So yes, the true minimalist would forgo a clock in favor of using his phone or perhaps just ignoring the construct of time altogether. Those of us who need to actually keep track of things might like something a little less cerebral to keep us focused, however. This elegant clock from the Moma Design Store rests on your desk as a simple gray aluminum cube, but “wakes up” when you tap it or snap your fingers. 

$48 from Moma

Because Sometimes Things are Classic for a Reason

West Elm Marble & Wood Object

A West Elm Marble & Wood Object.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Keep those loose papers from blowing around with a paperweight that doubles as a desk toy— specifically an ersatz fidget spinner. This elegant octahedron from West Elm blends white and gray marble with wood for an angular decorative object with a classical bent. Its warm, natural textures invite touch, with a comforting heft. 

Haute Papier Gold Scissors

A golden Haute Papier scissors.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sure, you could just use the plastic-handled aluminum scissors from the office supply store, but why not keep a beautifully polished pair handy that you’ll never want to shove into a drawer? These are nicely weighted stainless steel with bright gold handles. You’ll be the envy of all when it’s time to make office snowflakes from photocopier trash. 

$15 from Haute Papier

Smythson Mara Stationery Bureau

A Smythson Mara Stationery Bureau.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For when somebody else is buying (but you probably shouldn’t put this one on the company card): Legendary stationers and leather goods manufacturer Smythson creates this travel desk for the luxury traveler on the go. It includes storage pockets, a blotter, an address book; writing paper, cards, and matching envelopes, and, of course, a black inkpot. Yeah, it’s excessive and totally not necessary in a world with tablets, but damn if you won’t feel fancy with one of these as your desk. 

$2,395 from Smythson

The Bullet Journal Method

The cover of "The Bullet Journal Method."
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Get a jump start on organizing your job, your career, and your whole life with this tried and true method from digital product designer Ryder Carroll. Drawing from his own experiences growing up with ADD, he developed an organizational method that can be easily adapted to just about anybody’s needs. Best of all, the process can be managed in anything from a drugstore spiral-bound notebook to an elegant Shinola journal. 

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