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The 8 best places to buy cigars online in 2024

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I’m a cigar man and I love cigars. Give me a Plasencia Alma Fuerte, anything E.P. Carillo, an AJ Fernandez blended smoke, Crowned Heads, or one of Aganorsa’s divine cigars, and I’m a happy camper. What I don’t like to do, is shop. It’s not the shopping itself that’s a problem, it’s leaving the house and dealing with traffic, unfriendly people, and social overload. So, I rarely hit my local B&M or cigar shops if I can help it. Thank the cigar gods you can buy cigars online and have them shipped right to your doorstep. However, if you don’t know where to look or what places offer great benefits — like free shipping — you might miss out. Don’t worry, that’s precisely what I’m here to share. I have gathered all of the best places to buy cigars online in 2024 in one convenient place. And if you need help learning how to smoke a cigar, there’s a guide for that. Spoiler: It’s really not all that difficult.

The best places to buy cigars online in 2024

  • Shop at if you want amazing box and bundle deals.
  • Shop at if you like to take a small risk for some steep deals.
  • Shop at for its excellent premium selection.
  • Shop at for a wide variety of well-known brands.
  • Shop at  if you want individual cigars or package deals.
  • Shop at for its eclectic mix of tobaccos and flavored cigars.
  • Shop at for a fantastic experience.
  • Shop at for its rewards, or to connect with the concierge team.

These are not listed in order of best to worst, merely alphabetically.

Atlantic Cigar Company

I have a big humidor, and I have plenty of boxes, but sometimes I want to stock up on five-pack or ten-pack bundles. Atlantic is where I go for that and it’s also one of the best places to find amazing deals and low prices on all of the biggest brands. In fact, Atlantic has regular discounts on cigars that its competitors don’t even feature. Warped, E.P. Carillo, Montecristo, Caldwell, HVC, Black Label Trading Company, you name it, they all go on sale from time to time and you won’t find deals like this, at least for boxes. Shipping is free for orders over $99 with the base SurePost option or you can always bump it up to UPS Ground for $10.


Cigar Bid hearkens back to the early days of eBay, where you could bid on pretty much anything and have just as much fun competing with the community as you would winning an actual item. Owned by Cigars International, the Cigar Bid stock comes from pretty much the same warehouses. The difference is you’re bidding on super low prices to get the sticks, whether in a full box count or separated into smaller bundles. You can also buy cigars outright on the site if there’s something you’re tired of bidding for, but that spoils all the fun. Shipping is handled a little differently through CB. Instead of paying individual shipping charges for each purchase, shipments go out in periods — daily or weekly — with all your winnings in a single shipment. Prices vary depending on what and how much you buy but it starts at about $0.25 per single up to $1 per box.

Owned by the same company as JR Cigars, is your go-to for premium cigars, excellent accessories, and an all-around great experience. They feature weekly specials and exclusive deals and have a rotating selection of popular brands and cigars. For example, Las Calaveras 2023, Crowned Head Mil Dias, Davidoff’s Signature Series, and much more. Economy shipping starts at $10 per order for a two to eight-day delivery with a UPS Ground option at $15 for a slightly faster travel time — two to five days. You can also call and order through a concierge team over the phone if you’d prefer to talk to a knowledgeable rep.

Cigars International

A household name in the cigar industry, Cigars International carries a huge selection of cigars, from cheap and obscure to ultra-premium and boutique. As with most of its competitors, CI has a rotating selection of deals, from weekly specials and weekend spotlights to the incredibly lucrative Make Me an Offer. You legitimately make the team an offer on a bundle or box and if they accept it, you get your order at a steal. No Rush shipping starts at $8 for eight to 12 business days, with basic economy at $9 for four to eight days and UPS Ground at $11 for one to five business days.

Cigar Page

The deals and steals on Cigar Page are hit or miss. Sometimes they have some incredible deals that you can’t find anywhere else, other times, they blur the lines between what’s really a discount. As long as you look up prices on competing sites before making a purchase, you’ll be just fine. And don’t let that scare you off because you can absolutely find some amazing deals there. You’ll find a great selection of brands, individual, bundle, and box offers, as well as a ton of accessories like cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and swag. The support team is excellent and very responsive, and free shipping is available — which is something its competitors do not usually offer.

Famous Smoke Shop

Discounted cigars. Boutique brands. A full inventory of accessories. That’s what you can expect from Famous Smoke Shop, which is, well, famous for its eclectic selection of cigars. You’ll find a host of infused and flavored cigars at Famous, too, including from Acid. Some brand callouts include Alec Bradley, Arturo Fuente, Cohiba, Liga Privada, Oliva, Padron, Punch, Davidoff, and many more. If you’re looking for it and can’t find it elsewhere, the chances are high that you’ll find it here. Shipping starts at $7 for Super Saver, $9 for Economy, and $11 for UPS Ground. Like always, there are more expensive options if you want your cigars faster.

Gotham Cigars

Discounted premium cigars with an excellent experience — the support team is great — is what you can expect from Gotham Cigars. Probably one of the coolest options is the mystery box, kind of like a cigar grab bag, where you don’t know what you’ll get. They load up the box with five good smokes and it’s up to you to smoke them up. Regardless, they have a great selection, rotating deals, and free shipping offers from time to time that require you to spend over a certain amount.

JR Cigars

If you’ve never heard of JR either you’re new to the world of cigars or you’ve been living under a rock. They have a great selection of cigars and brands, feature regular deals on both boxes and bundles and have an excellent offering of exclusive products from cigars to accessories. The JR Concierge team is great if you want to place an order over the phone with someone knowledgeable. They’ll even call you regularly if you want to give you the low-down on discounts and promotions. Unfortunately, while they used to offer free shipping, they recently did away with that. Shipping starts at $10 for Economy for two to eight days delivery time, with UPS Ground at $15 for two to five business days. Faster and more expensive delivery options are available, too. The JR Insider Loyalty Program allows you to earn points on every purchase through the company, but be warned, they expire pretty quickly, so you’ll want to use them as soon as possible.

More places to buy cigars online

  • Cigar Hustler: Similar to JR or CI, Cigar Hustler has a very large selection of cigar brands to choose from, albeit deals are less frequent.
  • Fox Cigars: Fox is well known for sneaking in some samplers into an order but they also have a great selection of cigars, including boutique brands.
  • Holt’s Cigar Company: Holt’s has been around since the late 1800s and knows the ins and outs of cigars.
  • Mardo Cigars: If you want to sink your teeth into flavorful boutique brands from all over the country, Mardo is the place to go.
  • Smoke Inn Cigars: A great selection, free shipping, loyalty rewards, clearance offers, and rotating deals are what you can expect from Smoke Inn.
  • Thompson Cigar: Another company that’s been in the cigar game for over a century, Thompson carries some of the most renowned cigar brands.

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