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Tried and tested: The 8 best cigars under $8 in 2024

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I think it’s pretty evident at this point that I love cigars. I can rattle off all of the best places to buy cigars online and some fantastic cigar brands, lighters, and cigar cutters. But the true test of any cigar lover’s resolve is finding great smokes that won’t empty your bank account, especially if you want to fill a sizable humidor.

You see, expensive cigars are usually worth the price, but cheap cigars, on the other hand, well, let’s say they’re hit or miss. If you can find a reasonably priced smoke that’s rich and flavorful, and you’re willing to smoke it often, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

You’ll definitely need to try a few brands and blends first, but to kickstart your discovery, I’m willing to share a few of my favorite smokes for under $8.

What’s so special about $8?

Why the $8 mark? Even with today’s high prices, $8 is still a sweet spot. But I figure anything under that mark is reasonable if it’s enjoyable. If you can find a smoke under $5 that you love, that’s even better. Of course, you’ll find even more if you’re willing to look for stogies around $10 a piece.

Bear in mind that I’m not going by prices for a single cigar, as they’re cheaper in bundles and boxes. Some cigar sellers will even hike the prices for single buys, so keep that in mind when shopping. Moreover, I’m not factoring in sale prices unless offered often, like Atlantic Cigars or JR Cigars’ low prices.

My favorite cigars under $8

  • Illusione Ultra OP No. 3:
  • Oliva Series G:
  • Crowned Heads Juarez:
  • JFR Corojo or JFR Maduro: ,
  • Joya Black:
  • JFR Lunatic Torch Visionaries:
  • HVC Pan Caliente:
  • Warped La Hacienda:

These are not listed from best to worst but cheapest to most expensive.

Illusione Ultra OP No. 3: ~$6.50 per

Illusione Ultra OP No 3 best cigars under $8 entry.

Because of Atlantic Cigar’s incredible prices, the Illusione Ultra is less than $7 a pop and is well worth the cost. Coming in boxes of 20, this deliciously full-bodied cigar has a Nicaraguan Corojo Colorado Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers. It packs a punch, but man, is it a good cigar. It’s great when you don’t have much time to smoke but want something worthwhile. Log in or sign up for an account to get the best prices!

Oliva Serie G: ~6.70 per

Oliva Serie G best cigars under $8 entry.

If I have the option, I’m going with an Oliva Serie V over anything else, but they’re also more expensive than $8. While not as strong, the Serie G is a medium-bodied, cheaper alternative. The African Cameroon wrapper gives it a dark and toasty flavor, meshing well with the Nicaraguan Habano fillers and Cuban Seed Habano binder. They come in boxes of 25, too, so you’ll have plenty in your humidor.

Crowned Heads Juarez: ~$6.75 per

Crowned Heads Juarez cigar
Crowned Heads

Inspired by Crowned Heads’ previous Jericho Hill release, this rich and flavorful cigar is medium to full-bodied and offers notes of cocoa, molasses, earth, and varying sweets. It has a Mexican San Andres wrapper, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. It’s also about $6.75 per stick at the regular price for a box of 20 in the Robusto size.

JFR Corojo or JFR Maduro: ~$6.76 per

JFR Corojo cigar in robusto size, best cigars under $8.

Available in boxes of 50, the JFR Maduro and JFR Corojo—pick your favorite—are about $6.76 per stick at regular price. However, they seem to go on sale often, so you can probably get them even cheaper. You can’t go wrong with either version, and they offer an experience similar, if not better, than more expensive options. Plus, the high-quantity boxes are perfect for stocking your humidor if you’re a regular smoker.

Joya Black: ~$6.80 per

Joya Black cigar in box, best smokes under $8.

I don’t smoke much Drew Estate, but the Joya Black is a solid choice if I’m looking for a relatively affordable smoke with tremendous dark flavors — like chocolate, black cherry, cedar, and coffee. It has a beautiful and oily Mexican Maduro wrapper mixed with a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. They come in boxes of 20, but you can also find them in five and ten-pack bundles, which sometimes go on sale. Side note: Drew Estate has fantastic swag, so grab some if you get the chance.

JFR Lunatic Torch Visionaries: ~$6.80 per

JFR Lunatic Torch Visionaries cigar with box

Again, thanks to Atlantic’s fantastic pricing, the JFR Lunatic Torch makes it on the list. They come in boxes of 10, but they’re priced competitively, primarily through Atlantic Cigars’ direct pricing. This medium to full Aganorsa leaf cigar features a Nicaraguan Corojo 99′ wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and fillers. The wrapper is from Jalapa, while the binder and fillers are from Esteli and Jalapa. It offers an explosion of flavor, a smooth, reliable smoke, and, in my opinion, is exceptionally priced.

HVC Pan Caliente: ~$7.20 per

HVC Pan Caliente cigar with box

Another medium-bodied smoke — that goes fantastic with coffee, by the way — this cigar comes from one of my favorite Nicaraguan farms, Aganorsa. HVC also has a ton of great cigars, like their Hot Cakes, but if you want something well-priced that you can stock on the regular, this is the one to beat. Rich, well-balanced flavors, lots of nuance, and a reliable smoke all around are what you can expect. They come in boxes of 25 and have a Criollo 98 wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

Warped La Hacienda: ~$7.20 per

Warped La Hacienda cigar with box

Medium to full-bodied, check. Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, check. Nicaraguan binder and fillers, check. Delicious, creamy, and complex smoke, check. This Aganorsa tobacco cigar will have you tasting sweet notes of citrus, nuts, and various fruits, all with a creamy, nuanced finish. They’re good, they’re priced well, and they’re reliably rolled. What more could you ask for?

More cigar recommendations

Close-up of a man smoking a cigar.
Genevieve Poblano / The Manual
  • JFR Lunatic Maduro El Loquito:
  • HVC Hot Cake:
  • H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez:
  • Havoc by AJ Fernandez:
  • Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez:
  • E.P. Carillo Allegiance by Oliva:
  • San Lotano Requiem Habano:
  • Aganorsa Rare Leaf Reserve:

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