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The 9 best cigar cutters in 2024, tested and chosen by experts

Close-up of hands cutting a cigar with a cigar cutter.
Genevieve Poblano / The Manual

Even if you’ve never enjoyed a cigar before, besides having one of the best lighters to get started, you’ll also need a cigar cutter. You don’t want to use scissors, bite off the end, or use a knife because that could damage the wrapper and the head of the cigar. Since the wrapper — the outer shell around the tobacco, not the cellophane — is responsible for most of the flavor you’ll experience during your smoke, and you want it to remain intact. It can also be pretty annoying when you’re trying to smoke, and the head of the wrapper is peeling off. But with one of the best cigar cutters, you can make a clean cut, which will never be a problem.

The first thing to note is that there are different cigar cuts. You can make a straight cut or a v-cut or use a punch, which basically punches a small hole in the head of the cigar to let the smoke and air through. There are also different tools to achieve these cuts, from cigar scissors to tabletop and hand cutters. Ultimately, the proper cut and the right tool for you will come down to personal preference. I prefer a straight cut, but not everyone will agree, and that’s okay. Even so, sometimes you have to use another type of cut depending on the size and shape of the cigar, or you may be limited by what kind of tool you have on hand.

Let’s explore some of the best cigar cutters in 2024, from luxury gear to more practical options. If you plan to smoke a cigar anytime soon, you’ll want at least one of these cigar cutters with you.

The best cigar cutters in 2024

  • Buy the if you want a capable V-style cutter.
  • Buy the Lotus Jaws Serrated cigar cutter if you want a remarkably clean straight cut.
  • Buy the if you want to save some money without sacrificing reliability.
  • Buy the if you want to turn some heads.
  • Buy the if you want a stylish punch.
  • Buy the if you need to cut huge ring gauges from 70 to 80.
  • Buy the if you want a reasonable punch cutter.
  • Buy the if you want some extras with your cutter.
  • Buy the if you want a double guillotine.

These are not listed in order of best to worst, merely in alphabetical order.

Colibri V-Cut

Colibri V-Cut cigar cutter in red and black

Established in 1928, Colibri is where you should go if you want a cutter from a seasoned brand in the industry. Its V-Cut comes in several unique colors, but the sleek design is what’s most captivating about it. It’s also ergonomic and offers a straight cut for cigars with up to 60 ring gauges. The steel blades and spring-loaded release make slicing easy and seamless. What more could you ask for in a cutter?

Lotus Jaws Serrated Cigar Cutter

Lotus Jaws Serrated cigar cutter in red and black

“Serrated” isn’t exactly a term you might associate with a cigar cutter, especially if you’re picturing the jagged edges of a Bowie knife. But don’t worry, the Lotus Jaws Serrated cigar cutter merely has a sharp serrated finish for the blades — they won’t tear up the cap when you cut. As you might expect, the double-action stainless steel blades offer a straight cut for cigars up to 58 ring gauges in size. The Lotus Jaws features an all-metal housing and comes in a variety of colors.

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Palio Composite Cigar Cutter

Palio Composite Cigar Cutter multiple colors

If you don’t want to spend too much but don’t want to sacrifice reliability either, Palio is a great option. In particular, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of its cigar accessories, including its cutters. The Palio Composite features 420 ss stainless steel blades that are sharp and direct and offer a straight cut for up to 60 ring gauge cigars. There are a ton of styles to choose from, too, including even a wood-like finish.

ST Dupont Linea Maestra Partagas Gold Cutter

ST Dupont Linea Maestra Partagas Gold cigar cutter
ST Dupont

Without question, if you’re looking for true elegance and top-notch craftsmanship, S.T. Dupont should be your primary choice. With the Linea Maestra logo adorned on one side of the blades and the iconic Partagas logo on the other, this gold guillotine cutter is gorgeous. Just don’t leave it behind if you’re on vacation or visiting your local lounge.

ST Dupont Keychain Punch Cigar Cutter

ST Dupont pull out cigar punch
ST Dupont

Prefer a punch? No problem. This keychain-ready punch cutter has spring-loaded mechanisms to effortlessly inject the blades into the cap of your cigar. The black and chrome finish looks pretty good, too.

Vertigo Big Kahuna Cutter

Vertigo Big Kahana cigar cutter

If you need a cutter that makes big cuts, and I do mean big, then feast your eyes on the Vertigo Big Kahuna. It offers a straight cut for cigars up to 80 ring gauge, and it does it well thanks to serrated edges. The stainless steel blades are reliable, but there’s not much else to say about this one. The design is pretty standard as far as appearances go.

Xikar 9mm Pull Out Punch

Xikar 9mm pull out cigar punch

This punch cutter from the renowned Xikar — which offers one of the best warranties in the business — should be on every cigar lover’s keychain. It’s not a complex mechanism, either. Just pull on the back of the device, and a razor-sharp 9mm punch ejects from the front.

Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Cigar Scissors

Xikar MTX Multitool and cigar scissors

Cigar scissors are pretty easy to use, and when they’re sharp, they make a reliable cut. These MTX scissors from Xikar offer precisely that, but what’s more interesting is the multi-tool feature. They also include a built-in, large screwdriver to adjust your lighter’s flame, a cigar poker to increase the draw, a small screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter

Xikar XO big ring gauge cigar cutter

Able to slice the caps off 64 to 70 ring gauge cigars, this round double guillotine-style cutter can still fit neatly inside your pocket. It has an aluminum body, stainless steel blades, and a spring-loaded blade release button for easy use. Plus, Xikar offers some fantastic styles like gunmetal, orange, and redwood versions.

Why you should trust us

Cigars are my thing. I regularly try out new smokes on my never-ending mission to stock up my 3,500+ count Olde English humidor at home or any of the other small humidors strategically placed around my house. Of course, that doesn’t define an expert. I’ve been smoking for years and have several connections within the cigar industry, which means I also have insider knowledge. You may not agree with some of my choices, and that’s okay. Everyone has different tastes, but I know how to spot an excellent smoke. I also know what makes a good tool or accessory and, in this case, what makes a fantastic cigar cut. This is a great place to start if you want solid recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions about the best cigar cutters, lighting up a cigar, or anything else related, you’ll find them here:

What makes them the best cigar cutters?

You may be looking for a cutter with a unique style or design, or maybe one from a specific brand, but they should always have three things to be strong contenders:

  • Excellent Build Quality: Cigar cutter prices range from cheap to expensive, but no matter what you pay, you want a tool that will last you for a while, blades included.
  • Sharp Blades: Some cutters are made out of plastic, at least the shell, while others are made entirely from steel. The external materials don’t matter as much as the blades you’ll use to cut your cigars. They need to be sharp and tough, and you must be able to sharpen them eventually as they dull.
  • Easy to Clean: Over time, the cutter will gunk up with debris, tobacco, and residues, especially if you put the cigar in your mouth before cutting it. Your cutter should be easy to clean, usually with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Of course, you’ll also want to choose somewhat attractive cutters with a unique style, colors, or design. But that’s not nearly as important as the factors listed above.

What type of cigar cutter is best?

The decisions can be daunting if you’ve never smoked a cigar, but don’t let that get you in a bind. Experimentation is at the core of any beginner’s journey. You’ll want to try various cigars to see what you like, and the same applies to the type of lighters and cutters you use. From V-cut to straight cut, it depends on what kind of draw you feel comfortable with — the air and smoke released from the cigar when you puff. Some like a tighter draw with less smoke, while others like more. You’ll only find your sweet spot by trying different cuts and cigars.

Straight cutters, also called Guillotine cutters, are the most common. You don’t want to cut your cigar too deeply, just a tad off the top, but if you do it right, you’ll get one of the coolest, loosest draws possible. You can also use a straight cutter on any cigar size, from small to large ring gauges.

Punch cutters make a small hole in the end of your cigar. The smaller hole ensures you get more flavor and a higher smoke intensity, but the draw can also be tighter. You can use a punch with most types of cigars, big or small, but torpedo-shaped cigars are a no-go for apparent reasons.

A V-cutter, or Wedge cutter, cuts a small V shape out of the head of the cigar, leaving an almost Pac-Man body shape. This draws flavor and intensity from the top of the cigar before it converges, which can also create slightly more heat. You can use a V-Cut on any type of cigar, including torpedos, but with bigger ring gauges — 60 and above — it can be tricky unless your cutter is larger than average.

Cigar scissors typically make a straight cut, allowing you to shave off the head of the cigar. They’re especially great because you can buy portable versions that are easy to stow when you travel. Some have integrated tools, like a butane lighter bleeder that allows you to remove air from your torch lighter — air can build up over time as you fill your lighter’s cell with butane.

What happens if I don’t have a cigar cutter with me?

Some cigars are wrapped so you can pinch the head of the cigar to create a reliable draw, while others have a slightly loose cap that you can peel off with a fingernail, but you’ll want to be gentle. You can always go with the caveman approach and bite off the cap with your teeth, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Try to avoid using a knife unless there’s no other option. If you have to cut with a knife, make sure it’s sharp and cut in one swift motion — don’t saw or grind.

What’s the difference between a tight or loose draw?

A loose draw will give you more air and smoke with slightly less flavor and intensity, but it also depends on the cigar’s strength. A medium to full-bodied cigar will still give you enough flavor from a loose draw that the difference is almost negligible. A tight draw, on the other hand, gives you a more robust flavor, slightly more heat, and increased intensity overall. But it can also be more difficult to draw in smoke from the cigar when you puff.

Where are the best places to buy cigar cutters?

As it happens, some of the best places to buy cigar cutters coincide with the best places to buy cigars, such as , , and some of the other online retailers. You can also buy accessories from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer, like on Xikar’s website.

What’s your best tip?

It goes without saying, but don’t inhale the smoke into your lungs. Instead, retro hale out through your nose, and you’ll pick up a lot more flavor and nuance. It may take a few tries to get it correct, as retro haling does not come naturally to many beginner smokers.

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Briley has been writing about consumer electronics and technology for over a decade. When he's not writing about deals for Digital Trends or The Manual, he's writing how-to content and guides for other online publications. He's also a ghostwriter for more than one confidential SEO marketing agency. In his downtime, he's either spending time with his family, playing games, or enjoying a good ol' stogie.

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