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The best luxury lighters from St. Dupont, Cartier, and more

I’m a cigar man. Some people aren’t, and that’s cool, but to me, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a great stogie for some rest, relaxation, and good times. I like boutique brands, such as Plasencia, E.P. Carillo, Warped, Crowned Heads, Black Label Trading Company, and just about anything Aganorsa, you name it. When you’re lighting cigars like that, you want something that looks good to do it. It might seem like a strange juxtaposition, but I assure you it’s not. Lighting cigars is an art, and while you certainly want to do it in style, you also want something that will get the job done right. Hence, luxury lighters. They’re designed to look fantastic but also made with premium materials to be reliable and true.

Luxury lighters from brands like S.T. Dupont, Davidoff, Dunhill, Cartier, and others are expensive. But after using one, you’ll never return to your average lighter again.

The best luxury lighters

  1. Buy the if you want a solid quad-torch lighter.
  2. Buy the  if you want a relatively new triple-torch lighter.
  3. Buy the if you want one of the best single flame torch lighters on the market.
  4. Buy the if you want a reliable dual-torch lighter.
  5. Buy the if you want a take-anywhere lighter with a built-in cutter.
  6. Buy the  if you want a lighter for smaller ring gauges.
  7. Buy the  if you want a traditional lighter.
  8. Buy the if you want an excellent conversation piece.
  9. Buy the  if you want a flashy table lighter.
  10. Buy the if money is no object.

Visol Rhino Quad Torch Lighter

Best quad flame torch

Visol Rhino Quad Torch luxury lighter with flames

Price: $40

Pros Cons
Reliable quad flame torch lighter Difficult to find in some places
Sleek design Bulky
Two-step ignition

For a time, Visol partnered with big brands like Rocky Patel to offer themed lighters. If you were lucky enough to snag one, you’d know how fantastic these lighters are. They’re strong, made of durable materials, and hold a lot of Butane — which you’ll undoubtedly come to appreciate as you use them. They’re also easy to fill, comfortable to hold, and with a two-step system, easy to use, too. A quad flame torch is often best for intermediate to skilled smokers, as it’s possible to scorch the end of your cigar, so keep that in mind.

Palio Pro Polaris Lighter

Best triple-flame torch

Palio Pro Polaris torch luxury lighter with top open

Price: $50

Pros Cons
Reliable triple flame torch lighter Limited styles
Large fuel tank No punch or cutter built-in
Pull-down ignition

Palio, like Xikar, offers an excellent limited lifetime warranty on its products, including this lighter. It’s worthy of including in our list for that reason alone. But also, it looks stunning and utilizes a Piezo ignition type. You get three flames, as it’s a triple torch, so it’s pretty intense, but that can also use up Butane quickly. The good news is it has a large fuel tank, but you should still keep a healthy supply around!

Xikar Tactical Single-Jet Lighter

Best single flame torch

Xikar Tactical Single Jet torch lighter with flames

Price: $80

Pros Cons
Reliable single flame torch lighter Limited styles
Altitude tested to 12,000 feet Bulky
Excellent limited lifetime warranty

When it comes to single-flame torch lighters, it’s really, really difficult to pick the “best” model. There are so many great brands out there. It doesn’t get much better for accuracy and speed, especially with bigger ring gauge cigars, than a single flame torch lighter. Xikar’s Tactical Single-Jet is no exception to that rule. It’s designed well, looks great, and offers a reliable light, but it’s also on the list because of Xikar’s lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty on all of the brand’s products is fantastic. It covers manufacturing defects, not normal wear and tear, but they’re good about replacing defective units. Xikar is also reasonably affordable.

Lotus Orion

Best double flame torch

Lotus Orion dual torch lighter with flame

Price: $120

Pros Cons
Reliable dual flame torch lighter Average-sized butane tank
Altitude tested to 7,000 feet
Integrated cigar punch

This dual flame torch is designed so that both flames come to a point, so lighting anything from a cigar to a candle is a breeze. The push button ignition offers a super quick and easy start, while the entire housing of the lighter is made of metal. An integrated 10mm cigar punch means you can leave your cutter at home. It comes in a few sporty styles, all stunners.

Colibri Boss

Best grab-and-go

Colibri Boss portable lighter with cutter

Price: $175

Pros Cons
Reliable triple flame torch lighter Average-sized butane tank
Altitude tested to 9,000 feet Bulky
Built-in double-blade straight cutter

With its unique design, compact setup for a triple-flame torch lighter and integrated features — like a fold-out straight cutter — this portable lighter is what you want on a vacation or road trip. The cutter has stainless steel blades and can handle up to 60-ring gauge cigars. Meanwhile, the wind resistance body and ignition are altitude tested up to 9,000 feet (2,743 meters). An easy-to-read blue-tinted fuel level window at the bottom lets you see just how much Butane you have left before you need a refill.

S.T. Dupont Megajet Lighter

Best for small ring gauges

ST Dupont Megajet luxury lighter on desk
S.T. Dupont

Price: $265

Pros Cons
Reliable single-flame lighter Expensive
Ultra sleek and portable Limited styles
Brushed chrome finish

While S.T. Dupont is certainly known for its more flashy and premium style lighters, this one takes a step back and embodies a more classic design. That’s not to say it’s not just as beautiful. Its powerful blue flame, distributed across the flat top of the lighter, works incredibly well. The ergonomic size and light weight also improve its portability. But make no mistake about it. If you take this out in a social setting, people will notice its elegance, minimalistic though it may be.

Cartier Double C DE Square Lighter

Best traditional style

Cartier Double C DE Square lighter

Price: $1,230

Pros Cons
Reliable soft flame lighter Expensive
Sunray-motif engravings Small fuel tank
Palladium-finished metal

The sunray motif engraved on the exterior of this lighter is captivating, but the palladium-finished metal seals the deal. With their traditional-style flames, Cartier’s lighters are definitely for connoisseurs, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The Double C DE Square stands 2 inches high by 1.5 inches wide, will fit in any pocket or handbag, and is relatively lightweight — you’re not lugging around a bulky torch here. Let’s be honest, it’s also one hell of an attractive lighter.

Davidoff Prestige The Leaves LE Lighter

Best conversation piece

Davidoff Prestige The Leaves LE luxury lighter with flame
Davidoff/S.T. Dupont

Price: $1,290

Pros Cons
Reliable soft flame lighter Expensive
Tobacco leaf engravings Small fuel tank
Gold or palladium-finish

Available with a gold or palladium finish, this breathtaking lighter is inspired by the “heart of a fine cigar.” It’s laser-engraved with tobacco leaf patterns and delivers a soft, fan-shaped flame. That flame will light your cigar evenly without any trouble. You may or may not be surprised that the renowned S.T. Dupont manufactures this lighter in France. As a limited edition unit, there’s also a serial number engraved on the bottom of each lighter.

Dunhill Sunset Aquarium Table Lighter

Best table lighter

Dunhill Sunset Aquarium table lighter

Price: $13,100

Pros Cons
Reliable turbo flame lighter (removable) Static use is best
Hand-carved and hand-painted shell Bulky shell
Palladium-plated body

While it’s true of all lighters, a good table lighter must look and act the part because it’s usually displayed right there in front of your company. Wherever you do your smoking, office, patio, or smoke room, it’s going to be there in its full glory. That’s why Dunhill’s Sunset Aquarium table lighter stands out. It’s functional, it’s alluring, and there’s no question it will tie any room together. The shell is meticulously hand-carved hand-painted and features a bird in a sunset colorway. The body of the removable lighter is palladium plated with a turbo rollagas pattern. Most of all, the flame is steady and evenly dispersed.

S.T. Dupont Haute Creation Casino Pocket Lighter

Best top-of-the-line

ST Dupont Haute Creation Casino luxury lighter with flames
S.T. Dupont

Price: $60,000

Pros Cons
Reliable dual soft flame lighter Super expensive
Exquisite roulette mechanism and engravings Small fuel tank
Palladium-finished brass

If you have $60,000 to spend, and that’s a tall order, this absolute beast of a lighter is unmatched in quality and style. The term “exquisite” doesn’t even begin to describe the true glory of this masterpiece. A precise horology mechanism powers a roulette wheel inside with a glass window to keep it all visible. A total of 26 clock-work rubies are integrated into the mechanism to ensure it performs and offers longevity. As for the lighter, you get a soft flame that will evenly and reliably burn the end of your cigar for a delicious wave of flavor and smoke. Additional engravings adorn the rest of the casing, including a colored roulette table on the rear, complete with numbers and labels.

How we chose these luxury lighters

If you’re wondering what criteria we used to choose these lighters, here you go:


A good lighter is a good lighter, and, for the most part, price won’t have much bearing on that. The best manufacturers have been in the business for years, even decades, and the prevailing factor is how they design their lighters. But also, price factors into a purchase, whether you’re on a budget or not. We tried to choose lighters across the entire cost spectrum, from affordable and accessible to true luxury.


The flame pattern matters when you’re using a lighter, especially to ignite a cigar. A quad-flame tends to light up your cigar faster and with less fuss than a traditional flame, but it’s also possible to over-light, singing the edges of the cigar or creating a weird burn. There’s nothing wrong with selecting the flame type you want. Ultimately, it comes down to experience and preference, so we chose lighters of varying types to give you all the options.

Build quality

Durability, reliability, and added support — like high-altitude or wind resistance — stem from the materials and overall design of the lighter. A better build makes the lighter more durable, and reliable. We did our best to filter out lighters that don’t have a long life. Almost everything on our list should last you years with proper care.


Certain manufacturers like Xikar or Palio offer limited lifetime warranties on their products. If the lighter fails due to manufacturing defects, they’ll replace it with the same model or find you something comparable. In cases where it was applicable, we prioritized these manufacturers over others.

Fun factor

Although not as consequential as price or build quality, we also considered the fun factor and enjoyment of using a lighter to ignite a cigar, tobacco product, or otherwise. No, you shouldn’t play with fire, but there’s no denying the pleasure of lighting up a cigar for the first time. Every lighter on this list will offer you a great experience, whether it’s your first time lighting up or your thousandth.

What else should you know about luxury lighters?

Some other factors you might want to consider when choosing a luxury lighter for yourself are:


Where and when will you be using the lighter? You don’t need to worry about bulkiness if you’re primarily using it at home, in a smoke room, den, office, or patio. A tabletop lighter might be the best option, for example. But if you want something to throw in your pocket to take to your local lounge, spring for something more compact.

Butane capacity

Every lighter requires fuel, which is commonly Butane. Each lighter also has a tank built-in to hold Butane, which will work for some time before it needs to be refilled. The bigger the tank, the more Butane it holds, and the longer you can use the lighter without filling. If you want something to carry for an extended time, choose a lighter with a reasonably medium to large butane tank.


If you’re traveling, your mode of transportation may dictate what kind of lighter you can take with you. Most torch and butane-based lighters are prohibited on planes, some cruises, and even in some locations. Please read up on it before you pack your lighter. The last thing you want is your luxury lighter confiscated before a trip because you probably won’t get it back.

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