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How tobacco cultivation, fermentation, and curing works

This informative guide explains how tobacco cultivation, fermentation and curing affects the leaves used in premium cigars. Get to know what you're smoking!
Selection of cigars in an ashtray resting on a wooden table.

The 10 best Honduran cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

best arturo fuente cigars in ybor city  west tampa from wilson and girgenti engineering

The 8 best Arturo Fuente cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Davidoff Escurio and Aniversario cigars up close by Briley Kenney from The Manual

The 8 best Davidoff cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

man smoking small cigar by engin-akyurt unsplash

Where do cigars come from? A guide to the premium tobacco growing regions

AVO Synchro cigar resting on top of filled whiskey glass.

The 10 best mild cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Vanilla sticks and cigars on stylish background.

The 10 best vanilla cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Man smoking a cigar in a newsboy cap outside.

Famous Smoke is cleaning house with some crazy cigar deals

Cigar humidor

How long should you let new cigars rest in a humidor?

Best Connecticut cigars up close and personal

The 12 best Connecticut cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

The 10 best Dominican cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

man smoking small cigar by engin-akyurt unsplash

The 12 best small cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

Quality Importers all-black desktop humidor from Famous Smoke Shop

Want a free desktop cigar humidor? Here’s how to get one

This deal from Famous Smoke Shop will get you a free desktop cigar humidor with a purchase of some excellent cigars. Do not skip this one.
Man smoking cigar casually outside his home, best medium bodied cigars.

The 10 best medium cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best medium cigars tried and tested in 2024 by yours truly, a cigar expert and aficionado. If you want a delicious cigar, start here.
Man in pink suit smoking and enjoying what a cigar tastes like.

This delicious cigar is 50% off right now and I just bought some — you should too

This HVC cigar deal is your chance to get your hands on a box of absolutely delicious cigars for 50% off. Seriously, don't miss this opportunity, I didn't.
Maduro cigars on Spanish decorative tile table

These are the best Maduro cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

I've compiled a list of the best Maduro cigars I've tried and tested in 2024. Let's discuss.
Man in a tux at a wedding holding a lit cigar.

The best cigars for a wedding, chosen by a cigar expert

Planning your wedding and want a reliable list of the best cigars for a wedding that you can give to your groomsmen, wedding party, guests, and more? See this.
Lighting Your Cigar

I’m a cigar expert — Here are my 5 favorite cigar deals today

If you're on the hunt for some incredible cigar deals, you've come to the the right place. Here are some excellent recommends from our resident cigar expert.
Close up of cigars in humidor at home - Briley Kenney from The Manual

Cigar expert recommends: The 10 best cigars for beginners

Ready to try your first cigar? Want to know where to start? These are the best cigars for beginners, as recommended by a cigar expert. You can't go wrong here.
Maduro cigars in a lineup ready to smoke.

The 10 best Nicaraguan cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

This is a list of the best Nicaraguan cigars that's I've had the pleasure of smoking. If you're looking for a bold, full-bodied smoke, this is the place to be.
Men drinking and playing golf, the best cigars for golfing.

The 8 best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert

Going golfing and want a decent cigar to enjoy on the course? These are the best cigars for golfing, recommended by a cigar expert who knows his stuff.
Torpedo Cigars up close from Oliva, Ramon Bueso, and Padilla.

How to cut a torpedo cigar: The proper way to prepare the unique size

Curious how to cut a torpedo cigar, because of the unique shape? This guide will walk you through it. You'll also find excellent torpedo cigar recommendations.
Man in pink suit smoking and enjoying what a cigar tastes like.

I spoke to a cigar concierge team, and if you love cigars you should too

I was fortunate to interview JR Cigars and's cigars concierge team. Here's what they told me and why you should talk to them too.
Cigar humidor

How long does a cigar last? Expiration, storage tips, and more

It's a relevant question: How long does a cigar last? This guide explains everything from expiration and storage to great recommendations.
how to smoke a cigar

How to rehydrate a dry cigar (and everything you need to know)

So you bought a cigar and you let it dry out? That's no fun. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to rehydrate that cigar and any others you may have.
Man smoking a cigar in a newsboy cap outside.

How do cigars make you feel? My experience as a cigar smoker

How do cigars make you feel, exactly, and can they give you a cigar buzz? Find out all you need to know in this exploratory piece.
JFR Maduro cigar up close and lit with Aganorsa Rare Leaf Reserve Maduro behind

What is a Maduro cigar? All your burning questions answered

New to cigars? You'll want to learn the different types, like Maduro cigars versus Connecticut. This primer explains what is a Maduro wrapper and more.
Man in pink suit smoking and enjoying what a cigar tastes like.

What do cigars taste like? Dissecting a flavorful experience

If you're curious what do cigars taste like, this informative guide will reveal everything. Understand the complex flavors and experience once and for all.
Close up of bearded man smoking a cigar almost done.

Wondering how to put out a cigar? Here’s everything you need to know

If you're not experienced or this is your first time smoking, you may be curious how to put out a cigar or how to save a cigar for later. Here's your guide.
Person smoking a cigar

How to smoke a cigar properly: The ultimate beginner’s guide

Do you want to learn how to smoke a cigar without looking like a noob? In this guide, we'll teach you how to puff like a seasoned pro.
how to smoke a cigar

Tried and tested: The 8 best cigars under $8 in 2024

Here are the top picks for the best smokes under $8, with lots of flavor and nuance, as chosen by a true cigar enthusiast. Cigars don't have to be pricy.
JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano cigar in box and ready to smoke.

This cigar’s tobacco was grown in rich volcanic soil and it’s under $100 per box

The JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano cigars are on sale right now. You need to try these, and they were grown in rich volcanic soil, which gives them a sweet flavor.
Montecristo cigars in boxes and on sale.

Boxes of Montecristo cigars are 30% off this weekend

Cigars.,com is currently having an incredible sale, or cigar deal on Montecristo cigars allowing you to save up to 30% off. You need to see these deals.
la gloria cubana 8th street cigars deal february 2024 limited edition box

You need to try these limited edition La Gloria Cubana cigars

At you can grab a box of 10 of the Limited Edition La Gloria Cubana 8th Street cigars for $59 off. Don't miss out on this extremely limited release.
Selection of cigars in an ashtray resting on a wooden table.

Cigar Club is a subscription box for cigar lovers, and it’s a must try

Enjoy the delights of different cigars every month with a Cigar Club subscription -- your new favorite delivery.
Close-up of hands cutting a cigar with a cigar cutter.

The 9 best cigar cutters in 2024, tested and chosen by experts

Here are some of the best cigar cutters on the market, hands down. If you're looking for a spare or need one for your next cigar venture, don't miss this guide.
St Dupont luxury lighter on table open

Why every well-dressed man needs a St. Dupont lighter

Wondering why you should invest in a S.T. Dupont lighter or luxury lighter? This guide breaks it all down for you in fine detail.
Close-up of a man smoking a cigar.

The 8 best places to buy cigars online in 2024

If you need to stock up or try cigars for the first time you don't always have to visit a local B&M. These are the best places to buy cigars online in 2024.
Close-up of someone lighting a cigar with a lighter.

The best luxury lighters from St. Dupont, Cartier, and more

If you're looking to pair one of the best luxury lighters with your new batch of cigars or smokes, you need to see this list.
Lighting a cigar

Mild, medium, or bold: Our cigar strength chart helps you choose to perfect smoke

We enlisted the help of Senior Tobacconist Chris Gwaltney of The Humidor to learn everything we need to know about mild, medium, and bold cigars.
cigar smoke

How to get rid of cigar smell, breath, and smoke for good

If you love puffing away on a fine cigar but you (or your partner) hate the way it makes your breath, clothes, and house smell, we've got you covered.
A stylish man drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar.

How To Pair Whiskey With Cigars, an Age-Old Marriage

Whiskey and cigars go together like beer and football. Here's how to make most of this age-old and highly-sophisticated pairing.
A box of Crowned Head Cigars

The Ballad of Jon Huber and Crowned Heads Cigars

How a man with no experience in tobacco came to helm one of the most buzz-worthy small-batch cigar companies in the world is an unlikely story.

Europe’s Largest Cigar Collection Is a Feast for the Senses. Here’s Why

Valued at 1.5 million British pounds (approximately $2.1 million), the Wellesley Knightsbridge's cigar stock is expansive in both number and quality.
treat yo self valentines day best yourself gifts 2021

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Totally Buy to Treat Yourself

Valentine's Day is all about love — self-love, that is. Treat yourself to these last-minute gifts like a Disney+ subscription or Brooklinen sheets.
downton abbey highclere castle cigars 1

These Cigars from Downton Abbey Are the Best I’ve Smoked In Years

OK, the cigars are from Highclere Castle, setting of the fictional show (and movie) Downton Abbey. But you'll forgive the bait and switch at first puff, for indeed these cigars from Highclere Castle are simply superb.
beards booze bacon affordable luxury cigar aficionado david savona interview the manual podcast

Learn All About the Best ‘Affordable Luxury’ Cigars from a Real ‘Cigar Aficionado’

Find a comfy leather chair and get your smoking jacket — it's time to find out about life's "affordable luxury." The Manual podcast crew interviews David Savona, the executive editor of 'Cigar Aficionado.'
how to enjoy a cigar

Top 10 Cigars of 2018 According to ‘Cigar Aficionado’

'Cigar Aficionado,' the final word in cigars, has released its list of the best cigars of 2018. Ring in the new year with the best stogies from the last.
Cuba Libre dark and stormy

What to Drink with Cigars: 4 Cocktail Pairings That Will Make You Drool

There’s something so beautiful about a perfect combination of sensations and flavors, hence our motivation for these five cigar and cocktail pairings, as suggested by Highclere Cigar CEO Adam von Gootkin and 'Cigar and Leisure' expert Brian Ledtke.
making a cigar

Cuban Cigars: Everything You Need to Know about the Truth Behind the Legend

If you haven’t already heard, which would be nuts since everyone has been talking about them for decades, Cuban cigars are a hot commodity and getting your hands on them can prove to be a bit tricky. But are they worth the hype?



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