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Forget rice: This is how to actually fix a wet iPhone, according to Apple

Have a wet iPhone? This is how you fix it

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The world is full of precarious situations for our unsuspecting smartphones, particularly when it comes to water exposure. Whether it’s a sudden downpour during a hike, an accidental drop into a sink, or a plunge into a lake, our iPhones are constantly at risk of water damage. While most models are water-resistant, none of them are completely waterproof.

Understanding this vulnerability, Apple has put forward a series of recommendations to mitigate the damage when your device encounters mishaps like these. Apple’s guidelines are crucial for iPhone users, providing a lifeline for your device in what can often be a moment of panic and uncertainty.

For years, the go-to remedy has been submerging the device in rice, but Apple has recently dispelled this myth. While it might not look like it, there are actually tons of little particles in rice that could get lodged into your phone. Don’t believe me? Try rinsing your rice, and notice that the water becomes milky white. All of these little particles can get stuck in the crevices of your phone, which could cause all kinds of issues.

Apple offers a more effective and safer method to rescue your water-damaged iPhone.

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How to get water out of an iPhone

  1. Immediate response: As soon as you retrieve your wet iPhone, the first step is to unplug any cables. Apple stresses the importance of not charging the device until it is completely dry to avoid further damage. Your iPhone may also have a liquid detection feature, which will alert you if your phone is too wet to charge.
  2. Remove excess liquid: Gently tap your iPhone against your hand with the Lightning or USB-C connector facing downwards. This action helps in removing some of the trapped liquid from the device’s interior.
  3. Air dry in a safe environment: Place your iPhone in a dry area with good airflow. This could be near an open window or in an airy room. The key is to let the natural air flow do the work rather than applying external heat or pressure.
  4. Wait before charging: After waiting for at least 30 minutes, you can attempt to charge your iPhone. However, if the liquid detection alert persists, it indicates that the device needs more drying time. In such cases, it’s advised to wait up to 24 hours before trying to charge again.

If you want your iPhone to last longer and preserve its functionality, use Apple’s guidance. By avoiding unorthodox drying methods like the rice trick, users can prevent additional damage that might not be immediately visible but could cause long-term issues.

In the case of a wet iPhone, Apple’s advice is clear: skip the rice and opt for a method that’s safer and more effective. Remember, patience and proper care are your best allies in saving your water-damaged iPhone.

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