How to Nail Black Tie Attire: 5 Tuxedo Tips for Men

Tuxedo Tips

While a tuxedo  appears to be an essential we don’t have to think about (it’s just a black suit, right?), there are ways to make yours pop and stand out from the crowd. Thanks to The Black Tux, we no longer have to rent boxy, shiny tuxes at the mall — or blow your entire paycheck on an outfit. Instead, we can order a slim fit option from these guys for just $95 (get the full report on this brilliant idea here). Hello, holiday party season.

To make sure your black tie attire looks tight, we hollered at Brice Pattison, director of The Black Tux, for some pro tuxedo tips:

No. 1: The Suit
Don’t skimp on the fit. If you do one thing right, make sure the coat waist, sleeve length, and pant length are dialed in. Your local alteration shop can be your new best friend.

No. 2: The Tie
Your bow tie needs to be tied. A bow that is not tied by hand looks like a strap-on accessory. Oh, look, we can show you how to tie your own right here.

No. 3: The Shirt
If you can help it, don’t wear a shirt with exposed buttons. A covered placket is a nice modern option, or swing for a shirt with tuxedo studs. Don’t have a shirt that accepts tux studs? Take your white shirt to a tailor and have them swap the back buttons out for button holes. Problem: solved.

No. 4: The Shoes
Patent leather or velvet. Just get a pair and be done with it. Chances are, you have a few times a year they will come in handy and shoes make the outfit. Always.

No. 5: The Accessories
White linen pocket squares are always in style, but feel free to step out here with something more unique, like a pin dot or Art Deco patterned square. And don’t skip on the cufflinks.

And Finally…
How to have fun with holiday party style? Wear a dinner jacket that’s bold. If you can’t swing that, then we suggest adding some tartan to your outfit, be it a tie or pocket square. Few clothes evoke the holiday spirit more than a colorful Scottish tartan.

Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to shine. For a more in-depth look at this season’s styles — including suggestions for jackets, shoes, accessories, and more — head on over to our friends at The Black Tux.

Now, don’t forget stylish suits must have equally stylish manners. No bonking your coworker in the office bathroom!