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Look Good and Feel Better By Supporting Brands that Support Ocean Conservation

A United Nations Environment Program study estimates that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. There are many factors that have contributed to the demise of ocean life, however, some of the most impactful come from using single-use plastics. Thankfully, many apparel and lifestyle brands that support the oceans have reconfigured their efforts to manufacturing products that are more environmentally conscious and donating profits to organizations devoted to save the oceans.

plastic pollution on beach
Counter/Getty Images

Plastic waste has long been considered one of the most pressing issues when it comes to saving our oceans. Not only does it diminish the beauty of Earth’s most cherished resource, plastic waste, along with pollution and destructive fishing practices, take a major toll on our marine ecosystems as well as our very own health.

We’ve touched on some brands that help save the oceans before, but this time around we’re going to focus on specifics, especially because the amount of plastic waste stemming from the fashion world is monumental. With that being said, here are some of the brands that support the oceans by engaging in eco-friendly manufacturing practices and philanthropic partnerships.

Parley for the Ocean

parley x adidas shoes

Parley for the Ocean might be one of the more recognizable brands that support the oceans, considering they’ve worked on custom recycled plastic Ultraboost shoes with Adidas and recycled plastic credit cards with American Express, to name a few. Nonetheless, it’s one of the frontrunners in the fight to save our oceans by convincing major brands to change the way they manufacture products as well as to create projects to help address the issue on the front lines.


fishing net material used in econyl

Outerknown makes sustainable menswear that is both comfortable and stylish. Its Econyl collection is relevant because it features pieces made with a unique nylon material spun from recycled fishing nets. From swim trunks and shorts to jackets and accessories, the Outerknown Econyl collection is assisting in the great ocean battle. If you’re interested, Outerknown focuses on more than just ocean conservation, too.

Norton Point

norton point sunglasses
Norton Point/Facebook

Norton Point knows exactly what you need for a voyage to the sea, and its impact is felt in more ways than one. The Los Angeles-based eyewear architects transform recycled ocean plastic into performance eyewear and boardshorts that provide ideal functionality and style. With every pair of glasses purchased, Norton Point is committed to removing 1 pound of plastic from the ocean.

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe

British jeweler Alex Monroe not only makes ocean-inspired pieces to help gather attention to the issue, with every piece sold from its Oceans collection until August 31, 2019, this lapidary maker pledges to donate 10 euros to Friends of the Earth to help fund the organization’s conservation efforts and ocean cleanup.



Everlane has always been a step ahead of other companies when it comes to putting sustainable business practices and ethics in front of capitalistic gain. The company has established a new goal: to completely eliminate the use of first-generation plastic in its supply chains, offices, and stores by 2021. Instead, it’s going to start using recycled plastics to help combat the worsening plastic pollution in the ocean.

Sand Cloud Towels

Sand Cloud
Sand Cloud

Sandcloud towels make sure your trip to the beach is one you’ve paid for. What we mean by this is that Sandcloud no only makes big, lightweight, and beach-ready towels, it donates a portion of its towel profits to five different non-profit conservation efforts to ensure that the ocean you love to look upon stays looking sharp.


Upcycled Coconut Boardshorts

Vissla is like Sand Cloud in the sense that it’s another brand that gives you self-satisfaction before you head to the shores. Vissla crafts its odor-resistant, fast-drying board shorts out of its coveted Cocotex fiber, yarn made from upcycled coconut husks, and a recycled polyester textile made from recycled water bottles. That way you can help save and enjoy the beach all at the same time.

Sloppy Tunas

Sloppy Tunas

Sloppy Tunas believes everyone has the power to help save the planet. It plays its part by participating in ocean clean-ups, as well as crafting bright and stylish board shorts made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.



With its NetPlus program, Bureo takes old fishing nets gathered by partners in South America, and repurposes them, in collaborations, as quality goods, such as sunglasses made with Costa, Carver skateboards, as well as other ventures with Patagonia. We all have a role to play in the fight to conserve our oceans, and buying from brands that support the oceans is an easy, feel-good way of lending a helping hand.

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