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Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Bryan Holt is a writer, editor, designer, and multimedia storyteller based in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate from the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon. He enjoys sitting with a cup of cold-brewed coffee and a notepad while watching the world pass by, dabbling in music production from time to time, and reading short stories. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Bryan’s work.

A hole in the wall

How to fix a hole in the wall: A DIY patching guide

Learn how to fix a hole in a wall with this easy step-by-step guide.
A wooden outhouse with a crescent moon cutout on the door.

How to poop in the woods: A guide for when nature calls when you’re out in nature

The next time you're on a hike and your bowels come a-knockin', you'll wish you'd have read this guide on how to poop in the woods like a pro.

Treat your whiskers this winter with a hot oil beard treatment

Try a hot oil beard treatment this winter. Not only will it soften your beard, but it will relax the hell out of you.
Marchers dance together down 5th Avenue in traditional costumes during the 55th Hispanic Day Parade.

Everything You Need To Know About Hispanic Heritage Month

Pay homage to the generations of Hispanic communities that have enriched our society and culture.

The 7 Best Popcorn Makers for Your At-Home Enjoyment

Step away from bad tasting, unhealthy popcorn and get yourself a real popcorn maker for an authentic home theater experience. Find the best popcorn makers here.
Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

8 Best Wood-Burning Fire Pits for Your Backyard 2022

Nothing sets a mood or a scene quite like the sensation of wood burning in a fire pit in the midst of a chilly night. Chilly nights call for warm fires.
best cutting boards 2021

The 6 Best Cutting Boards to Equip Your Kitchen With Serviceable Style this 2022

The best cutting boards will keep your knives sharp and add some flare to your collection of kitchenware. Here are our top picks.
best yard games outdoor 2021

7 Best Yard Games for Family Fun and Friendly Competition

From badminton to Chippo, these are some of the yard games that will definitely keep boredom at bay and bring out the inner child in everyone.
best bear deterrants on amazon in woods

The Best Bear Deterrents Available on Amazon

The best bear deterrent sprays will provide you with an easy and reliable safeguard for protecting yourself from bears in the wilderness.
Best Puzzles for Adults in Quarantine

The 8 Best Puzzles for Adults to Gift this Holiday

Whether you need a stress-free activity or a brain-stimulating exercise, the best puzzles for adults can both pass the time and relax the mind.

The 7 Best Celebrity Cookbooks to Read in 2022

Celebrity cookbooks are a great way to connect with others and expand your culinary offerings, but the best celebrity cookbooks in 2022 are a must-read.
travel from home reading books

11 Best Books on Social Justice

From worker's rights to the racial plight of our brothers and sisters, walk a mile in someone else's shoes with books on social justice.
great notion brewing app for quarantine flight skeleton

This Brewery is Turning To An App to Keep Your Thirst Quenched During Quarantine

Join the Great Notion 'Timber Crew' to have beer delivered to your doorstep and make some new mascot companions.
voter registration

Plan To Vote: National Voter Registration Day is September 22

Exercise your most fundamental right as an American and register to vote this National Voter Registration Day.
celebrate national dog day anthony anderson autotrader

Continue The National Dog Day Celebration with Anthony Anderson and Autotrader

Dog lover Anthony Anderson has teamed up with Autotrader to spread awareness on the importance of adopting dogs.
beginners guide to bird watching birdwatching 1

A Beginner’s Guide To Bird Watching

Whether you're hobby searching or need to get out more, our beginner's guide to bird watching details everything you need to know about this historic pastime.
man recording podcast

The Best Sports Podcasts Worth Your Time

Whether you’re a diehard football fan or like to stay up on everything on the baseball diamond, chances are there is a sports podcast out there for you.
How to Hold a Knife Push Cut

The Best Cutting Boards to Equip Your Kitchen With Serviceable Style

The best cutting boards will keep your knives sharp and add some flair to your collection of kitchenware. Here are our top picks.
Lumin Skin Care Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm Application

Lumin Skin Care Review: An Affordable Approach to Healthier Skin

The Lumin Skin Care process is different than most. Lumin creates a personalized regimen based on a survey designed to pinpoint your top skincare concerns.
household items home workout fitness

13 Household Items That Double as Exercise Equipment in Quarantine

No home gym? No problem. These common household items double as exercise equipment for an at-home fitness routine.
straight razor shave home

The Best Straight Razors for Men

With the proper time, knowledge, and a steady hand, the best straight razors offer a shaving experience only matched in the barbershop.
best Hair Cutting Kits

The Best Hair Clippers for At-Home Haircuts

Whether you wish to save money by cutting your hair at home or you're looking to touch up the edges, hair clippers are a great tool to have in the house.
manscaping body hair trimmer

The Best Body Hair Trimmers for Men

Manscape with confidence and security with the best body hair trimmers.
nose ear hair trimmer

The Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers for Men

Keep your extra facial hair under control with the best nose and ear hair trimmers.
haircut home scissors

The Best Hair-Cutting Kits for an At-Home Haircut

Barbershops may be closed but that doesn't mean you have to let things get out of control. Here are the best hair cutting kits for tidying up your head at home.
Man shaving with cream

The Best Safety Razors for an Irritation-Free Shave

Safety razors are a great upgrade to your shaving experience for those dealing with post-shave razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or skin irritations.
Plant apothecary body washes

Is This Natural, No-Frills Grooming Line Right for You?

Plant Apothecary is a one-size-fits-all grooming brand featuring natural ingredients suitable for a variety of skin types. 
best dental picks on amazon stephanie cook ndcy2 9jhus unsplash

The Best Dental Picks for Healthy, Clean Teeth

Flossing is as important to dental hygiene and water is for our hydration. The best dental picks make flossing quick, easy, and effective.
The Best Sock Liners For Blister Prevention When Hiking

The Best Sock Liners for Men

If you're looking to add comfort to your long days on the mountain, the best sock liners prevent your feet from rubbing against your boots.
Stave Away Bugs With The Best Insect Repellents On Amazon

The Best Insect Repellents on Amazon to Stave Away Bugs

The best insect repellent solutions make sure bugs don't ruin your time in the great outdoors.
A young man sharpening a knife using a whetstone.

The Best Sharpening Stones for Your Knives

There are many ways to sharpen a knife, but sharpening stones are the best tool for maintaining your knives' cutting performance.
Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Folding Knife

The Best Pocket Knives Available on Amazon

Whether it's intended for on the job, hobbying, or outdoor excursions, the best pocket knives are portable pals to help get through the day one cut at a time.
eone watches review watch 6

This Dapper Watch Brand Lets You Tell Time Through Your Fingertips

Featuring stark durability and a unique style, Eone is making the watchmaker world more accessible and inclusive for people with visual impairments.
moral code shoes lifestyle

How This Footwear Startup Creates Premium Handmade Shoes Under $200

The secret to producing affordable dress shoes, sneakers, and accessories? "Moral Code is able to keep our pricing so low because we are the factory."
man listening to music headphones

The Best Songs About Being a Man

As men, we think it’s important to hear from others — whether it be thematically happy or sad — who have gone through similar experiences.
how to discover new music person streaming on phone

How to Discover New Music in the Digital Age

Roughly 24,000 songs are uploaded to streaming services every day. How do you navigate a wasteland of audio? We've shared the most accessible ways of finding new music.
handmade shoes boots

Your Guide to Handmade Shoes and Sneaker Brands

The best handmade shoes and sneakers are crafted using a combination of superlative stitching, top-quality materials, and dedicated, bespoke craftsmanship.
o n s menswear makes versatile packable gear for modern urbanites 1

O.N.S Menswear Makes Versatile, Packable Gear For Modern Urbanites

O.N.S menswear provides lightweight and packable for men who need versatility on the go, whether it's for making rounds around the city or traveling to new destinations.
best dry shampoos on amazon shampoo the go

The Best Dry Shampoo on Amazon for Men On-the-Go

There are some moments when you just don't have time for a shower to freshen up. Don't worry, the best dry shampoo will help keep your hair and scalp healthy while supplying the styling power you need to tackle today's tasks.
Best Compact Umbrellas

The Best Compact Umbrellas for Traveling Comfortably

The best compact umbrella will not only keep you dry in wet and windy conditions, but it should pack away with ease and be out of sight and out of mind when not in use.
best telescopes for beginners on amazon

The Best Telescopes for Beginners

The best telescopes for beginners should provide you with the right balance of stargazing ability without overwhelming your newfound hobby.
best power dental flossers on amazon man smiling

The Best Power Dental Flossers for a Healthy Set of Pearly Whites

A water pick is a gentler and more effective alternative to regular line flossing. The best power dental flossers will rid your grille of plaque and protect your mouth against gum disease.
shinola x smokey robinson collection launch great american series 191205 tt editorial 13066  1

Shinola Pulls Inspiration From Motown for Special Smokey Robinson Collection

Like the other releases in the brand's Great American Series, the Shinola x Smokey Robinson Collection of limited-edition goods was crafted carefully to pay homage to Robinson’s unwavering legacy as an American musician and luminary.
Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Jacket test

What Would You Do Wearing an Indestructible Puffer Jacket?

The Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Jacket features an outrageously strong Dyneema fabric that is built to withstand, well, everything.
best hidden flasks amazon flask

The Best Hidden Flasks You Can Easily Score On Amazon

Whether you want to sneak in extra booze past security at a concert, assure you have fun at a dry wedding, or simply bring your own goods to avoid outrageously priced, watered-down drinks, the best hidden flasks provide the opportunity to stash your favorite liquor.
best shaving kit on amazon shavekits

The Best Shaving Kits for Putting Forth Your Best Face

The best shaving kits make it easy and affordable to keep your face or body hair maintained, no matter what your style.
best antiperspirant for men bestde

The Best Antiperspirant for Hardworking, Sweaty Men

The best antiperspirant should stop sweat so you can tackle the important things in life with dry underarms.
best travel wash bags amazon travelbag

The Best Travel Wash Bags on Amazon

Don't let traveling get in the way of your comfort or appearance. The best travel wash bag will allow you to conveniently bring your bathroom with you on the road.
best travel backpacks on amazon bestbackpack

Best Travel Backpacks for the Modern Nomad on Amazon

When you're living life out of a bag, you have to make sure all your bases are covered. The best travel backpack will hold all your essentials and simplify your travel experience for the better.
best bartender bags olpr  leather goods waxed canvas and bag

The Best Bartender Bags for the Mixologist On the Go

Modern bartenders know the struggle of carrying your essentials from gig to gig. We compiled a collection of the best bartender bags to make sure your tools are safe and effortless to transport.